Reader mail

The last post generated a lot of reaction from you - good and bad. Here's a sample

I think this will be an occasional feature. It seems especially appropriate in response to the last post, in which I questioned why so few people seemed to know anyone in decent health who had died of Covid - and raised concerns about the potential for vaccine mandates. It generated a LOT of email, some positive, some negative.

A sampling below:

Hi Alex,

I have enjoyed all of your John Wells novels. I look forward to your upcoming work.

I must however take exception to your recent email. A friend who was the police chief, 64 years old, worked out every day, not an ounce of fat on him and no pre-existing conditions died from Covid. A 58 year old female friend in perfect health and not overweight and no pre-existing conditions, died of Covid…

Do I believe that the Democrats “bastardized” the pandemic for their own benefit? You bet I do. But this is hardly a U.S. situation. 


Spot on – I was just thinking the same thing!!!  If no one had told us that Covid existed, it would’ve been like another flu strain.


My thoughts exactly.  I don’t think I can take much more of this and I fear your final sentence will come to pass.   It has surely been an (unfortunately) eye opening 18 months.  Little tyrants everywhere.


Yes, my brother and nephew got seriously ill from covid neither are morbid obese and both under 50.   My 78 year old momnlaw survived it and my sis ex bf’s mom and dad died days apart from covid.  My niece’s ex fiancé’s had 2 family members die of covid, both in their 60s.  

I realize you want to rant and rave but really? Covid has hit some of us more than others and to say we’d have never heard of it if the media didn’t frenzy about it is probably true… [but] to say death looked like zero rubbed me the wrong way.


Finally. Someone saying what I've been saying for a year. Why don't we know anyone who's even been ill? My husband and I are both in our 70's. Live in an age restricted community (+55). Go out all the time with people in our (vulnerable) age group. Have found lots of places that thankfully didn't take the masking thing too seriously (South Carolina).  And not a single person we know has been ill.  Unlike during Vietnam. 50k deaths and every person in the country knew someone who died. 

6 degrees of separation but nobody knows anyone impacted other than the friend of ours who killed himself due to social isolation and depression.


You must be living on a different planet. Come down to Earth. I personally know four otherwise healthy people that died from covid… I have a 13 yr. old family member that had covid and is suffering from long covid. The vaccines may be risky, but they have been shown to be safer than the alternative, although they are not a cure-all and one has to wonder why they have not been formally approved yet in the U.S.

Your species of allegedly neutral "journalism" smells too much like that orange-haired fool and his sycophantic mob. You're not helping. 

Could not agree more that the fallout from all of this deception and degradation of personal freedom will be immense. The generation to follow will operate from a wholly different perspective.