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Why should "we" trust the science when the elites running the NGOs, the politiciians, and even the scientists don't? To add to your list Alex:

They have banned Ivermectin and HCQ along with nearly every other alternate treatment

Have replaced them with the death drug remdesivir which they pay the hospitals 20% extra to forcefully push on their patients

Have destroyed the reputations and careers of anyone pointing out the massive fraud that is the plandemic

Have silenced, censored, or banned nearly everyone on the planet

And have changed the definitions of:

Herd Immunity: now only includes those vaccinated—They removed ‘natural immunity’ altogether (they reverted this back after an outcry from the medical community).

Vaccine: no longer grants immunity from disease. Now merely gives ‘protection’.

Pandemic: no longer requires mass sickness and death. Disease merely needs to be widespread.

So if they do not "trust the science" - which they clearly do not because they keep changing it - why should we?


Nuremberg 2.0, let’s roll. These people will be tried for the crimes and convicted before all is said and done.

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Have you seen this... it is on youtube


Look at a slide at the 2:33:40 mark. It flashes for less than a second. List many complications from vaccines from 10/20. Put on by the FDA

Thanks to #fortiori here is the document on page 17


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My kids’ elementary STEM teacher told them early on in the pandemic “I trust science, but I don’t always trust the scientists, especially right now.”

It’s a large K-12 school that has the least compliant student body in the area for the full time schools (there is a charter school running neck and neck). Being private and Christian makes it a bit easier to be non-compliant, but having a student body told to question the policy makers from day one added valuable motivation for the kids to push back. That lesson alone is well worth the tuition.

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Alex, it’s not about profit, but CONTROL. The intention was / is to use the “pandemic” to herd everyone onto a vaccine passports database & then use VaxPass as a requirement to enter every regulated space & regulated transaction. Eventually these will be everywhere & everything. Totalitarian tyranny.

While some make eye watering profits along the way, overall this isn’t about money.

Those granting approval for this global deception & crimes against humanity are the central banking class & owners of global big capital. This scam can’t happen without their active support. If you’re not familiar with Catherine Austin Fitts, her many interviews provide the matching piece on finance.

So one side is “pandemic to lockdowns for economic destruction, plus installation of VaxPassWorld, and the other side creates the circumstances where Global Financial Crisis 2.0 is precipitated, from which event only fully digital money in the form of CBDCs is able to rescue the world's economy.

VaxPass + CBDCs = permanent totalitarian control.

From that point onwards, those operating this can do exactly what they want to humanity. Protest is non feasible if you require a valid VaxPass even to obtain your food ration.

I still think this is where we’re going. Covid19 is running out of steam, but the perpetrators have several other tools with which to gain global control of the entire population.

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Rinse and Repeat. Now there is speculation that the "vaccines" are triggering an AIDS epidemic. Any wonder why Moderna is developing a new AIDS vaccine that you'll have to take for the rest of your life? Folks, you're looking at pure evil; and there's only one way to fight evil.

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I don’t understand how the death rate can possibly be higher in 2021, with vaccines, than in 2020 when everyone was unvaxxed. This makes me think they are lying when they screech that the 2021 deaths are all among the unvaxxed.

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Fauci has been manufacturing The Science for 40+ years. Mission Number One should solely be to imprison that dangerous clown down and close every three to five letter Federal agency. Defund the Funders.

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The Science of Genocide

The info they have in their own documents currently is enough to prosecute all involved in mass vaccinations as War criminals:

Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk


mRNA "Vaccines" Are Gene Therapy. May cause Undesirable Side Effects That Could Delay Or Prevent Their Regulatory Approval According To BioNTech SEC Filing


The Truth About Safety of mRNA Vaccines Found in The European Medicines Agency's Document Titled "Comirnaty (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine) Risk Management Plan"


Emergency authorisation based on Fake Pandemic

Where Is The Pandemic? According To The BC Government Records Hospitalizations and ICU admissions in BC During the Covid-19 Pandemic Did Not Increase Compared to the Previous Years A Pandemic of Deceit


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You forgot one step: roll out a little goblin from the NIH.

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And give our most vulnerable (6 mos-4 years) the third dose in a trial only two months after the second dose when everyone else is told to wait a minimum of 5 months. What a f*cked up world we live in.

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Convince me that the goal is not global depopulation. Then add in the Soros acquisition of farmland in Ukraine, the fact that Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in America, and convince me Holodomor 2.0 is not the next step. I'll wait.

