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I've discovered that, for the most part, the ONLY people interested in the answers to these questions are those of us who have not taken these mRNA shots.

The jabbed are like those whistling past the graveyard.

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This was NEVER about the virus. It was about mindless acceptance of government power and coercion. Mission accomplished. In the liberal northeast people are in full mask mode even whike driving alone in their cars. Fear has overruled common sense. THIS is the new normal folks.

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Feb 5, 2022
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It sounds like you want to question The Science™. That is verboten and makes you a white supremacist, domestic terrorist. Come on man!

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I initially refused the shot back in the spring because I thought most of the covid response was an overreaction and I saw the rush to get vaccinated as more of the same. I wasn’t scared.

Then the side effects data starting becoming apparent and I was pretty sure of my decision.

Over the summer, I was hospitalized with covid pneumonia for a week and got guilt tripped left and right, both from hospital staff and my own family that it was my own damn fault. For a brief time, I started to agree with them. Remember, around this time Delta was flaring up and the news was full of stories about “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. I distinctly remember one news story about a guy in the hospital in Louisiana that was explicitly framed as “Look at this stupid unrepentant antivaxxer!”

Then once I was out and recovering, and the mandate issue started rising up and the vaccines started wearing off everywhere, I started thinking rationally again.

Now, the long term effects of these “vaccines” are becoming apparent and I am increasingly confident that not only did I make the right decision personally, but that government propaganda and popular panic has pushed us into a calamity of our own making that is far worse than the disease itself.

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You know why they banned early treatment? They could never get an EUA if there was treatments available. It is that freaking simple.

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Not just China, India too.

When a company says their product works AND demands unconditional indemnity, things do not compute. Smart people.

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How does one account for the push to vaccinate still going on from all leaders in the face of an obvious failure? The answer is that it is not about the vaccine. It always was about the ID digital passports for every citizen of the world. It is for this they need a needle in every arm from birth for life. Ireland busy on their digital 'health' pass. Australia should have their life pass through the house shortly. UN coercing people that it will make life perfect. There are three main drivers - Schwab (WEF), Soros and Gates plus others.

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How in the world do you believe that this is some (semi) noble experiment. You've completely lost your mind and abandoned all critical thinking skills if you think this for even half a second.

Noble experiments are hardly the realm of serial felons like Pfizer and corrupt bureaucrats like Fauci.

The model is simple: theoretically fabricate a 'new disease' and then cause real disease with the novel 'treatment'. Call the 'new disease' a 'variant' and keep the Covid Crazy Train rolling all the way to the bank.

"Simulate the action. Stimulate the desired outcome."

The mRNA drug triggers toxic stress, the body releases exosomes during inflammation-detoxification-apoptosis, the exosomes are falsely labelled 'viral rna' and amplified by misuse of PCR.

More injections/drugs prescribed, more toxicity. And on and on it goes.

A lot of people aren't getting yet that the mRNA "vaccine" cash cow is going to be much bigger than Covid Con itself. Theoretically they plan to use a similar mechanism against any invented viral pathogen in existence, and now that they've gotten the tech to market, they'll start going down the list.

Corporate run governments look to mandate the shots (or short of that, will use every form of coercion available to them) for entire populations.

Again, if you can do it once you can do it a thousand times. every human being on earth, every human body will be an endless source of revenue.

This is the next epoch of medicine, which began by monetizing illness, proceeded to monetize health, and will now monetize the human body itself. The injections needn't be "efficacious" at all for this scheme to work.

It's going to be a subscription model for endless mRNA injections. We will all become human pincushions in order to line the pockets of The Pharma Cartel.

Anyone who believes any aspect of this Covid Con- including you Alex are being led into a trap they'll never be able to escape, and they've been conditioned to reject a priori the possibility that people in power conspire to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses because it sounds too "conpspiratorial" to them.

The goal is to include and thus hide the many variable disease conditions directly caused by the mRNA injection behind false 'covid' PCR diagnoses, providing a never-ending self-fulfilling pretext for more injections and more false contagion restrictions.

