I do wonder what it would take for some folks to be held accountable and actually punished. And why it just doesn't seem possible. The amount of harm done is really incalculable.

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It's not just the paper itself, it's the other actions that Fauci and the Gang took after calling for the taskforce. Apologies for linking, but I wrote about this the other day:


First, Fauci admits that there are “mutations in the virus that would be most unusual to have evolved naturally in the bats” and “there was a suspicion that this mutation was intentionally inserted.” This email is sent at the VERY START of February 2020 — and already he knows these mutations probably didn’t occur naturally. (That’s important for later.)

This theory is furthered by the next point that Fauci admits: The lab at Wuhan is doing gain-of-function research on bat viruses so they can more easily infect humans. Back in February 2020, Fauci knew exactly what gain-of-function research was and where it was being performed. It was only a year and a half later while in front of Congress that Fauci could no longer define gain-of-function research. (He just knew he never did it, honest!)

After taking this information into account, “some of the scientists” thought the lab leak was the more likely explanation, but “two others” felt that the virus could have occurred naturally — “even though these mutations have NEVER BEEN seen in a bat virus before”. (Emphasis mine)

Now, the email isn’t exactly specific about a number when it says “some of the scientists”, but it clearly says “two others”. Therefore, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that when it came to covid origins, NOT ONLY WAS THERE DISAGREEMENT IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, “NATURAL ORIGIN” WAS ALWAYS THE MINORITY OPINION.

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I still think one of the most important goals for Fauci and his team of prevaricators was to cover-up and conceal any evidence this virus was already circulating widely in the world by late 2019 ... If "confirmed" or definitive evidence this was happening had been revealed to the public:

1) There would have been no need for lockdowns to "slow" or "stop" spread. This result would have been seen as impossible to achieve.

2) Everyone would know the real IFR for Covid was the same or lower than ILI/flu. Thus no mortality risk to 99 percent of world inhabitants. (That is, a virus was spreading and making many people sick, this virus just wasn't killing hardly anyone.)

3) Many people would have already been infected and thus already had natural immunity.

4) The case for mandatory vaccines for an experimental, rushed "vaccine" would not be nearly as compelling.

In short, the entire narrative about this virus would be completely different.

Instead, Fauci and his lieutenants pushed the preposterous narrative that "spread" began at the Wuhan live market in December 2019.

This "authorized" story kept investigators from going backwards and looking for early cases. This also kept the focus only on China as the origination point, when the real origination event could have happened in America ... or Ukraine or maybe China ... but much earlier.

In my mind, there are many reasons real investigations into early cases have been off-limits. But Fauci et al DID effectively control the narrative on the start-date and location of virus spread. This took the focus off of Fauci and his collaborators. No investigator was looking for their fingerprints on this origination event.

So the likely virus architects or "mad scientists" in America who must have been deeply involved ... were protected. That is, this narrative-control effort WORKED ... with a giant and vital assist from the captured mainstream press, which has also refused to investigate all the copious evidence of "early spread."

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Fauci, Collins and all others involved in this need to do serious jail time for crimes against humanity.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

The SAD reality is we all KNEW this for seemingly years now, and the elf fraud will not feel any sort of meaningful accountability in this lifetime. In fact, "we the people" get to pay him a generous pension for what he was complicit in doing to humanity. This is the sort of justice we have in America. These criminals get to do as they please, and are never held to account. ZERO accountability remains the #1 existential crisis we face. Who really believes those that were responsible for all that occurred in pre planning, implementation and ongoing narrative of the great 2020 plandemic, are not in the midst of bringing more crimes against humanity in time?

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It wasn't very long ago I'd have said anyone caught in this kind of scandal would be finished. There used to be a pretense of ethics in government, at least when you got caught.

But, a lot has changed in the last few years. We now seem to be at the point where government is corrupt and voters know and don't seem to care, so now government knows voters know and don't care.

I saw a poll the other day that something like a half of Democrats believe Biden is lying about his Chinese connections, bribery, etc. Yet, if other polls are to be believed, his approval among Democrats is still like 80%.

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I think back to those moments and I fondly remember President Trump kept calling it the China virus. The media would have fits but he kept calling it as he saw it.

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Shame on them. Shame on our dinosaur media for being complicit. Bless Berenson’s strength.

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Sen Rand Paul was right about gain of function, but the MSM was trying to make him look like some kind of fool. Fauci should be at Club Fed for the rest of his life.

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That would be treason. They sought to protect a foreign power, ostensibly to protect themselves as they ultimately funded the research through Eco-Health Alliance.

