Please help build a war chest for Berenson v. Twitter

Since last August, many of you have told me you wanted to support my fight against Twitter.

I haven’t asked you to make good on those promises. Not yet.

Now I am.

With Judge William Alsup denying Twitter’s motion to dismiss in Berenson v. Twitter, we need to build a war chest.

And the first fight is among the most important of all.

In a matter of weeks, Twitter is supposed to hand over ALL the documents it has about me - including its communications with the federal government. I fully expect the little bird to demand a protective order that will hide those emails and texts and Slack chats and everything else from public view.

My lawyers and I believe you have the right to find out what I learn, and we will argue against a protective order if Twitter asks for one.

Twitter has one of the most expensive law firms in the United States on its side. Me? So far, nearly all the work has been done by one North Carolina lawyer, James Lawrence, with me as the world’s mouthiest paralegal.

James has done incredible work, and at a reasonable cost, but there’s no way around the fact that this fight is about to get expensive - for the best possible reason, BECAUSE WE ARE MOVING FORWARD!

I am trying to raise $200,000. (Twitter’s budget will likely be in the millions of dollars if the case gets close to trial.) That will take us a long way - and just as important, it will show Twitter that although it can outspend me, it cannot intimidate me.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe page here. If you are considering a large donation and would like to send it to me or James directly, please email me at alexberensonauthor at to discuss details. But any donation, large or small, is welcome - I want Twitter to know I have an army on my side that wants the truth.

Thank you for standing with me!


EDIT: For those of you who are not comfortable with GoFundMe, email me and I will tell you my Venmo account, if you would prefer. I didn’t realize this would be such an issue!