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Attention citizens!

Good news and bad news on the Stack

Vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths

My promise to Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna

Can someone help me understand the White House strategy now?

Remind me again why we have a national government

Biden on Covid: “There is no federal solution…”

I don’t know yet if Jean-Marc Vallee was recently boosted

WARNING: Explicit content (I am not joking)

A NY Times editor has died of a heart attack at 49, one day after receiving a Moderna Covid “booster” shot

Merry Christmas!

Ugh. The mandatory Covid vaccination battles may get even uglier. Especially for kids.

I don’t know where this came from but I love it

The title of this paper might as well be, “Don’t let your kids get the Covid vaccine”

Pandemic of the vaccinated

He’s not saying what he thinks he’s saying

An accurate summary of the situation post-Omicron

Yet again Team Apocalypse is wrong: Omicron has already peaked in South Africa

From a lawyer who absolutely hates me

A little more about Berenson v. Twitter

The simplest way to understand the insanity of boosting for Omicron

Britain's Daily Mail has a nice summary of the lawsuit

Berenson v Twitter

Hey, anybody know when the district court in San Francisco opens today?

Stunning data about vaccine failure from Ontario, Canada

Omicron: such a joke that South Africa is about to dump all contact tracing and quarantines

Hey lil bird…

Stunning Covid data from Denmark

Attention citizens!

Bluechecks gonna bluecheck

Correcting misinformation

Kyrie Irving wins.

From a South African reader

Covid is over

Even New York is done with mandates

That absurd NY Times scare piece this morning ("Omicron Threatens Red America")

BOOM goes the dynamite

The bluechecks really are THIS scared

Can't wait to see Twitter's lawyers try to explain this

A new poll confirms most Americans are done with Covid - and vaccine mandates

Correction to previous story: the Monitoring the Future survey teen drug use data are from 2021, not 2020

A surprising (and hopeful!) finding about teenage drug and alcohol use during the pandemic

Can’t make it up: Moderna is pulling out of a major biotech industry conference in January because it’s afraid of Covid

A profound thank-you to RFK Jr. for endorsing PANDEMIA (now #9 on Kindle)

Some more info about the $2.99 PANDEMIA deal

PANDEMIA, now #21 on Amazon. $2.99 is the magic number. I luv you cheapskates!

URGENT: A huge Israeli study shows natural Covid immunity is far superior to the vaccine-generated kind


The other Covid path

Some of you have asked why we haven't yet seen cardiac incidents similar to those in professional soccer in the NFL and NBA

Attention citizens!

The light at the end of the Covid

Refund the police

You’re never fully vaccinated without a smile

Reupping this crucial news about how mild Omicron appears to be

URGENT: Stunning data from South Africa suggest Omicron may be the end of Covid (and of Covid vaccines)

A CNN producer who worked “shoulder to shoulder” with Chris Cuomo for years was just arrested for soliciting children for sex

All-cause mortality in Germany is rapidly rising

By the way: Guess which bestseller list PANDEMIA didn’t crack?

PANDEMIA is a bestseller

Attention citizens!

GE, 3M, and Verizon have also stopped forcing vaccinations…

Oracle (world's #2 software company, 132,000 employees) will not mandate Covid vaccinations

Meanwhile, colleges and universities are now requiring Covid vaccine boosters

Followup question for coders and hospital admins involving T50.Z95A

A call to arms from Abigail Shrier

A couple medical coding issues around Covid I am chasing

The Atlantic asks the question we all want to know: "Is it safe to hang out with the unboosted?"

UPDATE: the lawyer exaggerated the scope of the New York ruling - it lasts only until a hearing on a temporary restraining order on Dec. 13.

And a state judge has just temporarily blocked New York City’s vaccine mandate for its workers

Ding dong the mandates are dead

Hey, remember when the FDA's top vaccine regulator said even a moderately effective Covid shot could produce herd immunity if 70 percent of people received it?

