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Goodbye Sars-Cov-2

A newly hired American Airlines regional jet pilot collapsed just after takeoff in Chicago on Saturday night

Working on a couple important pieces

Have a question for pilots - especially AA pilots. You probably know why

Coming soon: an interview with Marc Cohodes the guy who called the Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX scam before - and more loudly than - anyone else (and an old friend)

And bleah!

Update: apparently $15.60 is the right price for the PANDEMIA hardcover

The New York Times hits an all-time low

You can buy PANDEMIA now on Amazon for $15.60

Citizen reporting beats legacy media on a crucial, complex story (yet again)

The incredible disappointment of Elon Musk's first weeks owning Twitter (PART TWO)

The incredible disappointment of Elon Musk's first weeks owning Twitter (PART ONE)

They really are this stupid (Australia edition)

Brain inflammation and the mRNA vaccines

About that red wave…

Democrats should be begging for a Republican rout

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?

A veteran medical examiner who reviewed 4000 Covid deaths explains how many were REALLY from Covid (and how many were of healthy people)

The funeral business is booming. And not because of Covid

We desperately need clean long-term safety data on the mRNA shots

The Red Wave is a-coming

Another new study - yes, a SECOND one - says the "Omicron-specific" mRNA Covid boosters are worthless

Sha-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-ey, goodbye

Surprise, surprise. The New York Times puts its thumb on the scale (and the headline)

Let a trillion tweets bloom

The best conspiracy theory you'll hear today

The new "Omicron-specific" mRNA Covid boosters are WORSE than useless

More evidence for the lab leak theory

What has happened to journalism, volume one zillion

Looks even better than I hoped

URGENT update on yesterday's article; Moderna has very quietly admitted that its mRNA Covid vaccine caused a case of Type 1 diabetes in a 1-year-old girl in its clinical trial

Tony Fauci was quietly discussing Covid quarantines in February 2020

URGENT URGENT: 1 in 780 German kids under 5 required hospitalization after Pfizer's mRNA Covid shots

On the simmering fury in the blue states

URGENT: the CDC vaccine group is meeting tomorrow and may try to add the Covid shots to the normal childhood vaccine schedule

Uncle Xi gets long Covid


Fauci & Gottlieb & Slavitt & Bourla

Arrgh: That’s @jlawrencenc … not bc. Fat fingers strike again.

Twitter won’t let me post questions like this right now

Scott Gottlieb just slandered me on live television

Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to censor me days before Twitter suspended my account last year

Watch this space - and me on Tucker - at 8:45 p.m.

Now happening: actual pediatric hospital overflow from respiratory illness

Behind every great fortune...

Andy Slavitt’s done got himself a lawyer

Florida tells young men to avoid mRNA Covid shots

The lil bird is misbehaving

The worldwide flight from mRNA shots continues

Goodbye Covid (part 2)

Batshit crazy: EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak just got a NEW federal grant to research coronaviruses

The first real evidence mRNA shots RAISE the risk of Covid hospitalization and death over time

Goodbye Covid (part 1)

The number you'll never see

Six recent “Covid” deaths, per the Milwaukee coroner’s office

No, the vaccines never worked all that well against severe Covid

mRNA Covid shots for kids are dead

The tale of the doctor with the broken heart

Twitter and Facebook and YouTube lose; the First Amendment wins

On WARP SPEED (the book)

Denmark ENDS Covid vaccinations for almost everyone under 50.

What happened to the 500 million mRNA Covid shots American taxpayers bought for poor countries last year?

URGENT: Deaths are soaring in one of the world's most highly mRNA vaccinated areas

Do boosters save people from getting very sick with Covid? New data from Britain say the opposite.

Vaccination: it's a religious experience

"Medical-grade cannabis" and other stories

Just emailed this to a reporter I know

mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving

More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, this time from Singapore

The current state of play

A year ago yesterday

Some excellent news out of Hawaii

Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe

Journalists who hate journalists (and journalism)

Jesse Jackson can't swim*

Paxlovid works, the vaccines don't

The pandemic’s wrongest man, an occasional series (bye-bye Tony Fauci edition)

Covid has caused a new psychiatric disorder, and it's not what you think; please help me name it

The half-truths and excuses from public health "experts" never end

The biggest US hospital company quietly removed a report on a case of a fatal brain disease following mRNA vaccination from its Website

Do people under 30 die at above normal rates for weeks after mRNA injections?

