I realize this is clearly anecdotal, but in my office, out of 18-20 people, I’m the only one unvaccinated. Every other person in my office are “fully vaccinated.” Prior to the vaccine, only one person Got Covid. Since the start of vaccination, every other co-worker has gotten Covid. A couple have gotten it twice. plus RSV. Normal colds. Stomach bugs. Me? Nothing. Not even a sniffle. The only thing I’ve taken is daily doses of vitamins D3 and C. Quercetin and Zinc. In fact everyone I know that has been jabbed has gotten Covid.

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May 24, 2022·edited May 24, 2022

My best friend is a "true believer" in these mRNA shots. No matter what info, including expert research, data results etc, I give to him, he tells me I'm drinking the "kool-aid".

It's useless to even try anymore. At this point it seems we're preaching to the choir.

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Look if Geert is right, admitting the vaccines not only do not work, but also will ultimately end the life of the person vaccinated is very grim. To know people willingly took the jab and never questioned how safe these vaccines are, puts blame on individual that was easily conned. People do not step up to plate and admit stupidity. Also keep in many were forced to take jab. Imagine how angry they are at this point. Geert has predicted these deaths will rise pretty soon, meaning a month or more. My hatred of the media, governments, and science community keeps increasing. They all knew better.

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Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna:

"it's sad to say, I'm in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem."

He said Moderna contacted the embassies in DC and not a single country wants the mRNA vaccines.


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I just keep coming back to the fact that Pfizer's trial data showed EXACTLY what we're seeing in the real world. Why is any of this surprising? We should be spending all of our time talking about how misinterpreted the trial results were by media (who were paid to misinterpret it) and how we fix that going forward. The trial itself showed that the only way to show efficacy was not to test people, and there was zero reduction in hospitalizations or deaths (both were higher on the treatment side than the control side). Isn't the discussion really about how it was portrayed, and not the "failure" of the medicine? The medicine did exactly what the trial said it was going to do.

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Berkeley Unified also stopped recording vaccination status of Covid positive students after January showed zero effectiveness.

Below is BUSD's reply to my public records access request and my reply. They knew I would be asking, as I have done so each month this school year, and when the data turned against them they stopped recording it anywhere that made it available through a public records access request. You know, here in the home of the world's greatest public university, we hide inconvenient facts. It's for the greater good...

School Board <boardofed@berkeley.net>, Ally Markovich <ally@berkeleyside.org>, eric.ting@sfgate.com, emilie@berkeleyside.org, Chris Albeck <chrisalbeck@berkeley.net>, Frances Dinkelspiel <frances@citysidejournalism.org>, Gabriel Fredman <gabrielfredman@berkeley.net>, John Woolfolk <jwoolfolk@bayareanewsgroup.com>, Juan Raygoza <juanraygoza@berkeley.net>, School Board <boardofed@berkeley.net>, Alexandra Gutentag <argutentag@gmail.com>, Brent Stephens <brentstephens@berkeley.net>

Subject: Fwd: Your public records act requests of April 28

January of 2022 80% of covid positive cases were in vaccinated students. Basically the same percentage as the vaccinated student body at large. Well that information proves inconvenient to the narrative. So what does an obedient school district do? Stop getting the information.

There is something seriously wrong with you people. You have entered the arena of willful ignorance. Have you contemplated that as it relates to your own intellectual integrity? It is so so sad.


Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mary Keating <marykeating@berkeley.net>

Date: May 2, 2022 at 10:22:46 AM PDT

To: Dan McDunn <danmcdunn@gmail.com>

Subject: Your public records act requests of April 28

Dear Dan McDunn <danmcdunn@gmail.com>:

Regarding your California Public Records Act (CPRA) request emailed to the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) on April 28, 2022, seeking the following records:

1. Public records that detail the number of Covid positive teachers and staff by vaccination status from 1/28/2022 to 3/31/2022. In other words, how many of the identified covid cases were in vaccinated vs unvaccinated teachers and staff inside BUSD

2. public records that detail the number of Covid positive vaccine eligible (12+) students by vaccination status from 1/28/2022 through 3/31/2022. In other words, how many of the identified covid cases were in vaccinated vs unvaccinated students inside BUSD.