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You missed one, Alex.

Do not pursue therapeutics, and deliberately ignore re-purposed drugs. Then, punish any medical professional who defies "science" by using these well-known, well-tested, safe-and-effective treatments.

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Step 7.5 - Declare victory over the pandemic even though the raw numbers are terrible. (Because even if you won't tell the proles, the leaders know spring works every time.)

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We need Alex was right the whole time T shirts!! I’d proudly wear it!!!

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"Instead spend two years instituting control measures that prove completely ineffective at stopping it - though very effective at ruining [everyone's] mental health."

The goal is to demoralize, divide and destroy. Not just the children, but everyone.

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6-Year-Old With Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis ‘Unable to Walk,’ as Reports of Deaths, Injuries After COVID Vaccines Climb Steadily


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FRANCE: 13-year-old boy almost went blind after jab, Pfizer does not want to be held liable


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I'm gobsmacked by your disconnect. You attacked Dr. Malone on national television as though he was some kook incompetent "conspiracy" theorist, yet you spout your own 8 point "conspiracy" theory here. ALL OF WHICH IS TRUE. Both of you have been right all along, although you were always in the lead. Marginalizing heroes like Dr. Malone and Robert Kennedy Jr. isn't fighting. You insulted Kennedy by going out of your way to qualify your interview wuth him "I don't agree with him on everything... ." Can't it go without saying that none of us agree on everything? How about "listen to Kennedy he makes lots of good points." Kennedy's "The Real Anthony Fauci" is a seminal work and has the potential to shape public policy on par with Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle."

This is a war. Fight like Kennedy, or Malone. Gloves off, and with them

Quit wasting your time on Berenson v Twitter.

Damn it. Fight.

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Step 3A: Insist there is no early treatment for symptoms—patients must wait until they become so ill they must go to the hospital.

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"Step 7: Call anyone who points these unpleasant facts out a conspiracy theorist; when that doesn’t work, censor them."

Call them potential terrorists.

New term: Terrorcable = no evidence one is actually a terrorist but the person is able to be one because he thinks unapproved thoughts, asks unapproved questsions, and says unapproved things.

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Yes, that pretty much sums up the game plan.

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Just give this a watch. https://www.voiceforscienceandsolidarity.org/videos-and-interviews/revised-frightening-update-uk-data

"One must take seriously the suggestion by medical experts that the immune systems of those injected with the MRNA vaccines have indeed been damaged and has severely compromised."

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In fairness I don't think step 6 is a factor: "Step 6: Wonder why the outbreak has lasted far longer than previous outbreaks, when neither control measures nor vaccines were used."

I have yet to meet a containment moron who shows any curiosity about previous epidemics or who doesn't answer any and all questions with "but it would have been worse if we hadn't done our little containment rain dance."

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You forgot, "Partner with private business to force adherence to an experimental inoculation regimen even after data shows contrary results and possible/probable correlation with increased death rates."

My employer isn't backing down on its stance that everyone should be vaxed and boosted, unless local law prohibits it, or employees have an accommodation. Accommodations aren't good forever.

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"Conspiracy theorist"? I thought you were upgraded to "domestic terrorist" because you spread "misinformation"?

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Step 3.5: Defame and discredit any effective repurposed drugs with disinformation, slander, censorship and fraudulent studies.

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>> Step 7: Call anyone who points these unpleasant facts out a <<RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST>>; when that doesn’t work, censor them.



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Step 0: Dumb down the public with several generations of education that ignores science. A competent population would have quickly seen through steps 1-7. Many did. Not enough.

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Thanks again to Alex. RE: "effective at ruining kids mental health," my home is in front of a school bus stop, so depressing the poor kids are still masked!!..and this is in a sort of "good-ole" smallish city to country area in NC, Davidson County... I'm very concerned that this will continue until schools mandate this vax for kids, which is unnecessary for them, and potentially a health risk.

But this is also affecting ADULT kids. Per their orders, to see them and grandkids, and, as I'm an almost-senior, I am triple vaccinated. (Will never take another for COVID, by the way). But they have reclassified me as a stupid, selfish person because I admit I'm skeptical of masks; and admit to using them as little as possible...and...worst yet....won't wear an N95 when seeing them, if ever. I won't say it to them, but they are young and should be enjoying their lives now, instead, they have COVID PTSD. I worry for them, as frustrated as I am with the strained relationship with me due to COVID panic. I wonder how differences in "health practices" as they are now calling it, are affecting married couples. So sad our governments are doing this, it's criminal!!

