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“In reality, the excess deaths this year have nearly all occurred in the elderly and frail”


You’re not analyzing this data properly. There are always more deaths in the elderly and frail - that’s a baseline expectation. The issue is that excess deaths in 2022 are much more in younger people *than they rate to be relative to baseline expectation*. Normally, there’s an expected doubling of mortality every 9 years or so of chronological age.

Watch the Rancourt video in my next post. He clearly shows that more young people proportionately have died in 2022 all-cause excess deaths.

Edit: Added since your first response:

No Alex,

Watch closely starting at 44:36 of this excellent presentation by Denis Rancourt PhD:


He clearly shows that, over the entire Covid period, in the ten most populated US states, younger people had the highest percentage increase in all-cause deaths over historic trends.

Now, watch closely starting at 51:57 of the same presentation, where Rancourt breaks the entire Covid period into 2 graphs - both before and after the vaccine rollout - so about 1 year in each graph. He clearly shows that younger people had an even higher percentage increase in all-cause mortality over historic trends in the period after vaccine rollouts. Note the percentage scale on the second graph has changed, so that the increase in deaths of younger people relative to historic trends is much higher than the visual comparison by toggling these graphs suggests. So, notwithstanding your comments on Quebec, statistics from the ten most populated US states carry much more weight in this analysis.

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The honest truth is that we have no idea, because we don't know what the long-term effects are. Are the people who got jabbed early now 'safe' because they haven't seen any problems yet? Or are they just ticking time bombs waiting for the goop to trigger the wrong response?

One thing's for sure -- I've never felt better about being quadruple unvaxxed. Or is it quintuple unvaxxed now?

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Why the fuck are you labeling the people who didn’t want to be part of this experiment as “anti-VAXer“?

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A year ago, Dad--then 91--asked if I thought he should get a third shot.

Hey, he's in the "high risk" group, so I told him, "I don't know what to tell you. You're a grownup. You get to make your own decisions."

We never quite got around to taking him for that third shot.

Now, Dad is now 92. Last year, he tested positive for covid. (It was a "home test," so who the hell knows if it's an accurate result.) He was sick for two days. No medical intervention, just zinc & Vitamin D, and lots of Italian sausage soup. He's been fine ever since.

Two weeks ago he asked again if I thought he should finally get that booster.

This time my response was, "If you want a third shot, you'll need to call an Uber because I'm not driving you to get another dose of Fauci's garbage."

We seem to be just fine with this decision.

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If it does flame out and mortality rates fall it will be explained away as usual with not ONE person responsible for all the corrupted science held accountable. The only thing which occurs is discussion about how humanity has suffered. It's a disgrace beyond compare how not ONE person worldwide has felt REAL accountability for what has intentionally been done and continues still. Just sayin..

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Of course, like everyone else, I hope the excess death trend continues to drop. (I left off the critical part of that sentence when I first sent this).

Unfortunately, I think Alex is totally missing it on this one.

Why would several life insurance company CEO's claim that deaths in the age group on 18-64 are up significantly if the deaths are mainly in the elderly as Alex believes?

Why would funeral home profits be so high in 2021 and 2022 if it was just about the elderly dying in higher numbers? There aren't enough elderly to make such a huge difference to the funeral home companies.

I dont think the Stew Peters documentary "Died Suddenly" is 'propaganda', as Alex claims. They actually interview funeral home directors about the blood clotting issues, and we've got plenty of "famous" people who are dealing with these blood clotting issues.

Lastly, the government even made up a new term to normalize healthy adults dropping dead for no reason: SADS Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Normal people and, for profit, companies like Life Insurers and Funeral Homes have no reason to lie, but governements around the world who have forced these jabs have every reason to lie, even the countries Alex thinks are reporting these death rates accurately.


Now, a former Blackrock portfolio manager, Edward Dowd, has followed up by compiling fourth quarter death claims data from major insurance firms.

Dowd cited fourth quarter rises in death claims, compared to the 2019 rate, of 57% for Lincoln National, 41% for Prudential, 32% for Hartford, 24% for MetLife and 21% for RGA.

Dowd said the Dutch insurer AEGON saw a 268% increase in claims in the U.S. in the third quarter.

Financial Meltdown 2.0: Covid Vax Kills Life Insurers BY MIKE / 21 FEBRUARY 2022

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"Will lower excess mortality follow?" Hard to think it will. The damage has been done in the bodies of the jabbed.

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Yet another example of a prevailing theme: The burden of pandemic hubris continues to be borne by those least equipped to bear it. The poor, kids, and the elderly.


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Perhaps it's just me but the death of one 25 year old caused by the mRNA vaccines is much worse than ten 80 year olds.

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Alex, pick your labels more fairly please: “Vaccine advocates” sounds civilized and legitimate, “hardcore anti vaxers” sounds unhinged.