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I told my anesthesiologist doctor friend about the Alex post a few days ago. Alex reported that he had confidential information from a number of sources in large hospital systems had told him that 50% of hospital workers and nurses were not vaccinated (If NYT can use unidentified confidential sources so can we). The Doc told me that hospitals are handing out religious exemptions like candy on Halloween just to stay open! I told him that the nurses were the "canaries in the coal mine"! They have to treat vaccine damaged on 12 hour shifts. They know! He told me, get this as a doctor, that most doctors were compromised, nurses were not. Doctors have their practice established in a local area. They can be cancelled and have their medical license removed. Nurses can pick up and go elsewhere, hence travelling nurses. Furthermore, hospitals are much more dependent on nurses to stay open.

The Underground is alive and well!

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Um Mr Alex, please save these questions for at least 75 years k thanks

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And yet a front-page article in WSJ today is “Can the Technology Behind Covid Vaccines Cure Other Diseases?” Absolutely no mention of any side effects. 😵

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Dr. Ryan Cole has been sounding the alarm regarding what he is seeing in pathology reports. In just his office he is seeing an increase in cancers that our bodies normally suppress. Hes seeing an increase in childhood diseases in adults. The vaccines attach to the gene that gives us protection against certain cancers. Viola....now it doesn't. Hes seeing an increase in endometriosis. He's done several interviews on Epoch Times. I thank God for Epoch Times. They have done several interviews with Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Martin kulldorf, Dr. Paul Alexander. Dr. Scott Atlas. What do they have in common? They've all been banned, censored and vilified by Fauci and Collins at the NIH. Not to mention how they've been demonized by the legacy media for putting out "misinformation". You know who I trust the most? The doctors, researchers, policy health experts and scientists that have been banned, censored and vilified.

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"Which is exactly why no one in power appears to be in any hurry to ask them."

I'm going to guess that the criminal and civil liabilities are really starting to add up for those rank and file workers at the FDA, NIH, CDC, etc.

We know you guys are reading these substacks. Time to come clean about the damage you have caused, if only for your conscience.

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"A billion people need the answers to the questions.

Which is exactly why no one in power appears to be in any hurry to ask them."

With a very small handful of exceptions, don't expect Republicans to be pressing for answers.

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I am not a scientist, but I did learn about the function of RNA in high school Biology class. Discussions about mRNA that revolve around "hijacking" immune systems and "hacking the software of life" are very concerning. We should proceed far more cautiously than public health has been. 1 billion person human trials do not reflect any level of caution and are the stuff of Aldous Huxley.

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two comments:

1) drug overdoses were a big reason for excess mortality in 25-65 year olds


2) don't forget to ask them to factor in the 14 days after the first shot (fraudsters)

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The vax is irrelevant to me, having been fortunate enough to have avoided it so far. But these six questions assume the perspective of those for whom the vax seems relevant. I prefer the more basic question, my "question zero," of why so much of the population allowed themselves to be driven to accept so many obviously fraudulent oppressions, that only culminated in the vax madness in the end. In the beginning, estimates of horrendous disaster were proffered, without evidence, which incited the gullible to panic. So many signals were available to the reasonably competent, yet were widely ignored, even resisted.

Our European brother, eugyppius, has solicited testimony of when we first recognized the problems with the propaganda narrative. Hopefully that will be developed into a more comprehensive analysis of where we went mad, and why. Maybe some will learn from it. Many won't.

The most egregious frauds have been made by people who moaned "follow the science," yet they did not, and many accepted their specious claims. The most important solution is to begin teaching everyone what science actually is, and how it is done. This whole disaster is basically a failure of education. If we don't fix that, we should get used to continuing stampedes, driven by whatever artificial panic the next charlatan chooses for us.

