Vaccines, magical thinking, and Neil Cavuto

I don’t want to pick on Neil Cavuto, the Fox anchor who had a very close call with Covid last month - but the bluecheck vaccine fanatics are somehow claiming that his case shows mRNA shots work, and attacking me by name.


To review: Cavuto - who is a cancer survivor and immune-compromised - got Covid in October, AFTER being vaccinated.

Was he then boosted? He has not said, but he previously talked optimistically about boosters for immune-compromised people.

Regardless, after being vaccinated and being infected with and recovering from SARS-Cov-2, he was then infected again in early January, less than three months after his initial infection.

And he almost died.

Somehow, the vaccine fanatics are holding this up as evidence of the efficacy of mRNA shots. This is the ultimate unfalsifiable theory - IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE! IT WOULD HAVE, I TELL YA!

I am reminded of this ludicrous article from August:

He died, but if he hadn’t been vaccinated it would have been worse!

Cavuto is entitled to think - and say - whatever he likes. He’s had a rough month.

But the fact anyone would use his case as evidence of vaccine efficacy proves yet again how confused and desperate the fanatics have become.