The biggest sex trafficking hub is also our open border… and there is story after story of the government actually facilitating the placement of sex trafficked minors with their traffickers!

Planned Parenthood is also a good ally to sex traffickers, never asking questions about the older men bringing in young girls for abortions…

At what point does this stop being a coincidence and we have to acknowledge that an entire political party (and half the other) is frankly just pro sex trafficking?

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This is so despicable. Instagram targets kids all the time. From anorexia tips to violent screenshots for young men. They need some hard lessons to stop this shit. Parents everywhere are fed up! And so is this grandma.

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“the infamous Section 230, gives social media companies essentially complete liability for user-generated content” assume this meant to say complete immunity!

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My friends who vote for the porn party barely know what's going on. And when I tell them, it doesn't change their mind at all. They see it as a problem totally separate from their lives and their actions. It boggles the mind. I sometimes wonder if they blame me for the gruesomeness out there just because I bring it to light.

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Our government is filled with perverts

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Isn't Instagram where lonely, confused kids are coached about transgenderism? Or is that TikTok?

The whole thing is a cesspool.

BUT...say something "hateful" or "hurtful" --like Bruce Jenner, Will Thomas, and Admiral Levine are MEN, and all hell breaks loose.

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Jun 7, 2023·edited Jun 7, 2023

at this point the onus is on them to prove that they do not belong to a pedophile cabal

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So Cheese Pizza….about the pizza “conspiracy theory” again. Hmmmmm.

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Today on Twitter I retweeted Alex's posts about Instagram helping pedophiles to connect to each other, I also tweeted about Twitter's pedo porn problem with a link to the @harydyanto58 video with what looks like a prepubescent boy and girl in a porn scene.

Within hours my account @Janiesaysyay was permanently suspended, with no warning or reason given.

I think it might be because I also tweeted about the fact that right before Ella G Irwin quit/was fired from Twitter she locked the account of Dr Anastasia Loupis, who has almost half a million followers. Dr Loupis tweets about the trans agenda and child groomers. She was locked with no warning after tweets showing a naked man in bondage being petted by a young girl at a Drag event. After she was finally reinstated, Dr Loupis got a dismissive response from Ella saying "Your account wasn't "destroyed" you posted graphic content." I replied to Ella Irwin showing lots of what looked like Twitter's underaged porn. And of the fake fetish accounts made in Dr. Loupis' name which come up on a Twitter search, instead of her verified account. I said I wouldn't be surprised if Ella went to work for Instagram.

My retweets of Alex's tweets on this issue today included references to this by Ella with #FedTwitter tag. I also replied to Alex "We can only conclude from the fact that Instagram won't stop the pedo links, that Mark Zuckerberg and Nick are pedophiles."

I guess I hit a nerve.

The FBI can't take down Alex without people noticing, but they can take down small accounts like mine (6100 followers) who amplify him. I'm convinced Linda Yaccarino was brought in to reinstate the old content moderation to lure subscribers back. She said she would be hiring old employees, so I think she's started hiring back FBI employees. Imo this means they are monitoring Alex's account again, and who is amplifying him. As I told him 2 years ago, before he was suspended, the only time my account was locked out on Twitter was after engagement with his account. Even if I'd tweeted the same tweets on my own account, the lockouts only happened after engagement with his account.

It's chilling.

Be careful what you reply or retweet on this issue. -JanieM

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This isn't a "bug". It's a feature. Just imagine the information that they are gathering. Valuable to governments and many other enterprises.

Like an electronic version of Epstein.

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The world has gone to hell. Time to sell everything and move onto a big piece of land far away from people...

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Boycott. Everyone with an account on these platforms is responsible for enriching and empowering these disgusting idiots.

If you don’t delete these apps, knowing what you know about how they foster pedo’s, harm our youth, and waste your valuable time… You have an addiction.

Straight up.

I don’t care if “this is how I message my mom!?” Or “this is how I stay in touch with my old friends”. You have alternatives that you’re choosing not to use. Because your an addict. And the cost to society for each and everyone of us collectively enriching these Fucking insane criminals is massive.

Grow up. Delete the fucking apps. Drive them to zero. Do your part. Or accept that youre addiction is the reason for the harms these shitty platforms cause. Period.

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Why aren't congress members from BOTH parties raising a big fuss about this? They all have children and grandchildren! I get it, images of child sex abuse make tons of money for Instagram and Meta, but let's get some broad public outrage going here!!

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What if this is just the tip of the iceberg…. Facebook, twitter before Musk. Think Jeffrey Epstein and all his connections. All the high profile people who were ok hanging with Jeff E knowing he was a convicted Pedo… think Bill Gates. This rabbit hole runs dark and deep.

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Jun 8, 2023·edited Jun 8, 2023

Meta's excuses are pathetic (edited here for spelling).

We have Gov Newsom here in Cali wanting to go after DeSantis for trafficking humans for media stunts of moving illegal aliens from Texas to a Sacramento charity yet Meta's programming is actively pointing out pedophilia content to pedophiles and Newsom does nothing.

Sure seems like the Dems are pedos.

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PizzaGate was just a right wing conspiracy theory.

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