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Folks -

I’m excited to announce a new paid subscription option for Unreported Truths. I am aiming to produce at least one subscriber-only post a week. More importantly, if enough of you decide to sign up, I will be able to add freelance pieces, hire paid researchers, and ideally build a full-time staff.

As you know, I have focused on Covid for the last 15 months, but so much more needs to be investigated and reported - from Big Tech censorship to the terrible spike in murders in the United States in the last year to the relentless, billionaire-funded push to decriminalize and possibly legalize all drugs.

With your help, I want to build a site for truly centrist, independent journalism - reporting without favor and most of all without fear. And like the Unreported Truth booklets, this is a way to support my Twitter feed.

You can sign up for $6 a month, $60 a year, or become a founding member for $300 or more (and get a free copy of PANDEMIA as a bonus!).

Journalism in the United States is broken. I believe independent, citizen-supported reporting will be part of the solution.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.