If doctors know about extensive vaccine injuries but aren't telling people about them, we have an ethics crisis that will be profoundly destructive of the trust people have in the medical profession. Cowardice costs.

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Alex is too thorough and fact based to ever be allowed back on Twitter.

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Thank you Alex berenson for being a true crusader for truth. You do your profession proud at a time when it is rotting from the inside out and remind us of what a noble pression it is when done.with integrity.

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I had a strange feeling this was going to happen. Background: F/55/excellent health, workout everyday which I now feel has worse effect for vax recipients- I had the JNJ and immediately felt like my heart was going to explode and a vice was crushing my head upon administration. Scared the crap out of me. Thankfully it subsided within a few minutes but it made me get an EKG and complete blood work up after. I thought it was just my own body’s response but nonetheless that’s all I needed to steer clear from any further vax. My doc dismissed my reaction to anxiety. I know my own body- this did not feel normal. Never had this kind of reaction from vax. After that I started perusing adverse reactions and needless to say, I feel like I dodged a huge bullet bc I’m still here.. and now I’m completely afraid of vaccines.

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We can only hope the the SCOTUS figures this out and rules against vax mandates. The notion that they might rule otherwise is terrifying.

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My wife is one of them. Most doctors never file VAERS reports!

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This is an important story. I am honored to be sponsoring this important journalism.

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Nice work on explaining the codes! This from a medical coder!! You would think that this information could be pulled from the claims data that has been submitted if it was documented correctly

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This idea that we should dismiss VAERS because "anybody" can submit a report is absurd. Anybody can file a rape complaint with the police. Does that mean all rape reports are wrong?

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 12, 2022

There has been an ethics crisis around reporting vaccine injuries for decades. Pediatricians refuse to recognize or report obvious injuries to their patients and often participate in the gaslighting of parents who attempt to report on their own. Countless parents have watched their child suffer irreparable harm after the administration of a vaccine (or multiple vaccines at once as was the case with one of my four children). Any vaccine hesitancy that is out there today can be credited in part to the absolute refusal of the medical community to acknowledge that vaccines can and do cause real harm to real people.

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In Scotland I have heard about 10 patients in the last month saying "I was fine until that shot", "I think it was the vaxine, son"

Not that I spend alot of time with patients either. In the last 14 years working at a hospital I never once heard a patient blame some problem or injury on a vax. Sure most are given in childhood but plenty people take the flu shot every year. I never heard anyone talk about that - though I'm sure people had reaction to those it was probably rare enough that nobody put two and two together "I got x problem after the shot but everyone else was fine? Maybe it is a coincidence"

But when everyone knows 1 person who got clots after a dose, or heart attack... it is harder to miss.

Just as an aside I know a women who's husband had TWO heart attacks last year. Never had one before. Had one around June the other around November.

Within a month both times for when shot 2 and the booster was given out.

Another healthy 38 year old had Myocarditis a week after. He almost died. The doc even said to him "what happened to you is like all those footballer eh?"

I was banging my head on the table at that! Yes it really is like all those footballers in form of injury and in likely cause!

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The minimising of adverse effects went on even in the original clinical trials. Brianne Dressen, whose life changing neurological adverse effect was censored from the AZ trial, and Stephanie de Garay, whose daughter Maddie was paralysed on the Pfizer trial, said you could only report adverse effects by choosing from a pre-specificed list of minor ones.

The claim that reports to VAERS are frivolous goes against basic common sense. Listen to Stephanie describe how difficult it is to submit a VAERS report. No doubt at all there's very significant underreporting:


Below are videos of three nurses giving evidence against mandates at a Health and Welfare hearing of the Louisiana House of Reps. They report the “terrifying” vaccine injuries they’re dealing with. One is an RN of 17 years who has worked on all floors of the hospital; two are ICU nurses - general and cardiac. The three nurses all say the vaccine-induced adverse events are not being reported to VAERS.

RN Collette Martin says: Which side of history will you be on? I need to know this madness will stop"



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Big Incentive$ to record cases and attribute positive tests to deaths. No incentives to tell the truth about jabs. Curious that.

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The medical system has been sorely compromised. With so many hospital administrators, financial engineers, staff attorneys, and others limiting what front line doctors can - and, more importantly CANNOT say - and saying the latter threatens to have your job canceled for disobedience, how will ANYONE trust a hospital-owned medical practice again? The sordid truth is that you cannot anything they say. It carries with it the suspicion of this: Is this really the best option? or the best option permitted to the doctor, that fits with the diktats of their superiors above? Caveat emptor.

