The Atlantic, oh my

As you know, this Stack could be devoted entirely to the idiocy of the elite media’s Covid coverage.

I generally can’t waste the time, not with far more important issues to cover, these days mostly vaccine-related: vaccine failure, vaccine side effects, vaccine mandates, vaccines for kids, vaccine passports, etc. Not to mention the lab leak, censorship, and a dozen others.

But every so often, we need to remember that the places that consider themselves the world’s ultimate arbiters of fact have not just failed to ask the right questions (how were the vaccine clinical trials designed?). Whether out of ignorance or ideology or both - probably both - they have actively misled their readers and viewers since March 2020.

The Omicron debacle (be afraid, be very afraid… oh, wait, don’t) - is only the most recent example of this parade of stupidity.

But every parade has a queen.

And when it comes to bad Covid takes, the Atlantic is the unquestioned champion. It started strong, with its infamous “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice” headline, and has held the crown ever since.

Lately, though, the Atlantic has gone to another level. It is no longer merely off-base or directionally wrong; it has turned into a near-perfect contrary indicator.

Believe it or not, I started to write this piece weeks ago, after I noticed this little homily on the brilliance of Germany’s Covid response. The late October timing was impeccable; Germany was just leaving the happy vaccine valley and heading into its largest wave of infections and second-biggest wave of deaths (Omicron may have arrived just in time to keep the situation from getting even more grim).

Since then, the gifts have just kept coming:

And Omicron.... Omicron has turned the Atlantic into the journalistic equivalent of a bunch of bankers at the end of an all-night coke binge in Vegas. It’s been fun, even if Ed and Derek and Sarah and the gang made a lot of decisions that may not feel great in the morning… but the sun is about to come up. The party’s over.

Or is it?

Not as long as there’s still Bolivian marching powder to be had, it’s not!

Just one more hit, guys:

Okay, okay, I’ll get an Uber -

Wait, I found another bag!

Being this wrong is almost useful. If the Atlantic ever tells us not to worry…

Get ready to panic.