Next level stupidity from MSNBC...

In a piece headlined “Youngkin’s victory in Virginia doesn’t doom midterm Democrats.”

You can’t make this up.

No backlash for vaccine and mask mandates? Here’s the reality.

Win or lose (and we still don’t know, though Murphy is now ahead), Phil Murphy, the incumbent governor of New Jersey, ran even further behind Joe Biden than Terry McAuliffe did in Virginia. And Murphy was running against a guy who was pleasant enough but basically a nobody in a race no one even noticed. And there was no sex assault in a girls school bathroom to piss parents off.

As someone said last night, people in New Jersey just walked into the booths and pulled the lever (I know, no one pulls the lever anymore) for the guy with the R next to his name.

New Jersey should scare the Dems even more than Virginia. I hope we will see a VERY fast change in the Biden administration's attitude toward vaccine mandates and vaccines for kids.

Probably not, though. The White House has demonstrated with Afghanistan and with Covid all year that it is too dumb to face facts or course correct. In the short run the “progressives” will scream that they need more - they always need more, don’t they? - to energize the base.

The fact that the guy who is nominally in charge cannot be trusted to find his way across the White House lawn probably doesn't help. When the person who is supposed to have the final say needs a Teleprompter to speak, the infighting a level down gets extremely intense.

And this is with the economy still solid. If inflation picks up further and forces the Fed despite its wishes to raise rates to tank the economy and stocks, the White House will be in even deep trouble.

Which is to say, not much may change until November 2022. But the less that changes before then, the more will change then.

(BTW- probably the last email for a bit - I don’t want to flood your inboxes…)