Find a doctor, if you can, whose practice isn't owned by a hospital system. For now, and until further notice, that's your best opportunity to get an honest answer,

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Very succinct primer in medical coding. Well done!

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Thank you Alex for your indefatigable integrity in keeping us abreast of this important information.

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If only there were some alternative treatments to prevent infection and provide treatment for Covid. Oh wait.

Save your own lives people, there’s no one in the administration that’s looking to do so. Whether you’ve been jabbed once, twice or three times, time to stop. FLCCC.NET if you’re looking for guidance, or at least the truth.

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My wife who has had 3 jabs total, is starting to wake up…after having issues with her cycle…I sent her a few videos about it and thank god we are both in the same boat about getting up our daughters vaxed.! Be well all

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Now this is real journalism, great stuff

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From the doctors I've seen in my life I'm not impressed whatsoever. To me it was always about money. I'd travel an hour each way to see a kidney doctor who would end up telling me shit he could have just said in a message. Reading a BMP isn't rocket science, anyone with the least common sense can do it. I don't think many good doctors exist anymore, they are all long dead. Think about a doctor from 100 years ago, they would be shocked at the rampant morbid obesity in society and how an entire political group has basically said health issues have nothing to do with weight and people take that as gospel. We're truly living in the end times folks

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022

It is a good summary of coding. Vax injuries’ proofs will be hard to pull off — it always has been for previous traditional vaccines. Good for people to take in the idea that the CDC and Dr F are not more trustworthy on those oldline vax injuries. In fact, the science on vulnerable sub population genetic profiles has gotten better and urgently needs funding. All those parents who were abused and suppressed when they saw their kids disappear as their former selves — were not wrong. And the adjuvants in traditional vaccines are destructive for many kids. Robert Kennedy has been speaking truth from the wilderness for a long time — against the same villains and doctors who will actually give shots to a third sibling after the first two sibs showed serious damage. The all cause mortality is the best statistical evidence out of the stony insurance guys. Here is Dr Bhakdi with the other irrefutable evidence path — autopsy with full histology to show deadly autoimmune war in the body. Autoimmune immune diseases are subtle in lots of conditions where patients get blamed and dismissed. Here Bhakdi makes it clear how important the histology was - https://gloria.tv/post/12gmSW9Maha22AfLz28yxwnc6

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I stopped by here to do some research. I've been told I shouldn't so I'm being kind of naughty. Good tweet.

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A family member lies in hospital, with a vent and on dialysis, following the booster. She is the fourth person we know either killed (2) or severely injured after the jab. We know not one person who has died from the virus. Something wicked this way comes.

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ive heard lots of reports from relatives of victims that doctors are almost always unwilling to point the finger at the vaccine unless its ridiculously obvious so how many go unreported?

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Even M.D.'s who were vaxxed are reporting issues, here's one case:

"Within a few hours of receiving his second COVID-19 vaccine dose in February, Gregory A. Poland, MD, a vaccinologist and director of the vaccine research group at the Mayo Clinic, knew something was not right.

Within about 90 minutes after receiving his second dose of an mRNA vaccine, he experienced the sudden and severe onset of tinnitus. He soon discovered that he had tinnitus, becoming one of at least 2,250 people who reported developing the condition following COVID-19 vaccination.. ... " Published: June 03, 2021

Read the rest at: https://www.healio.com/news/primary-care/20210603/qa-link-between-covid19-vaccination-tinnitus-worth-looking-into

Then you have this recent study:

"Risk of Myopericarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in a Large Integrated Health System: A Comparison of Completeness and Timeliness of Two Methods"

"The true incidence of myopericarditis is markedly higher than the incidence reported to US advisory committees."


Posted December 27, 2021

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Just curious, how many serious illnesses and deaths that can be legitimately attributed to these ineffective injections are we to tolerate and excuse, before responsible accountable people rise up and find effective ways to shut down this veiled efforts at genocide?!?!

