I gots an ideer

We need a permanent searchable archive of crucial studies, government data and stories about Sars-Cov-2 and the vaccines

People have been asking me about my tweets. As you know, when Twitter made me go bye-bye, they made all my tweets unavailable (because they didn’t want anyone to see how right - I mean what a public health menace - I had been).

Fortunately, I have an essentially complete archive. I want to put it up unedited, somewhere permanent and searchable. It’s not a true substitute because it lacks the threads (I believe), but at least the original tweets will be available.

But we shouldn’t stop there. We need the equivalent of the UCSF’s Tobacco Archive - a single site that will host all the crucial documents, from the Fauci emails to the WHO’s Tweets to whatever is available - in Chinese or English - about RaTG13 and BT4991. It needs to be organized in some reasonable way.

It needs to be permanently funded. And it needs to be backed up and beyond censorship. Because an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind future is far from impossible to imagine when it comes to the ro and especially the vaccines.

I think I can raise some money for this. I think it should be a nonprofit and I shouldn’t run it.

Who’s with me?