URGENT: The 5th Circuit (Texas) has issued an emergency stay of Biden’s vaccine mandate

Meanwhile the Department of Transportation says it won’t apply to truckers…

The mandate is coming apart at the seams. The trucker exemption is particularly absurd - is there a more obvious vector for disease transmission than a long-haul trucker? If you are working ALONE AT HOME the mandate applies, but truckers are exempt. (NOTE: See update at end.)

Because science, or maybe because even the bright boys have realized the supply chain will collapse if they push this nonsense too hard.

I predict that by this time next year the vaccine mandates will seem as absurd and political as school closures do right now. Remember how the unions and the media told us in 2020 that the coffins would be stacked high outside Little Johnny’s Elementary if the teachers had to go back? They would like to make that little episode disappear.

But it won’t. And this fall’s insanity won’t either.

NOTE: As readers have pointed out, the new OSHA mandate does exempt home workers. However, most large employers are ALSO covered by federal contracting rules mandating vaccines - this is why they required shots even before OSHA’s rule last week - and they have generally insisted that those rules apply to all employees, even those who work remotely. I should have been clearer about this distinction in the original story.)