What is wrong with @JetBlue?

I don’t normally vent publicly about bad customer service or personal experiences, but JetBlue just canceled the flight I am on less than 75 minutes before it was scheduled to depart. We’d already cleared security. No warning. Not only did they not apologize, not only have they not apologized, they haven’t even announced the cancellation.

This is a one- or two-flight daily route. According to JetBlue’s website, there are no alternatives tonight. There are no alternatives tomorrow. There are no alternatives Sunday. A line of more than 100 people is waiting to rebook on flights that don’t exist.

The weather in New York is perfect. There is no excuse for this.

I have never had an airline do this before. I have flown JetBlue for almost 25 years - they’re based in New York City and I can remember when they started. I will NEVER NEVER fly them again. This is a vacation for which we’ve already booked and spent money we won’t get back. It’s lousy, but we can live with it. What about people who HAVE to get home to see a sick relative or once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding?

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