Long, long, long Covid

Just a reminder...

Great piece on censorship from the Bad Cat

If you’re wondering if I plan to sue the Biden Administration for violating my First Amendment rights by pressing Twitter to ban me…

The White House privately demanded Twitter ban me months before the company did so

Even Seattle is sick of Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Deborah Birx - who helped shape the US response to Covid - doesn't understand basic epidemiology or how clinical trials work

Denmark ends Covid vaccinations for anyone 18 or younger

The funeral business is doing great!

The price of fear (Part 3, Canadian edition)

The secret is there are no secrets

Long-term disability claims are soaring among pilots

More disappearing Covid vaccine data

Catch-22, mRNA-style

Five physicians - four 50 or younger - have died in the Toronto area in the last two weeks

URGENT: New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths

A whole world of mRNA vaccine side effect case reports

The danger of lying about mRNA vaccine failure

The vaccines have failed

No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness

In case you haven't already heard, Uncle Joe has Covid

The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We need to talk about Australia

Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid

The sublime cynicism of the press for "Omicron-specific" Covid vaccines

How anti-Covid vaxxers will save the world from Donald Trump (and Joe Biden)

The price of fear (Vol. 2)

The price of fear

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man: an occasional series

I know what you did last summer (and fall)

Why the Berenson v Twitter settlement may open the door to claims from other banned users

Alternate first post-reinstatement tweets


"He was an isolated stoner who completely lost touch with reality"

Cannabis user of the day: Bobby Crimo III

Declining birth rates post-Covid vaccines - is it time to panic?

Covid shots for little kids are DOA

Lifting the kimono (uh-oh, trigger alert) a little more on Berenson v Twitter

Add Judge Alsup to the folks who are apparently mad Berenson v Twitter settled…

Okay, this has now gotten out of hand

Berenson v Twitter: "Whereas, the parties have reached a settlement in principle"

Two VERY striking pieces from Eugyppius

On Covid, schools, and the death of the liberal expert class

So much mRNA, so li'l demand!

The FDA's theater of the absurd on the mRNA shots continues

A quick update on my mom!

Cannabis may now cause one in four new cases of schizophrenia in men

Thanks Pfizer!

Attention citizens!

The New York Times has woken up on cannabis, all at once.

Today's extraordinary New York Times piece on cannabis and psychosis

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: Special Tell Your Children edition

The news for Covid vaccines gets worse and worse

For paid annual subscribers

URGENT: The Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm counts is even worse than it seems at first

Another conspiracy theory comes true

Looks like Lia Thomas will have to look elsewhere for a gold medal

Don't read this if you're vaccinated

URGENT: OMG the Pfizer data for kids under 5

So much to write, so little time

Joe Biden: Drill, baby, drill!

Those were the days!

Sweden kept its schools open during Covid ... and you'll never BELIEVE what happened next!

Twitter and the Department of Homeland Security


What a free speech movement looks like!

Update on Berenson v Twitter

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man, special Australia/Washington Post edition

Overall deaths in Australia - where nearly everyone is vaccinated - are spiking.

Yep, another classic case of long Covid!

Attention citizens! Your Dept. Of Pandemia wishes to note a major scientific milestone!

URGENT: Death rates are soaring again in highly vaccinated European countries

Update on Berenson v Twitter

Hey, remember how monkeypox was going to kill us all?

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man, an occasional series

Update on yesterday's post about changing physician attitudes towards the mRNA shots

mRNA jab samizdat among physicians

For paid subscribers only

Another “fact-checker” comes at me


URGENT: The New York Times has edited out its reference to Salvador Ramos's cannabis use

Cannabis causes psychosis. Psychosis causes violence.