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I just watched a very compelling interview on Epoch Times’ “American thought leaders” edition with Dr Ryan Cole, a pathologist, who was discussing this trend of cancers and diseases etc post vaccination. It’s terrifying! And yet he, along with other medical doctors have been SHUT DOWN by the media (our new medical professionals) as spreading dangerous misinformation. This is evil!!!!! I am so angry every single day at the utter contempt for truth that has permeated our society and the willful ignorance that is more infectious than the virus. I am also angry at the millions who have taken this shot out of fear, coercion and complete ignorance who are now jabbing their kids so that they can attend school. Yet another institution that is contributing to the moral and intellectual decay of society. All the while Congress, Judges (and their staff), the White House staff, EMPLOYEES of J&J (and most likely Pfizer as well) ARE ALL EXEMPT FROM THIS POISON…but the rubes of society, the little guy and their children MUST take this experimental poison into their bodies or die from starvation, suicide because of financial ruin, or the myriad of diseases that WILL develop as a result of the injected poison. If there was a movie made about this (now) reality that we live in, I’d think the writer was a sick nut job. And yet, as it turns out it would be a non-fiction story……

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Well the problem is liberals can't critically think. They regurgitate whatever Hollywood and msm tells them. If you were severely at risk of covid, I wouldn't blame you for getting the jab, but if you're healthy and under 50, I question your sanity..... If you're under 35, I don't question it, I already know you're bat shit crazy. Someone copy and pasted something about people not caring what they eat regarding fast food likening it to the jab. I told them nobody is forcing you to eat McDonald's to get into a place of business or to maintain employment. Nobody going crazy on you calling you a fucking super spreader killer for not eating onion rings from burger King.

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im a physician, my wife received the pfizer vaccine in later March 2021, and April 2021 was her second vaccine for covid 19. she had a very unusual reaction to the second vaccine with almost a week of fever, chills, lethargy and malaise. Thereafter wasnt quite herself, In early June 2021 she had increasing weakness and shortness of breath that culminated in severe shortness of breath and insisted she felt like she was going to die. In the hospital she was found to have Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, with dramatic drop in cardiac function compared with baseline only a few months before. She had heart failure, and prolonged QT interval both new findings

Cardiac cath was negative for coronary artery disease. She was given the boot from the hospital after only a few days and was told that with beta blockers she would get better

5 days later she had a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by me and awoke spontaneously

As a result AICD was placed which prevented any further arryhthmic episodes but

then subsuquently had multiple episodes of heart failure with presevered ejection fraction

All physicians that we interacted with refused to entertain the possibility of vaccine related cardiomyopathy, but I know thats what it is

with the release of the dramatic DOD data, I know all these side effects can be explained by the vaccine.

Months after the onset of the heart failure she sustained a stroke with loss of vision

I know this also must be related to her vaccine.

Tell everyone , no further vaccines if they want to stay healthy

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$64 Dollar Question. How many of the Elite are actually fully vaccinated and boosted?

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And at #7: Why is a vax needed if the disease it is supposed to prevent has a 99.x% survival rate?

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Lets just be honest here, none of these questions will be answered until the republicans can take back control of the house &/or senate. It would be political suicide to discuss any of this now, and the longer the democrats can delay this, the better it is for them. I'm not trying to make this about politics, but this is just the reality we live in. Congressional hearings, and testimony under oath are likely to be the only way out of this, and even then, pharma is so connected to the lobbying industry, that we are likely screwed regardless.

The only way these get answered is when it hits home for the average American. A lot of people will have to lose a loved one unexpectedly, or really, really early. We are already seeing the statistics shift in the insurance data. After the grief subsides, they will have to question how it happened, and if it could have been the vaccines. It will take years.

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I just finished listening to Joe Rogan's podcasts with Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Peter McCullough & I am so relieved that I decided not to get the vaccine. As a Baby Boomer, I trusted the government, but find myself questioning the role the federal government has played in crushing all other Covid treatments. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I can't help but think that there has been collusion with Big Pharma to push mRNA vaccines at all costs. Is it possible that there are thousands of people who would be alive today if they had been treated with hydroxychloriquine or ivermectin?

