The only place I go these days is the supermarket, and I'm just returned from shopping there.

Here's an interesting conversation with an UNMASKED cashier. I asked if the supermarket tyrants had ceased insisting on masked employees. She said:

"They keep advertising to hire cashiers. I told them, I'll stay as long as I don't need to wear this damned mask. I'm vaccinated; I think I've already had covid anyway, and I'm sick of wearing a mask. If they make me wear a mask, I'm quitting."

The store--a major New England chain--backed down. Now other cashiers are removing their masks.

This cashier said only one customer objected, and told the store manager that she wouldn't shop there unless the supermarket "protects the public" by requiring masked employees.

The manager said, "I hope we don't lose your business, but that's your choice. Our employees have choices, too. Everyone--as far as I know--has been vaccinated. They don't work if they're sick."

Is this the start of the resistance?

OH! One more thing: the cashier told me she "pitched a fit" when her daughter suggested vaxing the grandchildren. "I told my daughter, Fauci is NOT using MY GRANDCHILDREN as lab rats!"

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Unfortunately, this continued body of evidence is ignored by those in power who can not or choose not to read or listen. Where is the medical community with all of this evidence piling up about not vaccinating kids. natural immunity, worthless masks, and vaccine problems?Sorry, but I have lost almost all respect for public health and the medical community. Alex. thank you for your work.

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The corollary to this is that vaxxed kids have a permanent impairment to their immune systems, probably it is grounds for class-action lawsuits against the governments that mandated it.

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Just my experience, but here goes: My son goes to an uber liberal high school; most are vaccinated. On Monday, he went out with a group of ten of them to eat, hang out and see a movie. He found out yesterday five have tested positive - all vaccinated. Two were even boosted already (crazy parents, but whatever). After seeing this, I'm supposed to be compelled to go get him vaccinated?????

I can not believe we are doing this to our kids.

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And yet mammies and daddies all over the world will still line up quietly awaiting the person in the white coat to administer the clot shots for their little darlings, because the science or something. That Pandemic of Fear is still going strong it seems- Happy Christmas all. I’ve never enjoyed reading a comment section so much!!☘️

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Dec 24, 2021·edited Dec 24, 2021

Here’s the real issue…

This decision (to vaccinate your kids, or not) has nothing to do with their health or the associated risks.

The decision centers around the consequences of not having a vaccine shot.

- if your kid gets sick, it’s 14 days quarantine, which is a huge issue for the parents, particularly Mom’s;

- the parents will also have to stay home during the quarantine;

- you can’t deposit your kid at daycare unless they’re vaccinated so that often means not being able to show up (as required) at the office.

My point is that the decision-making tree doesn’t involve what is in the best interests of the child. It’s having to deal with the immediate consequences of not getting them vaccinated.

It’s the ultimate in “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

Why??? Because the vaccination requirement isn’t based on “science” or an appropriate risk assessment.

It’s a politically driven requirement so that the money the feds spent developing these vaccines aren’t looked at as a total waste.

Again, where are the therapeutics? Why is there no regiment for treatment?? Currently, it’s as if the only course of action is to let the virus overwhelm your body until you’re in the hospital and possibly dead. What utter bullshit.. there’s no focus in early effective treatment…

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Yet, our school district continues to ignore actual evidence and pushes jabs on scared parents, hosting jab clinics at the school. One day after each approval, they were set up and ready to go, giving out 1000+ shots each time for each age group. This week they had a booster clinic for the high school - I drove by the line looking at all of the young, fit kids with deep sadness. My kid hasn’t been jabbed, but he will probably be forced to make a decision about it when he decides on college for next fall. (I would advocate for a gap year but he’s being recruited to play D3 football; how do you ask a kid to stop doing something they love? Yes, we all know it’s just for fun, but for social/mental health it would be good for him.). I keep praying that the madness stops.

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Since Fauci and pharmaceutical companies (but I repeat) control all the funding, these authors have completely killed their careers. See Duesberg, who came from the Plank institute with amazing credentials, but whose career was destroyed by not following the 'woke' lead of Fauci, who had very different plans than finding a cure. Fauci's approach killed many more than he helped during the AIDS crisis. See "The REAL Anthony Fauci" by RFK Jr. (whose also has suffered post book for his heresy)

These authors deserve our thanks for not contributing to the panic espoused by Fauci. I hope they can continue their careers somehow.

It's amazing how Fauci regrouped after his disaster with AIDS, but I think after JFK Jr's book, Fauci is finally DONE.

I hope.

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Dec 24, 2021·edited Dec 24, 2021

The psychos in charge don't care about reality on the ground, Only that a JAB in every arm is achieved, even if it destroys our youth going forward.

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I’ve been in bed the last week with Covid. My 3 year old won’t leave my side. She has absolutely no symptoms. My nine year old has a cough, but feels great. He has tested positive. My sixteen year old had it last year and has not been affected by the rest of us being sick around him. We are looking at the positive of being sick at Christmas… we don’t have to worry about Covid after this! No vaccines for us. We have natural immunity!

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Please take a 18 mins to listen to Jimmy Dore's interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/jimmy-dore-rfk-jr-bestseller-the-real-anthony-fauci/

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You have this, and then you have all the dictators who literally ignore the overwhelming evidence that flies in the face of everything they’ve been preaching and now ban unvaccinated 5-12 year olds from Buffalo Bills football games.

It’s like for every new study or journal that comes out citing the ineffectiveness of the vaccines and how useless they have been to slowing a pandemic, another absurd mandate quadruples down on it and acts like unvaccinated people are the problem 😂

On the Buffalo Bills own team, unvaccinated Covid-positive wide receiver Cole Beasley is at home healthy enough to play but can’t because of “league rules” while his vaccinated teammate is in the hospital with Covid but if he were to be released from the hospital today he could play on Sunday if he wants to. It’s all a complete joke and a farce.

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My experience: our 15 year old got covid and only had a stuffy nose, so we didn’t realize he had it. Then I caught it from him and I finally feel over it on day 12. My spouse is on day 8 and is still miserable, 7 straight days of fever (99-100.3). We did all the early intervention protocols, but for us we got worse around day 5. We are early 50’s. For kids, the virus appears much safer than the vax. For us, IDK, maybe it would have been lighter if we were vaccinated but who can know that? I know double vaxxed people who also got a nasty case of covid. HTHs

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The writers did not openly explain the ramifications of what they had discovered, saying only vaguely that they will “help to guide… vaccine deployment in the pediatric population.”

The writers should have said, "vaccine deployment in the healthy pediatric population is unnecessary and not advised."

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The primary reason why children develop strong natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is because they have highly functional thymus glands, responsible for developing T cell immunity. These T cells can be helper (CD4), cytotoxic (CD8), or memory T cells. As a person ages their thymus glands atrophy and are less active. The reason why children are generally not spreaders of COVID is because they have a lower expression of ACE 2 receptors in the upper airway. It makes absolutely no sense to force the jab on children who will receive no benefit and with a great risk to their health.

Let me also point out that vaccine development typically takes 10-15 years but these products were rushed to market in 6-8 months, completely skipping many safety tests! Most toxicity tests take 3-5 years, in fact we're still in a vaccine trial. They're willing to sacrifice our children to find out the harm and long term risks. It's criminal!

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The wife and I had C19 twenty-one months ago and are still testing positive for antibodies.

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