Light fare for Saturday night

(Much) more serious pieces coming soon, but I hope you enjoy this (based off a Twitter thread) for now.

Two Covid phenomena are about to collide.

In the real world, nobody cares about corona anymore. Even in New York. Not only do you NOT have to show proof you’re vaccinated at Citi Field (or anywhere else), the Mets “encourage fans to take mass transit.” Super-spreaders, anyone?

I’ve seen this everywhere in the last few days. Mask wearing is gone outside and at 20 percent or less indoors. At stores and restaurants, no one asks if you’re vaccinated, and no one says a word about unmasked kids - who clearly cannot be vaccinated.

Those of us who believed in May that decision by the Centers for Disease Control to drop most mask rules for the vaccinated would effectively end the pandemic have been proven correct. Masks are essentially useless from keeping the virus at bay, but as a form of social control and fear-mongering they are unparalleled. The impact of their their disappearance cannot be overstated. It both signifies and hastens the return to normal.

But the grandees in the public health/media/Big Pharma world are not happy. They didn’t want the CDC to drop its mask rules because they too understood the symbolic value of masks. To them, the vaccines are all at this moment that are keeping the bodies from piling up like cordwood (never mind that the bodies NEVER piled up like cordwood). We the peasants must be convinced or coerced to take them.

Further, those peasants who have already been convinced or coerced into taking them had better be made ready for Infinite Jabs (with apologies to David Foster Wallace), since vaccine-generated immunity appears to last about as long as gas station milk.

Thus the unstoppable force of vaccine coercion is about to run into the immovable object of nobody caring anymore (and many, many people having had nasty vaccine side effects, especially after the second shot). Fun times ahead! Expect lots of variant and Long Covid panic porn this summer.

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