My bet? There is no ceiling to make people scream at 100 decibels “F you, we are done with this assault on us, you leftist MF’ers!”…

Bring on the dam Chinese and Russians already, at least they’ll kill off the scum in DC up front…

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Great article - strange (perhaps not so strange) that the medical overlords make it so godamn difficult to report these injuries. Clearly they abide by their medical ethics code Rule #1 - "Nothing to see here, now clear off you lot before I call the authorities (or is it authoritans?)".

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I'm so glad people are supplying you with information behind the scenes. I worked in healthcare and you are right about coding. The medical coders that work in hospitals and other healthcare settings know which codes, in what order, will maximize reimbursement. We are all hearing that doctors are extremely reluctant to say something is a vaccine injury to the patient. I wonder if doctors sometimes put it in the chart without discussing it with the patient, in which case it would be coded.

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Where are the people, namely doctors, who should be speaking up and ending this?? I am floored by the cowardice and inhumanity. These are crimes against humanity. How much more can we take?

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If hospitals have databases that are showing disturbing rates of vaccine injuries, and they're hiding that data from the public, what's the argument against naming and shaming the actual hospitals? This is a life and death question. It's time for some accountability.

At the very least, get some of this specific data, with institutional details, to legislators – state and federal – and to the lawyers who are challenging the vaccine mandates. People are dying and being hurt. Time to ACT.

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Who I would never want on my case if I’d done wrong: Alex Berenson. GO ALEX!!

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Another soccer player has a heart attack while playing: https://youtu.be/ffZpFyPEADc?t=24

Malian professional footballer Othman Coulibaly who plays as a right back for Al-Wakrah in Qatar Stars League.

Did I say another? I meant another another: Oman international Mukhaled Al-Raqadi died aged 29 after collapsing during a warm-up before his side Muscat hosted Al Suwaiq in the country's top-tier Professional League. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkmOfdwxJ2I

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Thank you for this report, Alex. I'm so glad that people within these systems are reaching out to you, even if they require anonymity to do so. I think these people may be our only hope.

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Always about money. Hospitals are businesses. No such thing as "non-profit."

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My perfectly healthy, fitness buff 23 year old daughter got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because her large financial company employer required the vaccine. She was so happy and excited to move to NYC and start her career after college. She now has constant dizziness and experiences frequent shortness of breath. She tells me - l know something is wrong with me. I can feel it. Three doctors tell her it’s anxiety. She knows it’s not. :(

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Our friend died on April 6 after her Pfizer shot. Sudden cardiac death. Her Lot # was EN6201. Wednesday of last week I discovered the Web site howbad.info, and looked up her lot #. That one lot is responsible for 90 deaths and thousands of adverse events. One lot! I then cross checked that at the CDC Wondery database, which has been down now for 3 days, and that database shows 131 deaths. My assumption is the howbad.info is an old data set and the VAERS is updated weekly so more current.

We are a country that recalls entire crops of lettuce nationally if a couple people get sick from an e.Coli outbreak. The CDC must know that one lot has killed 131 people. So, down below, about Mengele...100% and possibly much worse. Something approaching pure evil is underway.

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Jan 12, 2022·edited Jan 12, 2022

We have a protected class of "doctors" called abortionists. There job is to end human life in the womb of mothers. They are the doctors of death that go unnoticed, year after year as the bodies of millions of unborn babies pile to the sky, surpassing the horrors of Nazi Concentration camps many fold. Those camps were kept in obscure locations to hide the truth from the German people. Our clinics of death are out in the open and applauded by millions of women who feel empowered by killing their unborn.

This death cult is running the U.S. government and tax payers are funding it with 2/3rd of a billion dollars each year. Can you see the relationship to the kill shot?

God Almighty has caused millions of Americans to have reprobate minds so they will give their own children death shots. Millions of those same parents have injected themselves, trusting in their govt, the same one that supports the mass murder of innocents daily. Something to think about and pray about.

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What’s worrying: in the DC area it’s clear vaxx passports are going to be necessary to live an ordinary life; they are doubling down precisely when it seems clear vaxxes haven’t helped us get through this latest. Why is this?

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Alex: I sent this letter yesterday to my Senator and House Member. Note that I added your name in the CC at the bottom. I have a copy to mail to you IF you are interested. If you want a copy, you can email me a cmonson@fastsigns.com with your mailing address. Also, if you think having your readers send similar letters to their US Senators and House Member, I am happy to get all of the assets scanned and to you.