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Sounds about right. Also, if you look at the history of respiratory virus epidemics over the last 200 years, they never last more than 2 years. That’s with no vaccines or restrictions.

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step 9

start over ... HIV test coming soon??

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The censorship is a lot more dangerous than the virus.

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You missed one KEY part of it. Drive the one person who knows what kind of a threat your government (Chinese communist party) is to the US from the Oval Office with a gift to his opponents who tried BS after BS for 3 years to no avail! Install your senile stooge to do your bidding so that the crooks in BOTH PARTIES can keep the good times rollin!

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Makes me wonder if these “vaccines” are causing brain damage to recipients?

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And when the people start to catch on, make it look like you are lifting mandates and easing restrictions. Then make up another crisis and force the masses back into lockdowns and boosters. Repeat as necessary. This is far from over. Stay strong and free.

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This is an interesting one: 1976 pharma ads for the swine flu vaccine. Sound familiar?


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Getting infected isn't the same thing as getting sick.

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The tide is turning, as common sense is starting to increase its own viral load.

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add: destroy the patient-physician relationship, perhaps irretrievably

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The nefarious nature of almost everything would be bad enough, but the war on independent thinking and refusal to be indoctrinated is the most evil movement of all.

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Nice nod to South Park back when it was actually funny.

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For all of you wonderful unvaccinated souls! Well done you! It was originally sent to me by a friend in the German language but here it is now in English! Cheers to you all!

Remember that if you are still unvaccinated, you have

survived the greatest psychological warfare in human history.

🌟 ✨ They have been hatching this plan for decades.

🌟 ✨ Can you imagine how much time, how many resources

and how much effort went into this?

🌟 ✨ They have investigated all possible ways to enslave

your minds and get you to be vaccinated.

🌟 ✨ They have tried to demoralise you by corrupting

society in every possible way.

🌟 ✨ They have tried to slander you.

🌟 ✨ They have tried to lure you with money, gifts and


🌟 ✨ They have tried to confuse you and make you doubt

your own reality and identity.

🌟 ✨ They have tried to make you trample your own

principles, values and morals.

🌟 ✨ They have even managed to make your loved ones turn

against you. Almost everyone has felt that.

🌟 ✨ The vast majority then folded. 🌟 ✨ You, however, did


🌟 ✨ Just think about how much bullshit you have gone

through and overcome. You guys have never folded.

🌟 ✨ You are still unvaccinated. You still have pure blood.

🌟 ✨ All their tricks have not worked on you.

☀ ✨ 🌟 ☀ 🌟 ✨ ☀ 🌟 ✨

🌟 ✨ To all the unvaccinated, therefore, I send a "Cheers, you

honourable people! You are the lighthouses in this time. Stand


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I would suggest that from now on, we stop referring to these people as “elites.”

There is nothing about them that is elite or superior in any way. They simply control vast sums of money that they either inherited, conned, stole or manipulated into their possession. Following this they bribed cajoled or donated their way into political circles to protect their fiefdoms.

Nothing special about them at all folks. They’re just a tired , old, soon-to-be dead group of people who’s wealth is matched only by their depravity and arrogance.

They are not elite in any sense of the word. Sick twisted parasites, nothing more. Let’s start calling them what they are, and treat them like we would any parasite.

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Good for you. The biggest lesson I got reviewing medical records for medical malpractice cases was that the more medications you took, the more operations, etc the more likely to have a bad outcome. I am lay person but I figured out staying healthy was the best course. I love medical science and innovations but I believe using medical intervention like strong spices where moderation is best unless the dish really calls for a huge amount.

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as a doctor, I did not go along with any of this. I refused the vax and got "voluntarily" resigned. I also wrote scrips for sick people. this has uncovered the utter lack of critical thinking in our medical class. It also uncovered the willingness of our society to turn into a tyranny. I feel I am among the 4% or so of medical folks that question irrational, dangerous policy. this whole thing has been a nightmare for me personally and professionally.

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Bingo! nice summary!

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How is it legal for the government to bribe hospitals to do its bidding?

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It's not that complicated.

When you need a pandemic, just reliable every sniffle,cough or runny nose a new viruses. Blame an easy enemy. And declare the crisis for purposes of stealing an election. Encourage race riots. Re liable assembly as insurrection. And riots and arson as peaceful protest. Fight red hats with masks. Open the boarders and let everyone smoke Crack. ( paraphernalia included).

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