Yay Joe Biden!

Uncle Joe is finally best at something!

With a net negative approval rating of -13 percent in the 538 polling average, he is the MOST unpopular President ever recorded at this point in his term. Worse than Trump, Carter, Ford, or anyone else since modern polling began.


This feat is particularly impressive because when Biden took office 16 short months ago he was at +20 net, far better than Trump. He is losing two points a month, every month. By 2024 imagine where he’ll be.

Meanwhile, actual photo of the 2022 Congressional election:

The worst part is that the only Democrats left will be from ultra-safe seats and thus are likely to skew even harder left, which makes me fear the Dems will learn entirely the wrong lessons (and the Republicans may too, if they see this as anything other than a referendum on Uncle Joe).

Let’s just hope the GOP focuses less on score-settling and more on making sure the Bill of Rights hasn’t been entirely trashed by the end of Uncle Joe’s one and only term.