PANDEMIA at one week

Yet another reason vaccines don’t have a prayer of ending Covid


The god that failed

Vaccine mandates also suspended at the Cleveland Clinic, across other NE Ohio hospitals

A giant Florida hospital system has ended its vaccine mandate

In happier news, the PANDEMIA hardcover is now only $19 at Amazon

An FDA official demanded Google censor a YouTube video the agency didn't like

Hey, Liz Warren, this one’s for you!

Yes! The corrected audiobook is up!

Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths of healthy German kids over 4 or adolescents

All you need to know about what people REALLY think about the Covid tripe the media feeds them


PANDEMIA is being censored

Update on the audiobook

And for international readers: the English-language version of PANDEMIA is now available for immediate download or paperback purchase!

PANDEMIA is out today!

And another federal court rules against another Biden vaccine mandate - this time for health-care workers

Mandate? What mandate?

PANDEMIA publication day is Tuesday

The English data on vaccines and mortality, revisited

New York declares a health-care state of emergency over a Covid variant that doesn’t exist in the state

De vaccination is not a good idea

A reader asks: How does PANDEMIA differ from the Unreported Truths series?

Four count them four days to PANDEMIA

A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems

The WHO says it’s time to discuss mandatory Covid vaccinations

And the PANDEMIA audiobook is now available at Amazon!

For international readers - the English-language paperback of PANDEMIA is now available!

Cannabis causes psychosis. Psychosis causes violence. Tell Your Children.

The next time someone tells you I'm discredited or a conspiracy theorist or whatever...

One week to PANDEMIA

A quick update on the archive

The censorship from email providers looks to be worsening

If you like heart problems, you'll love the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines

Meanwhile, in non-Covid news, everything is going great in California

If you work in a PCR testing lab or otherwise have access to broad datasets of CT counts

Healthy kids (all but) never die from Covid, volume one trillion

Nine days to PANDEMIA

Totally normal news out of Barcelona

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age

Rotterdam, bro

More proof the mRNA Covid vaccines don't produce long-lasting immunity

Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY

Another major red flag about Covid vaccines and death

Quick note for those of you waiting for the PANDEMIA audiobook

Unbelievable but apparently true - there’s been a complete news blackout on the OSHA decision to suspend mandate implementation

OSHA has suspended the vaccine mandate

URGENT: Pfizer failed to report six deaths of Covid vaccine recipients when it updated its clinical trial results in July

Quick correction

More people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer's Covid vaccine than the company publicly reported

Why you cannot trust US Covid data

The modelers admit reality (maybe for the first time ever)

Vaccines make free

16 days to PANDEMIA

What with all the bad news about vaccine failure, the UT crew needs a laugh...

Worldwide vaccine failure

Taiwan blocks second Pfizer doses for teens

Long Covid doesn't exist, volume one zillion

Presented (almost) without comment

Moderna wants all the moneys

Pfizer’s CEO is getting scared

No (mRNA/DNA) vaccines, no epidemic

If you have a Yahoo email account

Do mRNA Covid vaccines interfere with the development of natural immunity following Sars-Cov-2 infection?

Hey, where’s Jen Psaki?

On Covid vaccines, diabetic ketoacidosis, and the death of Dan Kaminsky

URGENT: The 5th Circuit (Texas) has issued an emergency stay of Biden’s vaccine mandate

Where's Gavin Newsom?

Can we all agree watching woke sports Twitter lose its collective mind over Aaron Rodgers is hilarious?

URGENT: Worrisome paper about the spike protein's impact on DNA and DNA repair

An interesting take here on Moderna and BioNTech stocks, both crushed this week

The Pfizer Covid drug results look very, very good

Ja, fellow members of the Reich, you must take zee medicine. It is for zee economy you do zis!

Hey, remember how American Airlines cancelled all those flights last weekend…

The hospitals in Australia are being overrun. Not from Covid. And no one can explain why.

Ireland: 75% Covid vaccinated (90+% of adults). Alabama: 44% vaccinated.

When elections - and clinical trials - go wrong

And then THIS happened (Ciattarelli is back ahead of Murphy)

Next level stupidity from MSNBC...

