Thanks, and a quick update

More than 10,000 of you have signed up or subscribed since Friday night!

Who would have known?

The hunger for real news - about Covid and other topics the elite media finds too ideologically painful to cover - is enormous. I don’t know how big Unreported Truths can get, but this feels like the start of something real and vital. I hope so, anyway.

So many different topics I’d like to cover tonight, from the Biden Administration’s bizarre assault on free speech to the troubling vaccine data coming out of Israel and Britain. Then there are the questions that many of you have asked recently.

The top three:

1) What about natural immunity? Why don’t we hear about it? Is it superior or at least equal to vaccine immunity? If I’ve had Covid and recovered, why should I get the vaccine?

2) What about work and school vaccine mandates/quasi-mandates? Can my employer or college/university really make me be vaccinated, or make my life difficult if I won’t?

3) I keep hearing that 99 percent, or even more, of Americans who were hospitalized with or died from Covid were not vaccinated. I don’t understand. How does this fit with the numbers you’re presenting out of Israel and the United Kingdom?

All worthy topics - and I promise I will try to get to them quickly. I am a bit short on time, because I am still in the middle of writing PANDEMIA, my Covid book, which is due to be released at the end of November. I’ll have more to say about PANDEMIA in the months to come - and if you like, you can order it here:

But in the meantime, the mandates won’t wait, the attack on free speech won’t wait, the side effect reports piling up in VAERS won’t wait… I wish I could write all of it at once, but we’re in a marathon, not a sprint, and I trust you will bear with me. I promise to write as fast as I can.

Really, I just wanted to say thanks. And, please, spread the word. The Biden Administration has made clear it hopes to squeeze social media companies into taking action against those of us who are dissenting publicly.

Twitter generally has allowed me to speak freely. But Friday night was a clear warning shot. One I’m not going to heed. I WILL NOT CENSOR MYSELF TO KEEP MY ACCOUNT. And if Twitter does knuckle under, this Substack will need to stand on its own. Every new signup - paid or free - matters!

So I’m glad to have you on board.

Hope you had a great weekend,