What Vladimir's thinking

Yes, the Jew comedian has put on a good show for his European friends. Yes, our little brothers are fighting harder than I expected.

Too bad for him. And them.

The Europeans talk and talk but in the end the world needs Russian oil. And is still buying Russian oil. The mere potential for an embargo has taken the price from $90 to $130. If they actually embargo us, who knows what the price will be? $200? That’s an instant global recession. For what? What difference does it make to us in the long run? The oil’s still in the ground, sooner or later we sell it.

For all the talk they haven’t cut us off from the banking system either, not really. They won’t, not as long as Xi is on my side.

And Xi is on my side. I’m as useful to that Chinaman as he is to me, he gets a free look at how strong the Americans really are. Not too strong, for all the talk. Not even a no-fly. Having ICBMs comes in handy now and then.

What now?

The generals promised me this would be done in a week. They were wrong. And when the time comes they’ll pay for their mistakes. But that time isn’t now. I won’t repeat Stalin’s error. No, they know now that they have to win. So they will. We have the artillery and the tanks and the fighters, we’ll do what we need to do. By the end of March we’ll have Kiev and the Jew comedian will die a hero for his country.

No one will stop us. No one stopped Assad, no one stopped the Talibs, and no one will stop us. Stalin starved half of Ukraine to death and nobody went to war for it then either. It’s ours, we care more, and we’ll win.

Sure, they’ll make noise for a few months. But in the summer when gasoline is $7 a gallon in America and 3 euros a liter in Europe and the Europeans are realizing just how bad the winter is going to be, these weak Westerners will be sick of hearing about Ukraine just like they got sick of hearing about Covid. They can talk all they want but they need what we have. Already I have blown to oblivion any talk that Ukraine will EVER join NATO. That alone makes this war worth it.

Strength wins. Not talk. Not TikTok, whatever TikTok is. Tanks and the willingness to die - or at least to send your countrymen to die.

And I am very willing to send my send my countrymen to die.