Where is the order Biden promised on Sept. 9 requiring vaccines at companies with more than 100 employees?

This article says Biden has not issued any order:


And in fact the Federal Register has no Biden executive order mandating vaccines for big companies:



Okay, so this article from Sept. 14 suggests the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will issue its own order - a so-called “Emergency Temporary Standard."

“President Biden has the authority to direct OSHA to develop an ETS without issuing an executive order.”


Would love lawyers to weigh in on this.


In place of an OSHA mandate that might not survive court review, the administration appears to be trying to use a backdoor plan by having agencies require both contractors and SUBCONTRACTORS to meet Biden’s federal employee vaccine requirement (which he HAS issued as an executive order) - I got an email about this yesterday, and it is the reason JetBlue and American have given for requiring employee vaccines.

The dark brilliance of administrative state authoritarians.

The email:

My husband works for a large government contractor… The Department of Energy just slipped in a contract modification stating the 90% of workforce had to be vaccinated…this includes subcontractors that are often small businesses with less than 100 employees.