Meanwhile, pray for me as I subject myself to 400 pages about Covid from Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb

Everybody calm down about stolen elections

Dead heat in NJ as of this morning

Memo to the forever lockdowners, to those who would force mRNA vaccines on children, to the masked Karens

And New Jersey adds its voice to the Let’s Go Brandon chorus

The nonpartisan Dave Wasserman has now called Virginia for Youngkin

Virginians are speaking…

The simplest possible way to think about forced Covid vaccinations

Why athletes matter

Gee, I wonder what’s wrong with Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton

Another day, another professional soccer player has an on-field cardiac arrest

Dumb mistakes aside…



Time to turn up the heat on Twitter

Stuff happens

Okay, the "founding member" thing seems to be confusing people

One month to PANDEMIA

Remember when Christian Eriksen - an incredibly fit soccer player - WENT INTO CARDIAC ARREST (EDIT) at the European championships in June?

The CDC hits a new low

Playing God (badly)

Hey, remember when Denmark had beaten Covid thanks to the miracle of vaccines?

Covid didn’t crash the health-care system…

A vaccine-evading variant is here

Eugyppius on "Original Antigenic Sin" and why we should never vaccinate kids against the ro. NEVER. As in not ever.

The first rule of writing about Unreported Truths…

In honor of Ross Douthat’s whine about his bout with “Chronic Lyme” disease in the NY Times today…

Virus gonna virus

Lithuania vaccinated ~75% of its adults and instituted a very strict vaccine pass program…

39 days to PANDEMIA

URGENT: Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity EVEN IF YOU ARE INFECTED AND RECOVER

Pfizer and BioNTech announce their vaccine is USELESS 11 months after dosing…

Also brought to you by Pfizer

Brought to you by Pfizer

Quick update

This is very, very, very good...

Colin Powell, 84, fully vaccinated and dead of Covid

It’s not just the UK; all-cause deaths are also now running well above normal in Germany (80% adults fully vaccinated)

Scotland is 87% adult vaccinated; weekly deaths are now 30% above normal

The not-so-friendly skies

Fully vaccinated 21-year-old University of Georgia student dies of Covid

URGENT: With its deadline two days away, Chicago blinks, says unvaccinated public school teachers can keep working

The Rogan conversation is up

Guess which Fortune 50 company won't make employees get vaccinated?

20 months in, the New York Times (one reporter, anyway) tells the truth at last

Yes! Amazon has cut the price of the PANDEMIA hardcover to $19.23

Molnupiravir ugh

If Trump had any sense

U mad bro?

Twitter’s effort to censor me hits a new high (or low)

URGENT: A Southwest Airlines pilot explains why you will not hear anything about vaccine mandates from his union - and why Southwest has more flexibility than it admits to stand up to the White House

URGENT: An American Airlines employee reports a similar effort is underway there

Nothing to see here, folks

The revolt begins - at Southwest Airlines

The gap between the ruling class and everyone else is reaching Soviet levels

Biden’s disapproval rating now above 50%

Yeah, but who’s the real terrorist, amirite, Jack?

It's more and more obvious that Covid is our Chernobyl


All you need to know about vaccine failure - not in Israel, in the US - in one incredible chart

For British, Australian, and other international readers

More than half of Army reservists have not received even a single Covid vaccine dose

Pfizer is now officially asking to vaccinate kids 5-11

Follow the money, I mean science

Time for a thought experiment

The National Academy of Sciences also published a paper on increasing Covid vaccine confidence

Peter Daszak, man of many hats

Remember a few days ago when I posted the smoking gun EcoHealth Alliance research proposal from 2018

Sweden says no Moderna shots for people under 30

I can’t respond to this bluecheck genius on Twitter, so I have to do it here

A personal story

The federal vaccine mandate game, in two steps

Where is the order Biden promised on Sept. 9 requiring vaccines at companies with more than 100 employees?

True story: had my mask off nearly the entire flight back to NYC

Excited to be in Austin to talk to Joe Rogan today!

