A quick update

What I'm trying to do - and how your feedback can help

In preparation for possible legal action against Twitter, I logged back in this morning to check some analytics. I hadn’t paid much attention to these numbers. I knew my follower count, and I was aware when a tweet was going viral. But beyond that I didn’t pay much attention to how the account was growing.

Turns out that August 2021 was by far the biggest month the account ever had.

The follower growth did not begin to capture what was happening to its reach. In August 2021, it generated more than 210 million impressions and 25 million profile views, up from 192 million in July and 105 million (and 7 million profile views) in April.

Even those numbers understate the reality of August, because in the first week of the month the account was locked and generated relatively few views. Days before Twitter locked me out, the account started to break 10 million impressions a day.

In other words, Twitter defenestrated (and defamed) me just as people were starting to understand the truth of what I’d been writing - and just as the work I had put in for 18 months with the company’s explicit knowledge (you’ll see those emails soon enough) was beginning to pay off in an extraordinary way.


All this will be Twitter’s problem soon enough.

But for now I have to do my best to get the word out. Substack is a fine platform, and I want to thank its CEO for standing up for free speech on Sunday, but it has one giant flaw. If I use it too much, it lards up your inboxes. Some of you have complained to me about that problem, and I know the churn is higher.

At the same time, the pace of stories is not just unrelenting but actually accelerating. I am trying to cover at least six major areas:

1) Vaccine failure/boosters

2a) US vaccine mandates/coercion, nurses and teachers quitting, etc

2b) International vaccine mandates/coercion

3) Virus origins (this has taken off again with the new EcoHealth papers)

4) Overall trends in all-cause mortality among vaccinated and unvaccinated, and underlying reasons

5) General lockdown/mask insanity (people keep asking me to write something about the Bangladesh mask paper, for example)

6) Censorship/media/political insanity, which is also reaching new heights (Joe Biden saying 98% of the country needs to be vaccinated, Kathy Hochul demolishing the First Amendment’s religious protections)


I cannot possibly write about all of these topics in a meaningful way (and try to work on the archive and potential legal action) without resorting to the short hits that are the Substack version of tweets. But I don’t know if all of you want four or five emails a day - or even two or three.

So feel free to speak up. Which topics matter most to you? How many emails a day would you like to see? I know some of you would like me to try Gab or Gettr, but for now I don’t see these as good substitutes. Until I’m back on Twitter, this is our platform. Let’s make it work as well as possible!