Taiwan blocks second Pfizer doses for teens

And they aren't even CONSIDERING allowing kids 5-11 to get Covid vaccinated at this point

Because of myocarditis.

Rare, mild myocarditis.

Except it’s neither of those things.

Imma say it again: if you let your healthy teen - much less your healthy child - get this vaccine, you are insane.

The public health frenzy to vaccinate kids is the ultimate example of process at all costs, the flywheel spinning ever faster, unmoored from reality.

I believe the children are our future… Because, you know, they are the future.

So why are we subjecting them to even the tiniest smidgen of risk over this illness, which essentially can’t touch them?

We aren’t just eating our seed corn. We’re eating it while we’re on line for the all-you-can-eat $94 Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s (which is all by itself no doubt part of the reason American Covid numbers are so terrible).

Or maybe the Taiwanese just hate their kids.

Yeah, if it makes you feel better, you’re welcome to believe that.