Six critical questions about the Covid vaccines scientists need to answer ASAP

In a rational world the scientific and medical establishment would be long past any pro-mRNA propaganda. The jabs have failed. They were a (semi-)noble experiment, but they’ve failed. The proof fills hospitals and morgues from Tel Aviv to Edinburgh.

Instead researchers would be trying desperately to answer the questions about what may happen next:

  1. Will original antigenic sin run deeper with vaccine-generated immunity than natural immunity? In other words, do shots that produce supra-natural levels of antibodies to the original - and now defunct - spike protein lead to deeper imprinting than the natural immune response to the entire virion? If so, what may the long-term impact of that “aggravated” imprinting be?

  2. What, if anything, may the near-complete failure of the vaccines to lead to the production of CD8+ T-cells mean for the development of long-term immunity to Sars-Cov-2 post-breakthrough infection?

  3. Why did non-Covid deaths increase so much last fall in Europe and the United States - with the excess particularly visible in people under 50 at low risk from Covid? Why have they since retreated? Why did cardiovascular deaths in particular spike so much?

  4. Has the incidence of myeloid or lymphatic cancers increased in the last year? How frequently are cases like this one in Belgium occurring? Do the cases of severe lymphadenopathy that sometimes follow the shots carry any long-term risk, or do they resolve without incident?

    SOURCE: Frontiers in Medicine: Pathology

  5. What about the incidence of auto-immune disorders? Is there any evidence of long-term immune system dysfunction following jabs?

    SOURCE: New-onset autoimmune phenomena post-COVID-19 vaccination

  6. What, if any, protection against severe infection and death from Covid did and do mRNA vaccines actually offer AFTER factoring out deaths in the rump of elderly people too sick to be vaccinated? How does that protection decline over time? How did Omicron change it?

ADDED BONUS QUESTION for the CIA: why has China completely avoided using mRNA vaccines?

A billion people need the answers to the questions.

Which is exactly why no one in power appears to be in any hurry to ask them.