Thank you all

The emails you sent tonight meant more than you know

To hear that so many of you want to stand up for the truth is a tremendous gift.

And if you’re worried the ban will distract me -

It won’t. I expected this day was coming. And Twitter can’t touch my Substack (in fact, it reportedly tried to buy Substack last year, but Substack fortunately said no).

Censorship is dumb, and I am reviewing my legal options.

But in the meantime, data around Covid continues to pour out, and I promise you I will stay focused on that first and foremost. Tonight was fun, but tomorrow is back to work.

I will need your help distributing the Stack, though. I am not going to send a dozen emails a day - I don’t want to flood your inboxes - but I will step up the pace and write about individual studies when warranted. I hope you will send those pieces far and wide.

Including, of course, on Twitter.

Okay. Enough for one night. And, again, thanks for all the kind words - together, we can win this fight.