The CDC is hiding data showing vaccines don’t work

That’s not from me. It’s from the conspiracy theorists at - checks notes - The New York Times.

And - checks notes - the Centers for Disease Control itself.

(Kristen Nordlund is a spokeswoman for the CDC.)

We all know what “misinterpreted” means; it means I publish screenshots.

In fact, the CDC has VERY specific data.


The fact the Times is publishing this story at all might be the most interesting part; it’s been obvious since at least last summer that the CDC is hiding the raw numbers.

Remember, they used to release actual counts of the deaths of vaccinated people from Covid, but they stopped in October, once even their nonsensical “fully vaccinated” definition couldn’t hide what was happening to the numbers.

I wrote about that back in November (The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man!):

So why is the Times only calling the CDC about this now?

Because even the dumbest bluechecks are starting to see the gig is up.

Let the finger-pointing begin!