January 10, 2022

Senator Ted Cruz Senator Ted Cruz

127A Russell 300 E 8th Street, #961

Washington, DC 20510 Austin, TX 78701

Senator John Cornyn Senator John Cornyn

517 Hart Senate Office Bldg. 221 W 6th Street, #1530

Washington, DC 20510 Austin, TX 78701

Rep. Van Taylor Rep. Van Taylor

1404 Longworth HOB 5600 Tennyson Pkwy, #275

Washington, DC 20515 Plano, TX 75024

RE: COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions/Safety, COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Censorship, COVID Early Treatment Censorship, and COVID Vaccine Mandates

Dear Senators Cornyn, Cruz and Rep. Van Taylor:

Please excuse this group letter; I am trying to be efficient with the use of my time. I am a constituent of all 3 of you, have voted for you each more than once, and am a contributor to your campaigns.

I am deeply concerned about the safety of COVID vaccines, the censorship of any reporting of COVID vaccine adverse reactions, COVID Early Treatment Censorship, and any COVID vaccine mandates.

(I am hopeful the Supreme Court decides in favor of freedom and bodily autonomy after the January 7 hearing on the OSHA COVID Vaccine Mandate and the Healthcare Worker COVID vaccine Mandate. However, that will not address the COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions/Safety, COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Censorship, nor COVID Early Treatment Censorship.)

I am not an “anti-vaxxer”. I am all about Informed Consent and, using such (including extensive reading, talking with several doctors, etc.), I have decided that the risk-benefit decision for me–as a healthy 64 year old woman with no comorbidities–is that the COVID vaccine is not for me.

Rather than me type for you the details of COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions/Safety, the censorship of any reporting of COVID vaccine adverse reactions, and COVID Early Treatment Censorship, I am attaching printouts of several articles and reports.

I also encourage you to listen to these two Joe Rogan podcasts (I have invested the time) which both offer detailed input from two respected leaders in the field of medicine, epidemiology, and vaccines; in them they detail the censorship of effective early treatment, the censorship of adverse reactions, and the safety issues with the COVID vaccine:

Joe Rogan Podcast # 1757 featuring Dr. Robert Malone

Joe Rogan Podcast # 1747 featuring Dr. Peter McColluogh

I am asking you to review the attached documents and respond back to me with your positions on COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions/Safety, COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Censorship, COVID Early Treatment Censorship, and COVID Vaccine Mandates.

I am deeply concerned that as my elected representatives, you are not taking bold action on these critical and time sensitive topics.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Catherine Monson

CC: Steve Kirsch

Dr. Peter McCulluogh

Dr. Robert Malone

Aaron Siri

Alex Berenson

Robert F Kennedy, Jr.


Jan 3 article from the Epoch Times featuring Dr. Peter McCullogh on COVID early treatment


January 3 article by Aaron Siri on the COVID vaccine injuries

Article from The Defender detailing the over 1,000,000 COVID vaccine injuries reported in

VAERS, our government;s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

December 20 article from the Daily Mail covering Twitter censoring Alex Berenson for stating

facts about COVID vaccine safety

January 3 article from Blaze Media covering the failures of the CDC/FDA COVID vaccine

narrative and why COVID vaccine mandates make no sense (besides being unconstitutional)

January 1 article from The Center Square (a local paper in Indianapolis) stating the deaths are

up 40% in the last half of 2021 according to a life insurance executive

January 3 article by Dr. Robert Malone putting the 40% increase in deaths in context of the

COVID vaccine

December 24 article by Steve Kirsch detailing data that demonstrates that COVID vaccine

damage the immune system

January 9 article by Steve Kirsch with links to many studies showing the COVID vaccines

makes things worse. To see the actual reports in the article, I am happy to print them for you

OR you can go to stevekirsch@substack.com and search for the article in the archives

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Alex, my husband is an internist whose patients are mostly elderly. He has had perhaps five patients whom he believes have had vaccine adverse events. The VAERS system is so difficult and time-consuming that he's reported only one of the patients; he has to do it after hours in his free time, and he hasn't had time to do the others yet. But what I want you to know is that he did not even know about this special vaccine injury code until I had him read your Substack article! It's likely that, as many injuries as you're seeing coded as such in the medical records, they're still massively underreported.