Ashamed to be an American

What do Oklahoma and Portugal have in common? Not much, besides mRNA vaccine failure

URGENT: The Pandemic's Wrongest Man, an occasional series

Is it monkeypox, or crystalpox?

Yay Joe Biden!

URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection

Bye bye Disinformation Governance Board

On the banality of inflation

WOW. As of 15 minutes ago, looks like the Musk deal for Twitter is off.

More woke media whoppers about Covid vaccines

Elon Musk proves we can't depend on him to make Twitter a free-speech haven

Today’s least shocking story: Fat vaccinated cannabis advocate has stroke

The saddest part of the abortion rights movement…

Covid vaccines have failed

The war chest is filling... Let's go bird hunting*

UPDATE - a lot of you hate GoFundMe

Please help build a war chest for Berenson v. Twitter

Ukraine, three months in

Karma is a prick

Berenson v Twitter, Part 2: I am suing for defamation. In Ireland.

The mRNA red flags fly ever-higher

A lot of you have asked about the Pfizer data dump

Trump v Twitter is dismissed

Liberals no longer believe in the Bill of Rights

A Twitter bluecheck just suggested that two conservative Supreme Court justices be killed. Twitter (apparently) took no action.

On abortion, vaccination, drugs, and hypocrisy

URGENT: Prudential Financial - the largest US insurer - is ending its Covid vaccine requirement

Another conspiracy theory comes true

On Roe v. Wade

One Covid chart to rule them all

The ruling

A very special post


Twitter has some 'splaining to do

From Politico’s article on the hearing:

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

The death of San Francisco

On free speech, federalism, and why Berenson v. Twitter matters more than ever

“I’m for free speech, but…”

From Virginia Hume



If only I'd been wrong about all of it

Twitter bows to the inevitable

The New York Times acknowledges reality

For a good time, call 1-800-LONG-COVID

The dose makes the poison

In other news, self-absorbed midget* to be final guest** on CNN+

Good times at Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump is getting more popular by the day

Another Moderna booster trial, another death

Poland to Pfizer: About that take-or-pay mRNA vaccine contract…

What's two times zero?

Presidential approval rates scraping 30 percent have consequences

The airplane mask mandate goes down

Jack (Dorsey) off

California gives up on trying to force kids to get Covid shots

Twitter tries to poison Elon

The NY Times says Tommy Lanza, 41, died of Covid. So why does his obituary specifically say he didn't?

Elon has already won

The China Syndrome

Reason one billion I need to be back on Twitter

Elon offers to buy Twitter

Even now the NY Times is making up Covid deaths

A vicious and apparently racially/religiously motivated attack in the NY area

Every number the CDC director offered in this interview about Covid vaccines and teen myocarditis was a lie

Jen Psaki, July 2021: inflation will be 2.2% in 2022. Actual year-over-year inflation: 8.5% and rising.

Berenson v Twitter: Twitter tells on itself


Read this piece

Another major right-wing "domestic terror" case goes up in smoke after a jury sees it

Update: JetBlue blames crew shortages, many flights canceled

What is wrong with @JetBlue?

What Lia Thomas and Covid have in common

All over the world the mRNA vaccine experiment is ending

The British are now officially hiding Covid vaccine data

A fascinating note from a reader about Tom Clancy and the post-9/11 focus on bioweapons

There's never been a better time to buy PANDEMIA

Infectious disease researchers kill people, Part 2. (Still not a conspiracy theory.)

BOOM goes the dynamite

Infectious disease researchers kill people. (Sadly, not a conspiracy theory.)

It's as if the Russians want to make their Western apologists look as stupid as possible

In Australia, doctors are now being warned they “are obliged to” follow public health messages

How I wish this were an April Fool’s joke

Hand sanitizer, now 94 percent off!

Sometimes I miss Twitter

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man, one year later

Ivermectin fails again

What comes next

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: an occasional series

Purebloods unite

For you amateur (or professional) data scientists

(Influenza) virus gonna virus

We know not what we do

“This isn’t intended to come across as antivax in any way…”

Tell me Covid panic porn broke you without telling me Covid panic porn broke you

Attention citizens!