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Now the stock market is starting to reflect what is happening. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/long-funeral-homes-short-life-insurers-ex-blackrock-fund-manager-discovers-some-disturbing

And this is in the comments: from DOD

Spontaneous Abortions up 306%

Acute Myocarditis up 285%

Pulmonary Embolism up 467%

HIV cases up 590%

Chest pain reports up 1529%

>Longitudinal data from DMED on US active duty service members from the year 2021 show a marked rise (often 300-500%) in many categories of disease and injury rate when compared to the previous 5 year average.

>DMED, the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, tracks epidemiological data among active duty DoD personnel, including disease and injury rate. Only medical providers can submit records to the database.

>Active duty DoD personnel are on average younger and in better physical health than the rest of the population.

Video showing the DMED past the login wall by the military whistleblower group Terminal CWO:


Screenshots in PDF format:


Senator Ron Johnson's highlight reel of his 5+ hour COVID-19 panel discussion:


Attorney Thomas Renz listing some of the observations in a panel discussion held by Senator Ron Johnson @ 4:52:50


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The vaccines have failed. Those vaccinated are more susceptible in getting the Omicron. Why are Dr McCullough & Dr Malone still advocating for Seniors to get the jab? We know if they did get any protection its gone away. They are now more vulnerable than ever to Omicron and any other type of infection because of decreased immunity and the comorbities they already have. What am I missing? Seems like a huge disconnect

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If one more person tells me the vaccines are FDA approved I’m going to scream!!!! Even my family doctor stated this as fact. He even went on the FDA website while I was there and read out the headline. When I pointed out that if he read further down he would read that Cormodity (or however you spell it) was FDA approved but it’s still unavailable!!! He was shocked speechless!

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One area you should look into is the financial performance of funeral homes and life insurance companies in 2020 and 2021. A few key observations:

Mortality worsened in 2021 vs. 2020 despite widespread vaccinations

A spike in Mortality among younger, working-age individuals coincided with vaccine mandates

The spike in younger deaths peaked in Q3 2021 when Covid deaths were extremely low (but rising into the end of September)

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I find myself not trusting our medical doctors. Why are they blindly leading so many to be vaccinated?

What are the hospital incentives from the government and the pharmaceutical companies?

Also, does each hospital have this ‘rating’ system for medicating Covid patients? I have a friend in the hospital and he’s been horribly treated because he is not vaxxed.

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For me, the first questions are how many people died after vaccination & to what extent are the Bradford Hill criteria for causality met?

My reading is, in the USA, approximately 400,000 & “all eleven of them”.

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They are trying to kill us all. Good luck everyone.

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I recently had a routine follow up appointment with my primary care physician. She asked if I had been given the COVID jab. I replied “No. I believe in my innate immune system and have no intention of ever taking it.” I asked her if she had received it. She said yes and that she had also received the booster. I asked her why would she put a substance into her body that came without a package insert? She went on to explain she was working in a hospital COVID ward during 2020 so she took the first 2 jabs. I told her I can kind of, sort of, not really understand this….but I really don’t understand why she took the booster. Her response was the first two didn’t hurt me so I took the booster. I then asked her if she had seen the whistle blower data dump from the DMAS system and there has been a 1000% increase in neurological damages from the vaccinations. Her response, no. “ Would you like me to show you the data?” She said “no.” I told her I’d pray for her.

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The popularity of the mRNA jabs will turn quickly. The second gen of vaccines will be hitting the market soon. NVAX already approved and ordered in Israel, Australia, UK and other Vax Crazy places. Slowly but surely the no-working mRNA's will be replaced. But hey - it was good ride!

Then we will get the injury lawyers - they will file suits against all these private companies that forced people to be jabbed.

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They're all still way too busy promoting that the "vaccines work" to do any of that....even in Israel. We are still nowhere near allowable mainstream examinations of these things.

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Last night I decided to switch off from this and read something else. I thought I will listen to an episode of joe rogan, but nothing to do with covid.