Treason and Murder by the millions. People don't do this just for profit.

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There was a doctor on the Joe Rogan podcast (circa July 2020) that emphatically claimed that the virus had to be lab grown and manipulated. He was saying that because of the structure of it and it was obvious that is had been manipulated. He claimed it could not have been made in nature. He was the only one I heard saying stuff like that for a long time. And even at the time, he stated that he was no virologist, so take what he says with a grain of salt but then went on to go out on a limb and say a few things. He was dead right on all of what he said and this was 3 years ago. I'm sorry, I wish I could remember who it was. I listened to the podcast in my car driving to Wisconsin the first week of Aug, 2020.

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🎶The day, the science died.🎶

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As good liberals, Fauci et al. sought to excuse those who were directly involved (in Wuhan), while making everybody else bear the burden of dealing with the problem (with lockdowns, masking, and mandatory "vaccines").

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We KNOW what “authorized narrative” the Fauci braintrust was conspiring to push: This virus originated at a live market in Wuhan in December 2019.

We also should all know this was a brazen lie because:

1. These people always lie, especially Fauci.

2. The evidence of “early spread” was copious and undeniable - and could have been “proven” even by early February 2020.

For example, the CDC and NIH KNEW they had tranches of archived Red Cross blood they could test for Covid antibodies. One tranche of available blood was collected Dec. 13-16, 2019 in CA, WA and OR.

This blood could have been tested by early February if not late January. (China doctors and scientists were testing patients for Covid antibodies in January.)

We know this was NOT done.

We know this blood was finally tested; we just don’t know WHEN because the CDC’s Red Cross Blood Study doesn’t include this very-important information (when this blood was actually tested).

We know this study was belatedly published on November 30, 2020 - 11 1/2 months AFTER the blood had been collected! (So it apparently took 11-plus months to test 7,300 units of blood for antibodies).

We know this tranche of blood revealed that 39 of about 1,900 blood donors (2.04 percent of this random sample of blood donors) DID already have Covid antibodies in their blood when they donated blood.

We KNOW it takes a week or two for detectable antibodies to develop. From this information, one can conclude that most of these 39 positive blood donors were infected in November 2019 (if not even earlier) - Donors from three different states so these cases weren’t isolated to just one town.

We also know CDC or public health officials never interviewed ONE person who tested positive (to ask them if they had Covid symptoms and, if so, when … Or if anyone else in their family might have had Covid symptoms before early December 2019.

What we don’t know is why testing of this “archived blood” was not expedited BEFORE officials decided to lockdown the entire world (in mid-March 2020). Or why more tranches of archived blood collected from other dates or sections of the country were not tested as well.

Would-be Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the “Virus Origination” Question should consider everything that common-sense says SHOULD have happened …. But never did happen. This is the “dog-that-didn’t-bark” evidence that would almost-certainly solve the Crime of the Century.


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Fauci and friends are a disgrace to science. That's all.

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Here’s what I think happened:

Certain people in the US government and the Virus Establishment Complex KNEW this virus was already circulating at least by October 2019 or probably by September 2019. (They must know this … because they were responsible for this happening).

This said, most “experts” and authorities did NOT know this (although the big spike in ILI cases should have provided a great clue). However, most of these people probably figured out early on that something was rotten in Washington D.C. … that there probably WAS copious evidence of early spread.

Since they'd already gone “all-in” on lockdowns and the authorized narrative - i.e. this was the worst pandemic in world history - these people and organizations didn’t want to suddenly say, “Well, maybe we were wrong and we shouldn’t have imposed all these draconian measures.” Or “maybe this virus isn’t anything to panic over after all.” They certainly didn’t want to entertain the possibility that early cases were happening in … America.

This means they ALL now had a powerful incentive to protect the already-established narrative. This also means they would have all been on board with any measures that would block these embarrassing and scandalous revelations. … so they were all okay with all the measures that must have been used to conceal evidence of early spread.

One might ask: Well, how would officials actually conceal evidence of early spread? I’m glad some people might ask this question. I’ve been investigating this for 40 months, and the link below shows how I think they did exactly this.

As for WHY they all conspired to do this? My answer is they were all protecting the authorized narrative and they were also all on-board with “The Most Important Thing” - rolling out the new mRNA “vaccines.” In short, at some point, they all recognized they had to hang together ... or else they all might ... hang together (as in, from a noose).


Also, here’s an article on the ILI evidence (likely early Covid) that no one remembers or discusses:


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