Drugs eat people, volume one million

Covid ain’t smallpox

Evergreen tweet

Russia’s propaganda war is going as well as its real war. And not because of Twitter bans. The marketplace for ideas works.

Mark Pomerantz (the lawyer who led the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation into Donald Trump before resigning) tells on himself


The former head of the Centers for Disease Control makes a stunning admission about the mRNA vaccines

Moderna wants to sell mRNA shots for children that barely lowered Covid infections and caused 15 percent of kids to spike fevers

Jen Psaki: vaxxed, boosted, and infected with SARS-Cov-2 twice in under five months

The Covid vaccine era is ending already

What killed Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage?

Guess the date of Fauci’s retirement and win a free signed PANDEMIA

The left is no longer content with censorship; now it apparently thinks only it should be allowed to rally voters

PANDEMIA is now $16.58 on Amazon!

The light at the end of the mRNA vaccine tunnel looks more like a train every day

White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki lies about Covid in the stupidest way yet

Eugyppius likes PANDEMIA. A lot.

All you need to know about the mRNA vaccines in one graph

Berenson v Twitter, Act III

We are only beginning to grapple with the damage from lockdowns and vaccine mandates and Covid censorship

America’s worst mayor strikes again!

Reality has a centrist bias…

All the idiocy of Covid and vaccine mandates in one neat package

Hong Kong learns the hard way: Virus gonna virus, and Zero Covid just makes it virus harder

A little comic relief when we all need it most

PANDEMIA, now only $17.89

Attention citizens!

China just publicly warned Russia it’s time to end the Ukraine war

Russia threatens and censors tech companies; the US has nothing to say

The most depressing story you'll read today, including the Ukraine

The world’s favorite veterinarian tells on himself

Maybe now the Times and other bluechecks can see the problem with becoming propaganda arms of the US government on mRNA shots and Covid

Don't be a useful idiot

Are Australian customs officers allergic to PANDEMIA?

Area man who suffers life-damaging side effect after mRNA shot wants you to get shot too

Republicans (finally) derail the Covid/vaccine gravy train

So nice to see public health experts making BANK

URGENT: Covid infections in Britain are rising again, and 90 percent of the dead are vaccinated. Have mRNA jabs ruined our chance at herd immunity?

The elite media is lying about Ukraine (but not exactly the way you think)

School mask mandates = useless

Hey lil bird?

An appropriate case for the Supreme Court to judge Section 230 immunity, Justice Thomas?

Virus gonna virus, Kiwi edition

That’ll teach Vladimir (he can do what he wants)

What Vladimir's thinking

Let the apologies begin

Presented without comment

CDC director Walensky reveals she has not a clue about vaccines. Or anything else.

Even hospitals are lifting mask requirements

Attention citizens!

Twitter suffers a devastating 9th Circuit defeat

This is a Silver Alert for Dr. Anthony Fauci, MD

The new normal lasted a total of three months

Fraley v Facebook, Inc.

Biden to China: We know Russia wants to invade Ukraine

The censorship has to stop

Berenson v. Biden?

Kiss my unvaccinated ass, Brandon

What if it’s a coup in slow motion?

Speaking of censorship

A word on censorship

The New York Times hits a new Covid low on vaccines for kids, thanks to one Aubrey Clayton, PhD

Suffer the children

Resending URGENT: mRNA shots raise the risk of Covid infection in children under 12

URGENT: mRNA shots raise the risk of Covid infection in children under 12

27,700 likes for this tweet in three hours

Amazon drops its mask requirements for all warehouse workers, regardless of vaccination status.

Beating a dead raccoon dog

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man, SNL edition

One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day

To Putin apologists

The realest politick of all (Part 2)

Russia runs into the realest politik of all (Part 1)

Attention citizens!

Hey, remember how they told you the mRNA in the vaccines could NEVER wind up in human DNA?

Whistling past the mRNA vaccine graveyard

It is impossible to be too cynical

Attention citizens!

