Vaccine intake in Romania < 40%. 50 years of communism made our noses super sensitive to the smell of bullshit.

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Given the signs of fraud in the marketing their products to governments, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen governments trying to claw back the money they spent on the shots. Kudos to The Texas AG for filing his state’s lawsuit against Pfshyster.

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BTW. Interesting article on Epoch Health written by a German PhD Klaus Steger a molecular microbiologist who among other things over the past 30 years ran several gene technology labs regularly applying RNA-based technologies. Key observations of the article:

1. mRNA or better yet mod RNA are gene therapies not vaccines.

2. The presence of SV40 DNA fragments prove the mRNA tested in clinical trials is not the same as

that given to billions of people. It apparently was introduced to speed up manufacturing.

3. Scientist have longed for many years to modify the body software (immune system). They have

been working on saRNA. It is self amplifying which means it replicates itself repeatedly and the

body will struggle to get rid of it.

4. We have no possibility at all of to gain influence on modRNA or saRNA once it has been injected.

5. Because of the chemical construction of the saRNA's it must rely on natural uridines that exist in

our cells to produce foreign proteins resulting in these cells finally becoming exhausted and dying.

6. Numerous preclinical and clinical studies applying the saRNA technology have already been

undertaken. A summary of five years of these studies labels the saRNA as a new and improved

mRNA vaccine. This is how it will be sold to the public.

7. Circular as opposed to linear saRNA is designed to prevent enzymes from doing their natural

duty degrading RNA's that are no longer needed. This leads to a long term presentation of

increased levels of antigens.

8. Long term presentation of an antigen is known to cause immune intolerance. This is caused by a

class switch of antibodies from IgG1s that fight spike protein to igG4 that tolerate the spike


9. RNA-based technology-especially when applied as vaccines to healthy individuals-is unjustifiable

and unethical.

10. When questions are allowed, it is science; when they are not, it is propaganda.

11. Our immune systems are dynamic and can clear a virus they have never encountered before.

Unimpeded it can also develop a cross immunity to identify variants even if the virus mutates.

Scared yet. We should be. Big Pharmas are creating a "Frankenstein".

This article is heavy to a layman like me but definitely worth the read.

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In other news, Texas AG Paxton is suing Pfizer and he mentions the censorship of Alex Berenson in his filing

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Great news Romania needs to join with Poland and tell Pfizer and the EU where to stick it. Elon Musk knows a way with words that will get the message across.

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Great news especially if the end result is prosecution, however I seriously doubt it will happen as this would expose all these European Leaders (deliberate oxymoron inserted) and V D Leyen especially. God, but she is one evil witch.

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Why aren’t these governments suing for a product that didn’t work? There’s no immunity for that!

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Can you imagine the possibility that there was a concerted effort to prevent the American Public from knowing that there esteemed leaders (Dear Leaders?) bought billions and billions of mRNA vaccine shots that were known to be worthless, but yet they did it for the people just in case everything was going to hell. No! our dear leaders only have the goodness of heart to show that at least something was done and beside that, the "Scientist" mislead everybody. Where is that damn Fauci when you need him to soothe the savage beasties? "Can't some one of you cowards, rid me of that meddlesome pontiff?

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Corruption in Romania?? Surely you jest!!

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Pfizer...America’s joke

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So the J&J and the AZ vaccines were not “safe and effective” and are now off the market. Whatever happened to the Corbevax vaccine developed by Peter Hotez who turned out to be a scumbag. That was an old fashioned vaccine. I always wonder if its safety profile was better. Or if it worked better.

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And now Ken Paxton has filed a suit against Pfizer. 👍👏

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

Take them down! Who's next?!

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ah, the darkness of evil is being shown the LIGHT OF TRUTH!!!!

so much creepy deception/fraud that went on during covid.

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theres a politician that needs to be prosecuted and go to jail!

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Here is an interesting fact: If you try to gather information on COVID recommendations (at what age the shots are recommended/allowed) it is rather impossible in any by-country type format. I wonder why? You would have to research every country individually and see what age they allow/recommend the booster. Wouldn't common sense lead one to believe this would be readily available information in a by country chart? Everything else about COVID always was! This would be a fantastic article, as from what I have seen, the US is one of the few still pushing it on people under 65. Without an all-encompassing list, it makes it impossible for Americans to see how grossly they are still being duped vs. the rest of the world. This would also help those of us trying to wake up family/friends still being duped by the greedy idiots in DC. @alexberenson I hope you are up for this task as the people need to see the corruption in the US on the jabs and how we are being treated vs the rest of the globe that has largely woken up. This is RIGHT up your alley.

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