Ugh. The mandatory Covid vaccination battles may get even uglier. Especially for kids.


If the last two years have proven anything, it’s that people in authority hate admitting they’ve made mistakes.

Which seems to be one big reason why every bit of data showing that lockdowns or vaccines or masks or whatever don’t work is met with, let’s just do more of it.

And you know what people - especially those members of the self-appointed elite that runs from Brooklyn to San Francisco -hate even more than admitting mistakes?

Admitting their mistakes harmed their kids.

Cue Covid vaccines.

At best, mRNA vaccines are useless for kids, a way to make oldsters feel better, never mind that adult to child transmission is far more common than the reverse. We have known since the very beginning of Covid that SARS-Cov-2 is not dangerous to healthy kids and that the pediatric inflammatory syndrome looks a lot like other post-viral disorders, rarely serious and generally easily treatable.

Now we know more. We know that the protection the vaccines offer is weak and limited. We know they can cause dangerous heart problems in young people. We know natural immunity lasts longer and is stronger. And we have just learned that natural immunity in kids is even better.

Last month, the elites rushed to vaccinate their children. The vast majority of children 5-11 nationally are NOT vaccinated, but in wealthy school districts on the coasts, you might be forgiven for thinking the reverse is true.

I will never understand why a supposedly intelligent group of people risked vaccinating their children over a disease that is basically no risk to kids. Now the choice they made looks even worse; Omicron renders vaccines worthless within months and this week’s Nature paper shows the power of natural immunity for kids.

The elites have two choices now: admit they stuffed their kids with mRNA for no reason, or try to force the same useless shots on everyone else’s children.

We have learned over the last two years which path they are likely to follow.

Are you ready to let them try to include your kids in their failed experiment?