3. public records that detail the number, and percentage, of vaccine eligible students at BUSD. If available, as I know the data was requested to be completed at a School Board meeting over the winter, this data shall be disaggregated by race and age. In other words, how many vaccine eligible students are vaccinated at BUSD broken out by race and age group.

As to requests 1 and 2, BUSD stopped tracking vaccine status of cases in January during the surge, as the vaccination status of any COVID-positive individual had no bearing on how they isolated therefore, there are no public records in existence for inspection or copying.

As to request 3, we estimate we can provide responsive records in 30 days; we will make every effort to produce them sooner.

Please note that BUSD does not produce privileged document(s) or information encompassed by an exemption under the CPRA or any state or federal law. BUSD may segregate and redact privileged, exempt and non-responsive information as needed prior to producing any records in response to your request. Finally, the District reserves the right to amend and/or supplement this response and will notify you should such action be necessary.


Mary T. Keating


Mary Keating

Title IX Investigator

District Civil Rights and Compliance Office

Berkeley Unified School District

2020 Bonar Street

Berkeley, CA 84702

mobile: 510-859-8477

District Office direct number: 510-486-9353

Berkeley High School Title IX Office: 510-644-6834

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Never forgive and never forget. A dear friend of ours that had cancer that was in remission for over a year. . . Well, you can guess the end of this story. I don't understand the push to get the jab - especially for people like her who had already had the 'rona and recovered to get these poison shots. Never forgive and never forget.

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May 24, 2022·edited May 24, 2022

Has anyone noticed...no ONE is being held accountable. The very same people that did this to you are still, and not in the least worried about losing their jobs or being held accountable. We go round and round and round with updates on all the devastation to humanity and see the data day after day, month after month and now year after year and not ONE person held remotely to account. WTF!

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Yet the "how wonderful the vaccines are" commercials are in full force

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Do we think negative efficacy for hospitalizations and deaths is due to immune fixation (I.e. most of the unvaccinated have been exposed and developed relatively durable natural immunity while the vaxxed are experiencing and re-experiencing symptomatic infections since their immune system is trained to pump out Jan 2020 version spike abs)?

Or…is there some evidence for possible ADE or OAS?

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I live in NM and I'm convinced our ignorant Governor can't wait to lock thinks down and force us into masks. Since I live in the SE corner of the state it won't effect us as much as the shit holes that are ABQ, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. It's sad but the demographic that has been most affect are Native American north and west of ABQ.

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"Thus Oklahoma appears to have slipped into negative vaccine effectiveness - not just for infections, but for Covid hospitalizations. The trend is recent and accelerating."

This is happening everywhere, unless you believe the clot-shotted Okies are somehow different than anyone else in the world.

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The REAL question is will these evil perps who have done this to humanity be held accountable. Because if they are not you have ultimately answered your question as in it will get terribly worse

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My concern is that NYC and places like it will revert to mandating vaccines for work, theatre, concerts and restaurants because...that's the way it's done to protect during Covid. Reason and fact are not viewed, recognized or allowed into the wall created by blind fear. That wall is their protection. Allowing reality in is way too scary. Illusions comfort.

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I own a radio station in a small NM town and I have done extensive reporting on COVID-19 in the state. I was banished from zoom press conferences at times for asking inconvenient questions. I asked for the lastest 4 week data for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths and got the same kind of lame response as was given in this article so I filed to get the information under the Inspection of Public Records Act, but have yet to be provided that data. However, one can figure our the numbers with by examining the cumlative numbers that are put out. In the 4 weeks from April 18th-May 16th 65.5% of new infections were among the vaccinated. The vaccinated made up 54% of those hospitalized. The deaths were still predominately among the unvaccinated at 77%, but deaths usually lag behind infections by 3-4 weeks, so those numbers may begin to even out more over the coming weeks.

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We have a huge surge here in the Bay Area. I finally caught it too, so did the kids and the triple vaccinated spouse. Spouse has the worst symptoms, followed by me and kids minor sniffles. None of us have comorbidities. It’s like a mild flu but more than a cold. Nothing I personally would vax for. I’ll run antibodies out of curiosity in a week.

Now. The narrative in our local papers is yes huge wave, mask up friends, but nobody is dying cause we are all boosted! 🤦‍♀️

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