Insanity on Wall St

Your tax dollars at work

Vaccine damage caseworkers: a growth industry

One-sentence summary of the last piece: the elites are lying again

Re-Gretas, Ukraine has a few

URGENT: A German insurance database of 11 million people reportedly shows a huge increase in severe side effects after Covid jabs

"As many people as possible need to be infected with the virus as the vaccines are not enough"

Iceland for the win! Iceland becomes the first nation to lift ALL Covid restrictions, including entry rules for unvaccinated travelers

Tell me you know boosters are useless without telling me you know boosters are useless

Understanding white rage

Vaccines, magical thinking, and Neil Cavuto

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man

Speak loudly and carry no stick

The definition of hypocrisy

The CDC is hiding data showing vaccines don’t work

This is hella good piece about why the Trucker Convoy resonated so strongly

On Covid and courage

New York drops its booster mRNA shot requirement for health-care workers

To the ivermectin fanatics

Excited to report I’m speaking at CPAC next week

Ivermectin fails

Once again, researchers trying to prove long Covid is real accidentally prove it isn't.

Misinformation, courtesy of the NY Times

No wonder China isn't using mRNA shots

Data about the vaccines is disappearing

Funny story: guess who made a quiet trip to the White House in July 2021, as Covid vaccine efficacy was falling off a cliff?

Can Twitter ban gay people because they're gay if it likes? Or women? Or black people? Twitter thinks so.

Just FYI...

The mRNA Covid shots are killing teenagers

The Biden administration and inflation: a true (love) story

Trust the science.

My newest reading on the mRNA shots

This just in: Biden promises to respond to a Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as he’s handling Covid, inflation, crime, and Afghanistan

The death of the expert class, in two tweets

We need receipts!

Berenson v Twitter: The Empire Strikes Back

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: an occasional series

URGENT URGENT: Pfizer is delaying its request for mRNA Covid shots for kids under 5

The contagion of Contagion

Berenson v. Twitter, a quick update

The insanity of school mask mandates

Twitter? Hey Twitter?

Even the Pandemic’s Wrongest Magazine has has had enough

Trust the science

Sheikh Alex bin Berenson

Join me. Become a terrorist threat.

EXTREMELY URGENT: The Biden Administration says I'm a terrorist threat.

How can the FDA even consider allowing Covid shots for kids under 5?

We can now officially say de population should be worried

URGENT: New research turns up yet more potential mRNA vaccine dangers

The pathetic collapse of Team Apocalypse

I am beyond sick of elite media condescension

no mRNA jabs in China, day 426

More news about long-term Covid vaccine effects I wish I didn't have to report

Their masks protect her

On Joe Rogan (part 2)

The times they are a changin'

On Joe Rogan

Attention citizens!

The Pandemic’s Wrongest President

Six critical questions about the Covid vaccines scientists need to answer ASAP

Very concerning news for the vaccinated: Looks like the Omicron mRNA booster doesn’t work against Omicron

Covid deaths in Israel have hit an all-time daily high. The mRNA vaccine experiment has failed. IT MUST END NOW.

How quarantine and mask theater is ruining school for the most vulnerable kids (and everyone else)

What if China had an Olympics and nobody watched?

Imma explain what happens to vaccine-generated immunity in terms your teenager can understand (so he'll know why you don't want him to get the jab)

Natural immunity for the win yet again

Vaccine demand has cratered

The corporate Big Tech censors are failing


More on Covid deaths in the unvaccinated elderly and the lie of "adjusted rate ratios"

Just another healthy 49-year-old having a stroke

America is done with the ro

I cannot say this enough times: the adjusted rate ratios purporting to show how well the vaccines work are basically a lie - even if (most) reporters are too dumb to understand why.

Real Covid numbers from Australia's largest state. 76 percent of deaths since mid-January are in the vaccinated. Deaths in the boosted are soaring.

Attention mini-citizens!

The disease of modern medicine

How about never? Does never work for you?