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You have long reported excess mortality in young people. Now you’re backtracking?

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Alright, I have had it with all of this “anti vaxxer” talk. First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being against having foreign substances, attenuated viruses/pathogens, toxic adjuvants/preservatives/stabilizing agents/thimerosal/ethyl mercury/aluminum/LNP’S/PEG, spike protein coded mRNA and more injected into your body and even more so into the bodies of our children. Second, having these poisons injected into our bodies/childrens’ bodies by force with no transparency and often rigged trials is something that all decent humans should be against. Third, while these mRNA poisons are the worst ever, questionable dangerous vaccines, by the way these mRNA poisons are NOT vaccines by any traditional definition, did not start with these horrible lab rat poisons. Forcing parents to vaccinate their children is child abuse. So yes I am an anti vaxxer and most definitely an ardent aggressive anti mRNAer. We should all be against all mandated medical interventions. I hear so many say that they are not anti vaxxers but are merely against these lab rat poisons as if all other vaccines are perfectly safe and effective. If Big Pharma is not to be trusted with these poisons then why would anyone trust Big Pharma with regard to any vaccines or even any drugs for that matter? This selective trust makes absolutely zero sense! Everyone and especially all parents/parents to be should educate themselves on the dark sordid history of vaccines and this myth that vaccines are safe and have “saved humanity”. I encourage everyone to read one, some or all of the following books and instead of all of us arguing/debating the safety and efficacy of vaccines, make their own decisions regarding what is best for not only their health but most importantly the health of our children with fully informed consent. The book list is: 1. “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. 2. “Turtles All The Way Down” by Anonymous. 3. “Master Manipulator” by James Ottar Grundvig. 4. “The HPV Vaccine On Trial” by Mary Holland/Preface by Dr. Luv Montagnier. 5. “Vaccines: A Reappraisal” by Dr. Richard Moskowitz. 6. “Vaccine Epidemic” by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland. 7. “Jabbed” by Brett Wilcox. 8. “Good-bye Germ Theory” by Dr. William Trebing. 9. “Vaccines Autoimmunity And The Changing Nature Of Childhood Illness” by Dr. Thomas Cowan. 10. “Murder By Injection” by Eustace Mullins. Stand up for bodily autonomy and the autonomy of your children! Stop trusting Big Pharma/CDC/FDA! Educate yourselves about vaccines!

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And it's all about control. Even today, the administration still refuses to lift the vaccine mandate on the military although absolutely no evidence that vaccines prevent transmission. Anyone who says the entire Covid fiasco is not political is a moron

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I appreciate that those like you continue to dive deep into the data and of course data is critical. However, and I am very tired of having to repeat this, first and foremost this mRNA catastrophe is about violating bodily autonomy and medical freedom. Our childhood immunization schedule is first and foremost a gross violation of bodily autonomy and parental rights. Now, it is never good for anyone on the side of basic rights to disseminate inaccurate or incorrect information about these mRNA lab rat poisons and how many are dying and who is dying. However, the irrefutable fact that many have been maimed and many are dead with more injuries and deaths to come due to these PEG/LNP laced poisons is more than enough evidence that this mRNA experiment is an abominable catastrophe. ONE young male dying from mRNA caused myocarditis by being forced to get these poisons in order to return to school is ONE DEATH TOO MANY AND INEXCUSABLE AND UNCONSCIONABLE! Getting bogged down in the data weeds about how many are dying and what is causing excess deaths and who are the majority who are dying obscures the fact that PEOPLE ARE DYING DUE TO THESE POISONS! I know for a fact that two young female students “mysteriously” dropped dead not long after being mRNA’d/boosted and have heard first hand accounts from at least a dozen individuals who have family members who were either healthy or relatively healthy who also dropped dead shortly after being mRNA’d/boosted. Again, accurate data is important but does anyone on this Substack believe that the parents of the young male who died after a dose of poison cares about debates over excess mortality? The entire mRNA platform should be outlawed, these mRNA shot should immediately cease to exist, all medical intervention mandates must immediately end and the entire childhood immunization schedule should be exposed for the scary Russian Roulette body trickery Big Pharma scam that it is.

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I appreciate that Alex needs to stick to the facts as close as possible because he's a responsible reporter, held under a microscope by his radical peers, phony medical professionals, and even the government. Indeed, it appears that in Quebec the excess deaths are in the old and frail. However, I believe that many of the comments made here bare merit: there is an underlying, discussion among friends that everybody knows of both young and old unexpectedly dying, a cancer that was in remission for years coming back full force, a sudden cardiovascular emergency, disability onset, etc. Coincidence maybe? Much more awareness to death than in prior years maybe? I know that this is anecdotal evidence and prone to speculation, but we cannot ignore that many more people we know either closely or casually are having poor health outcomes in 2021 and 2022.

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Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death. Message from Mike:


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