Solomon's choice

The FDA panel okays a third Covid vaccine shot for people 65 and over (or otherwise at high risk) - but no one else.

The scientists followed the science, but only so far.

The Food and Drug Administration’s 18-person advisory panel emphatically (16-2) rejected a Pfizer Covid booster shot for the general population, on the basis that they didn’t have data to support it. Then they okayed the booster for the elderly (and younger people at high risk, though they didn’t explicitly define who those people might be).

To be clear, even less data supports use of a booster in the elderly than in younger people. In the data Pfizer has presented so far, over 95 percent of the people who received the booster are under 55.

That said, people over 65 - and certainly 75 - are at much, much higher risk of death from Covid than younger people. And they tend to have a less effective response to the vaccine. So splitting the baby this way certainly makes more sense than following the Biden administration’s effort to jam a booster into everyone’s arms.

Make no mistake, this is a huge loss for the Biden administration and for Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who was desperately pimping boosters as recently as two days ago, when he told Reuters that they were needed for everyone to stop a rise not just in infections but in “mildly to moderately symptomatic disease.”


Fauci is correct that the original two-dose regimen is now failing to prevent symptomatic disease.

And the FDA panel is correct that the data currently does not support the use of boosters in people under 65.

Which raises the question - if you are under 65, not at high risk for severe Covid, and have not yet been vaccinated, why on earth would you be? Putting side effects and long-term risks aside, you now know that vaccines are likely to do little more than delay your risk of infection for a few months. What’s the point?

Mandates for the working-age population make more sense than ever!