I don’t know who Justin Castaneda is

As of tomorrow, Denmark admits the failure of all Covid control measures (including vaccines)

Pandemic of the unvaccinated

Joni Mitchell, celebrity purveyor of medical misinformation

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man

We vaccinated 4 billion people… and you’ll never BELIEVE what happened next


It’s funny because it’s true

Origin stories

And yes, vaccines are failing in Italy too

Israel is overrun with Covid. The vaccines have failed. The experiment must stop.

Dr. Monica Gandhi won’t be giving her kids Covid vaccine boosters

Incredible but true

What has HAPPENED to reporters?


And Elizabeth Dwoskin of the Washington Post steps in it

Looks like the Washington Post is not satisfied with today’s hit piece

Quick update/correction on the WaPo hit pieces on me

Vaccine fanatics say the darnedest things

Vaccine failure in two charts and two graphs from four countries

UPDATE: Dr. Monica Gandhi says, "I'm not done with mRNA vaccines."

Monica Gandhi has asked me to remove the post. Her words: "that is inaccurate."

UPDATED WITH COMMENTS FROM Dr. Monica Gandhi, who says the story and original headline did not reflect her views on mRNA vaccines

The whole Clay and Buck interview today

I got your new message right here, Democrats


Moderna stock is falling faster than Covid vaccine effectiveness

Why straight talk about vaccine failure will be even harder to find than straight talk about all the other Covid failures

All you need to know about Covid vaccine failure in one chart

The bluechecks have finally figured out what PANDEMIA says about them... and they don't like it one little bit

Attention citizens!

The Congressional Jan. 6 commission has gone mad

Why attack PANDEMIA now?

I have never met or heard of Nathan J Robinson

Why the "risk ratios" that supposedly prove vaccines offer 90 percent protection against deaths from Covid are a lie

Your tax dollars at work

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man

A federal district court in Texas has blocked the last Biden vaccine mandate, on federal employees

Real Covid hospitalization data from San Francisco General Hospital

Will vaccines hinder the development of natural immunity post-infection?

And just like that…

Expect Fauci to retire this year

I didn’t know they had a prize for making myocarditis

Nothing is over until Wall Street says it’s over

If you missed last night’s story: Pfizer made a veterinary vaccine that killed thousands of calves. As the German gov’t investigated, Pfizer denied responsibility and kept selling the vaccine.

Remember how health authorities said serious vaccine side effects always will be seen fast?

Bye-bye boosters

Watch Australia closely

The Daily Beast asked me to comment about the Fox News interview last night

The government of Alberta says you are not allowed to see dis information

RFK Jr. and I talked about Covid and the vaccines

URGENT: The Supreme Court upholds the vaccine mandate for health-care workers


Covid infections and deaths SOAR after the first vaccine dose

More humiliation for Anthony Fauci and vaccine advocates

Boosters are over

European drug regulators abruptly reverse course on boosters

Internal hospital data confirm a huge increase in patients with vaccine side effects in 2021

The previous post in two sentences:

If you are a vaccine company executive, it's time to slam the brakes

Update on Berenson v. Twitter

Funny story: the Chinese want NOTHING to do with mRNA Covid vaccines. (Xi, I wonder why.)

Bob Saget, dead at 65

I think the vaccine fanatics are going to go into full damage control mode very soon…

Sounds like the NYT is telling its readers the Biden OSHA vaccine mandate is going down

Has Covid vaccine efficacy turned negative?


On Jan. 6, a warning to my fellow journalists

The vaccines work (against international travel)

Kelly Ernby, RIP

More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40 - even as more colleges require booster shots for students

Old man shouts at cloud

A smart piece on Covid, vaccines, class, and the politics of shame

Troubling data about Pfizer's Covid vaccine and children... from Pfizer's own clinical trial

Wow. At least 20 chemists have already emailed...

I need to talk to a medicinal chemist

For those (tens of thousands) of you who are new to the Stack

N Hannah Jones is probably the most powerful reporter at the New York Times (and thus in all of journalism)

Dis information comes from The New York Times

The Atlantic, oh my

Remember how they said Omicron wasn’t hitting South Africa hard because people there had immunity from prior infections?

Let the excuses and walkbacks begin