And now I get to sleep

PANDEMIA is done and will be out November 30. Get yer copy now!

It was a close-run thing. How close? I was still writing this weekend.

But thanks to a heroic effort by Regnery, the book will be at the printers on Thursday and in your hands on November 30, as promised. Apparently the supply chain for books is as messed up as everything else - thanks Covid! thanks lockdowns! - and if we’d missed the Thursday deadline the shipping date would have slipped to 2022. Whew.

The good news is I was able to include everything, even the booster vote.

An Audible version is coming too - I have to record it.

Anyway you can order it here from Amazon and I hope you will - a lot of preorders will make it harder to censor.

I was joking about sleep. Time to get back to work, including the archive -