Mark Pomerantz (the lawyer who led the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation into Donald Trump before resigning) tells on himself

The New York Times just published Pomerantz’s resignation letter (gee, I wonder who gave it to them?).

Pomerantz - a former federal prosecutor who should know much better - apparently meant it as thundering condemnation of Trump. Instead it practically guarantees he will never be indicted.


The letter reeks of political bias. Pomerantz complains that Trump has lied to “the national media… and the American people.”

The only correct response is, how are your views of the defendant’s press conferences relevant into an investigation into his bank statements?

Whether Donald Trump lied to his wife, or his doorman, or Mike Wallace makes no difference to this case. It doesn’t matter if he was the best president, or the worst, if his hair is real or if he cheats at golf. This is a criminal case, not an indictment of his character.


Kudos to Alvin Bragg, the new Manhattan district attorney, for understanding that reality. Too bad the guy leading the investigation didn’t.

But Pomerantz will be able to dine out on his righteous fury for the rest of his life. And that’s what really counts!