I came across his podcast with an author named Annie Jacobsen and her investigations into operation Paperclip. Really interesting how the US military sneaked out 1400 nazi scientists after the war. Two peoples names she spoke about caught my attention Kurt Blome and Walter Schrieber.

Blome was involved in vaccines. This then led on to how ARPA was formed, then DARPA by the US. I then remembered reading about DARPA in another article. I remembered reading that Rick Bright was involved in DARPA before moving to BARDA in an article re molnupiravir and it’s mutagenic effects. How have I ended up back at covid. So I googled BARDA, DARPA and covid. Straight to an article stating DARPA and BARDA help Astra Zeneca develop vaccine. How deep is this rabbit hole?

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The world will belong to the non-vaxxed.

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Only a billion people could use some answers to these questions. Remember this is only Year One of what will be called the Great ChiCom Virus Medical Debacle. Dr. Zelenko was right all along about using effective early treatments based on HCQ & Ivermectin.

By the way Alex, I just got banned by whoever is putting up your subscriber info in Telegram. Yes, I made several remarks and yes in response to one person who called the "vax" effective, I said they don't know anything and followed with four sheep emoji. Baaaaa 🐑 🐑🐑🐑

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China along with maybe a few in the NIH and their crazy Frankenstein partners know exactly what is in the Wuhan Virus and what is in the shots as they were clearly made together. I opted out on the second half of their experiment and chose to take my chances with the virus. All I know is I got the virus (likely Delta) 6 months ago and I still cannot taste or smell and my hair is falling out. What in the world kind of sicko experiment is this? And there stands Xi presiding over the world-wide Olympics (which I refuse to watch). You truly can't make this Sh#@ up.

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The lack of interest among researchers (especially those funded by You Know Who) about vaccine injury is both unpleasant, and predictable.

I also can't help but notice that Early Treatments have been treated exactly the same way. "There are no early treatments for COVID19." Because they'd cause "vaccine hesitancy."

I mean - we can't even talk about vitamin D!

Here is yet another vitamiin D study out of Israel - which dropped two days ago. If you have vit D levels < 20 ng/ml, you are at 14 times the risk of severe disease vs people with > 40 ng/ml.


Wouldn't it be interesting if low vitamin D was associated with some aspects of vaccine injury?

Why can Israel do these studies, but the US cannot?

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Wait! What?@! The Chinese are not using mRNA vaccines??

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I avoided the jabs, yet I am still alive!!

A medical miracle perhaps??!

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I was listening to a video of a CDC lecture on bioethics and Covid. The damned professor didn’t mention the Nuremberg Code, or the BELMONT Report ONCE. She just rambled on and on about equitable distribution and the greater good. NOTHING about informed consent. It was hideous. Who was this professor? Fauci’s wife.! You seriously can’t make this shite up.

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Answers to your questions Alex

Are at


He is also on Twitter at @Parsifaler

Basically Bottom line is this

These are DEADLY (EVIL) Completely Rushed Dangerous Horrible Products that....lead to

1) Spike protein caused thrombosis, stroke, heart attack,etc..

2) Spike Antibodies Homolgous to Immune Antibodies Create Dealyed/Future Cytokine Storm

3) mRNA w/Spike Form Prions cause Neurodegenerative Disease

4) Spike Inhibits LKB1 Causing Tumor Genesis

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If the Rona gonna Rona then why are the Canadian truckers not clogging the hospitals?

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They are killing children, soon infants and newborns: The Real Face Of Evil: 17-Year-Old Sean Hartman Was Killed By The Pfizer Jab. Twitter Removed His Dad's Account For Speaking The Truth


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#3 is easy to answer. Hospitals were incentivized to designate as many deaths to Covid as they could. Unvaccinated death numbers are highly inflated.

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I would add “Do the vaccines cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)?”

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7. Will ADE occur in when the boosters wane?


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China - "here's the gene sequence to use as a basis for your vaxxes." Also China - "No way we're using those here." Probably China - "Be sure to vax your military suckers!"

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