Pfizer is now officially asking to vaccinate kids 5-11

Based on a clinical trial that SHOWED PRECISELY NO EVIDENCE of actual health benefit for the children who received it.

In other words, what Pfizer demonstrated in its 2,300-patient child trial is that its mRNA doses can make your kids make spike proteins (and have side effects).

Per Pfizer’s September 20 press release announcing the trial’s results, the trial didn’t show the vaccine reduced hospitalizations (which are basically non-existent in healthy children) or even mild cases.

See where the release says the vaccine did anything to help kids stay healthier?

No? That’s because it doesn’t.

But it did reveal “side effects generally comparable to those observed in participants 16 to 25 years of age” - in other words, (sometimes severe) headaches, fatigue, and fever. Clinically significant myocarditis? Who knows? With barely 1,000 boys receiving the vaccine, even fairly common side effects could go unnoticed.


Still, as it warned/promised, Pfizer has now formally asked the Food & Drug Administration to approve (I mean authorize, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole) its Covid shots for the little ones.

The Pfizer announcement led to some very special bluecheck genius from Matthew “Matty” Yglesias, proud owner of 500,000 Twitter followers and a Substack almost as big as this one.

The conversation went like this: Maya Sen - a Harvard professor (I won’t judge if you don’t) pointed out the lack of clinical benefit in two words:

Which led Matty to Mattysplain:

Matty - Matthew - Mr. Yglesias, sir -

You’re not saying what you think you’re saying.

But yeah, let’s give healthy kids a vaccine proven to work for months - months, I tell ya! - for a disease that poses basically no risk to them.

Two of our three kids are in this age range. They will be getting mRNA shots when Florida freezes over.