A quick update on Twitter

Many of you have asked about donating to a legal defense (offense?) fund

I am still considering my legal options, including what lawyer or firm to hire. A potential suit is complex and would cover - at a minimum - First Amendment issues, contract law, and drug/vaccine law.

I plan to make a decision quickly. I understand now more than I ever have before how valuable the feed was for people. Further, in suspending it, Twitter has blocked the links and screenshots to the studies referenced in the tweets, making vital public health information harder to find.

A lawsuit may be expensive, and I appreciate your offers of donations. Several very wealthy people have offered to help as well, and my strong preference is to rely on them if possible; I don’t think people with mortgages to pay should be subsidizing this fight, unless there is no choice.

The good news is that the Substack is growing fast. Nearly as many people have now read the Vietnam post as read the natural immunity post, the last post I was able to distribute on Twitter. Still, Substack cannot substitute for Twitter, which has about 200 million daily active users.

More updates to come. Thanks for standing with me.

All best