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And these are just the ones the doctors will actually admit are from the vaccine. Repeatedly I see people being told there's no connection

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My sister has been a nurse for over 25 years. She has worked in many hospitals and different types of nursing, and has been a case manager for many years now. I sent her Alex’ email and here was her response (she is fully vaxxed but I don’t think has yet received a booster).

"I’m glad to see it’s starting to get reported. I have found when patients tell doc they just had the vax the docs will not attribute the side effect to the vax so I’m sure the numbers are even higher. I’m actually surprised this amount of data was able to get collected.

My best friend (that works in hospice) and I have also found that the data is skewed the other way too. Many patients with covid or history of covid that die are being documented “covid death” even if the death was from infection or other. If they had covid on their chart at any time it is documented covid death. Many covid patients have no covid symptoms and it is found incidentally because we test all admissions. They are admitted for another diagnosis.

We had an elderly woman come in a couple weeks ago from her nursing home. After her vaccine she started having seizures. The docs were terrible about how they discussed it and blew it off. I was disgusted.

We did have a survey come out from Kaiser asking us if we had any symptoms or side effects and then it wanted specific side effects from the vaccine. It was pretty detailed. I was shocked they even asked us and hopefully this data is getting researched somewhere.

My co worker (male) - respiratory therapist. They are our front line workers with the covid patients - he has cardiomyopathy now after his vax. It is very sad. He is doing ok but will have ongoing issues.

Another coworker, a unit secretary, was hospitalized for 10 days after vax —-paralyzed on one side. She still has bad days and has to use a cane sometimes. She told me docs could not attribute it to the vax

I don’t know how to get the true data? I don’t know that they ever will?

Patients with history of covid that are recovered are still being counted as hospital covid patient even if they are not in isolation. They may have diagnosis of appendicitis but get counted as a hospitalized covid from what I can see - Kind of like MRSA [this code on the chart follows the patient forever and affects PPE decisions]."

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I got the Moderna jab back in April and have had intermittent, quite severe tinnitus ever since. I tried navigating the VAERS site but finally gave up in frustration due to its unnecessarily (and, I'm sure, intentionally) cumbersome nature. I wonder how many thousands of people have had the same experience.

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i was just at my daughters dentist (its kid-centric so no adult patients) and they had me fill out a 6 month update form. The very first, and very new question was: "does you daughter have a history of heart or cardiac disease?". The other questions were general (new medical issues, is your child flossing). So other types of docs are seeing similar problems but can't report them

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Great info as always. I am shocked to see our coding systems are set up in a biased fashion. Shocked I say!

You want to know something even scarier. In some EHR's - the physician does the coding right there at the bedside. Most of the time these docs have no formal education in coding. They just slam down a few codes and move on. I am sure the real number is much higher - because a number of vaccine injuries were coded as "cardiac arrest" or "fever of unknown origin".

The best way to find the number of vaccine deaths is to cross reference the CMS database with the vaccine registry. You could then find out how many seniors died within 90 days of getting the vax.

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A coincidence epidemic, no doubt.

80% of all vaccine-related deaths reported to VARES were within 48 hours of the vaccine.

It's not a coincidence.

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Alex, in a sane world you’d receive a Pulitzer for your reporting on Covid. Since we’re not, you’ll have to settle for my appreciation. Thank you for bringing the truth to light.

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The VAERS method of reporting complications, while still worrisome, makes it nearly impossible to draw helpful conclusions.

We need to know how many vaccinations were administered in 2020 and 2021. It’s safe to assume that there were many multiples more shots in 2021. Ask yourself this, how many vaccines were adults given in the last decade? I had one; a tetanus booster after a rusty nail went through my foot.

Uniform reporting in the form of xx/100,000 would allow us to make much better informed decisions. The scare tactics that the CDC uses is either the frightening and manipulative absolute big number leaving the numerator to fend for itself, or they employ a shifty form of the denominator to make us believe we’re on the precipice.

Given the ridiculously large amount of tax dollars the CDC sucks off the unsuspecting public, it seems like they could hire better liars.

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This is being totally hidden by the Globalist Marxist Jab Cult. They are never going to expose what is happening. These people are totally evil and want all the Un Jabbed to be forced Jabbed or killed. This is the truth! We are dealing with insane maniacs that control all Levers.

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This information is great. Saying it was acquired from anonymous sources gives it little clout. I, of course, think that it understates the real rate of injury but I can't sell this to nay sayers. This information needs to be sourced and documented IMO.

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