The greatest Covid story ever

So much for vaccine-generated herd immunity

Riddle me this

URGENT: just received an email about California's insane plans for a Covid vaccine mandate for kids

Want to know what a clinical trial for a drug that really works looks like?

If you have received a vaccine exemption, please post your successful request in the thread below

I'm sorry, I know I promised less snark

Do not let Rachel Maddow or anyone else rewrite history

The (diabolically) brilliant politics of scaring the elderly

A quick update

Hey Brian Stelter! Got a question for me about ‘misinformation’?

“Perception of bias”

Grimace wants Substack to ban me

Australia in 30 seconds

To make up for that last post

The most damn depressing thing you’ll read today

Good morning, Australia!


Covid didn’t break New York’s hospitals. The vaccine mandate is about to.

ERROR in 39, vaccinated, and dead of Covid

39, vaccinated, and dead of Covid

Quick update on the archive

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Pandemic of the vaccinated

Fair is foul, and foul is fair

Two predictions - one from a skeptic, the other the vaccine-loving conventional wisdom.

For those of you who don't want to use Amazon

Full post on Australia’s descent into insanity coming soon

To whet your PANDEMIA appetite…

And now I get to sleep

If you must get a vaccine…

Thank you for your incredible response on the archive idea!

I gots an ideer

A less hopeful view

Solomon's choice

BOOM goes the dynamite: The FDA advisory panel REJECTS Covid boosters for the general population

For the fans - a tiny snippet from PANDEMIA

Boost the insanity

Just how badly did vaccine failure surprise Fauci?

The most damning article about vaccines yet

Are you kidding me, Pfizer, volume 1 gazillion

The price is right!

Did I say #2?

B&N still has the booklets for the right price

This was on the comment thread on the price increase post

Quick note about the booklet price

Censorship fails again

Update: You’ve bought too many Unreported Truths copies!

Urgent: Elizabeth Warren is trying to censor me

If you like compulsory vaccinations, you'll love child labor and the Espionage Act

So you understand what's happening in Denmark

Fun fact

Urgent: the British are dropping vaccine passports

Attention citizens!

More mush from the wimp

A chart of Covid deaths in Britain since June

Team Vaxpocalypse has lost the plot

A lawsuit in three acts

Moving target

On Anthony Fauci, HIV, and lessons learned

Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain

Quick update

Just another mild Covid breakthrough case

Firefighters against mandatory Covid vaccinations

URGENT: Five months = plunging COVID vaccine effectiveness

Stories win

Okay, this is dumb

"Its not it's"

Bonus vaccines


Pfizer is your friend

A quick update on Twitter

Insanity in Vietnam

Thank you all

Questions for an EFF type

Hello Twitter!

Muzzling the truth

Goodbye Twitter

Natural immunity for the win

Quite frankly

What's really behind the vaccine panic

It's a good day for Vietnam analogies

Gaslighting, a Covid love story

Boost the insanity

The third tweet in that thread

On the Pfizer study that caused Twitter to block me

Some actual news

Attention citizens!

As my Twitter suspension runs out

Thank you

Had a lot of requests for a link to the Pfizer preprint with the six-month data

TYPO in previous story

Quick update on the Israeli vaccine data

A federal case against Twitter?

On vaccines, lies, and Auschwitz

A very quick update (resending to all)

A very quick update

Blocked again, for a week this time

Was it something I said?

Here we go again

Reader mail

It isn't over until they say it's over

Thanks, and a quick update

What a warning shot looks like

Twitter has blocked me

20 Questions to Ask When The Vaccinators Show Up At Your Door

Vaccines, reasons for concern, part 3

An interview with one of the few people on earth to receive three mRNA Covid shots

The Propaganda Factory

Why COVID is like AIDS

Why should teens be allowed the Covid vaccine without their parents' okay?

Light fare for Saturday night

Vaccines: Reasons for Concern

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Vaccines: Reasons for Concern

A quick correction

Simone Scott, Oct. 7, 2001 - June 11, 2021

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