mRNA jab samizdat among physicians

This is more a request for information than a story.

Lately I have received several emails like this:

I am a retired anesthesiologist in XXX.  Recently I had a pizza party with other doctors who are retired, or about to retire.  An oncologist among us told the story of a multiple myeloma patient in his practice who after the vaccine appeared to convert to acute leukemia.  He had never seen this before.  He contacted an oncologist at XXX, a major referral hospital here in XXX, to ask what he thought of this.  The XXX doc said he too had never seen this before, and in his practice had three multiple myeloma patients who also converted similarly.  Thought this might be a useful avenue for you to pursue…

And this:

We have a friend-of-a-friend back home (in XXX) that is a cardiologist… [she] isn’t recommending any shots, which is a dramatic about-face from where she had been. She actually was canceling playdates for her young children in March 2021 if the friends’ parents weren’t vaccinated (this was the impetus for us knowing any of this, because our mutual friend was not, and had no intention of getting, vaccinated).

This was a heartache for me, so I followed up several weeks later to ask about how that schism was affecting her daughter, the shunned playmate. Well, it was all resolved. The cardiologist mother had seen the new patients she was getting after the shots and was no longer pushing them for anyone. I don’t know if she’s gone so far as to discourage patients (as opposed to close personal contacts) from getting them, but she’s not pushing them.

And this:

On two recent trips to the pediatrician’s office in XXX… I found it interesting that the pediatrician didn’t even mention Covid or the vaccine. My daughter is headed off to college in August.

Obviously, this change - to the extent it is happening - has not reached the medical specialty boards, much less the American Medical Association, which continues to push mRNA shots. But I wonder how many physicians are now no longer encouraging - or even actively discouraging - patients from getting booster shots. Taking a public anti-vaccine stance is risky for physicians. Even filing a VAERS (vaccine adverse events report) submission comes with headaches.

If you are a patient who has seen your doctor’s attitude change, or a nurse who has noticed that your hospital is no longer pressing shots, or most of all a physician who has decided that the Covid vaccines may not be appropriate for your patients, please email me at alexberensonauthor at (or if you are concerned about confidentiality).