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Thought you promised to give us a break from this stuff.

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The Muslims who hate Israel hate the West. Ask the Mullahs in Iran. Don’t be fooled by the the relative calm since 9/11. If, God forbid, the Iranians and their proxies were to defeat Israel, there would be a Holocaust. However, they wouldn’t stop there. Europe and America would be their next targets. I have no doubt that the Muslim world would be more emboldened and threatened. Pray that Israel holds the line.

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Hey... while some of us highly evolved educated Western "thinkers" toy with this "Israel is in occupied territory and should give it back!" idea... just take a look at the map of the Mideast and zoom out until you can capture all the Arab/Muslim-dominated territory and then see if you can spot that geographic territory claimed as Israel.

What, are Arab/Muslims that effing land greedy? From my perspective there is minimal evidence that they utilize all but a small bit of that land for productive use.

Jews occupied much of that land historically. In fact, the Arab/Muslim flood did not happen until later and it always happened from bloody conquest.

Regardless, I think a requirement for every antisemite claiming that they are only anti-Zionist is to vacate the land they live on first... as all land has changed tribal hands... and mostly from bloody conflict.

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I am of the view that Hamas' recent action has pretty much sealed the fate of the Palestinian people in that part of the world. As usual, the people end up paying the price in the end.

Like them or hate them, the Israelis usually do what they say that they are going to do and they have been crystal clear in this case. Also note ..... history tends to repeat itself.

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One must always look beneath the surface and ask. Who is benefitting from all of this, and what is being allowed to happen as the average person is glued to this 24-7 situation in a very very tiny part of the world as a new shiny object? What is going on behind the scene and under the table. Just sayin

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What about the Madrid train bombings in 2004?

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I am curious: do liberal Jewish people hate Elon Musk more than Hamas?

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This stuff is so simple. The Koran explains it easily. You should read it, it’s only about 90 pages long.

1 - Muslims are tasked, by their god Allah, with conquering the whole non-Muslim world for him.

2 - The Israel/Palestinian conflict is very useful to the intentions of those plotting the Muslim conquest of the world, by Muslims for Allah, as Allah commands in the Koran.

3 - The never ending saga of the Israelie/Palestinian conflict is meant to misdirect the world’s attention from the true intent of Muslim activity around the world.

4 - This ‘activity’ is the inflowing of Muslims into non-Muslim nations. Surely you remember the recent mass immigration of middle eastern Muslims into Central Europe?

5 - These immigrants are meant to worm their way into non-Muslim cultures, and into their governments in particular, and to slowly change the nature of these nation to a Muslim outlook on life, in fact, change them completely into Muslim societies, Muslim run governments.

6 - The nations of Western Europe and North America, unfortunately, are populated by people of Judeo-Christian background, which makes them astoundingly big-hearted and brainless. They accept these hundreds of thousands of devious Muslim termites without a qualm. Bad, bad idea.

7 - So while the world is watching the fireworks in and around the Middle East, the evil empire of Islam is digging into their new host nations, plotting and working hard to destroy them, not with military might, but by changing public opinion in favor of Islam, and eventually changing these nations from freedom-loving nations (well, used to be anyway) to a religious dictatorship of Islam.

8 - And that’s just what the cult of murder and destruction called Islam, is all about.

9 - But don’t take my word for it, take allah’s word for it, read the vile Koran.

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Very thoughtful analysis and helpful collection of facts. I certainly appreciate your recognition regarding the unnecessary Mideast wars. I would add to your summation that all of these wars have caused far more ire from the Middle East than may otherwise have occurred.

The question of Israel's next steps is the harder one. The history is complex and beyond the scope of a comment. But I'll repeat something I heard from Tom Woods that resonates on longterm strategy. There are 9 million or so Israelis. There are..200+ million Arabs all in close proximity? We can preach and pontificate all we want about the justice of this or that act, but in the end, Israel should probably focus on improving relations with its neighbors.

They can't realistically undo the UN declarations of the past and the Muslim world has to accept the existence of the nation at least within reasonable borders (including longer standing settlements); but if I were them, I'd be working on finding a solution that is far less belligerent than Netanyahu's arrogant and audacious strategy of funding and supporting Hamas, and then using opportunities that Hamas' violence creates to turn the remaining Palestinians into refugees in other countries.

Someone in their hierarchy even had the audacity to suggest that rich Western nations should take on Palestinian refugees. I support the right of Israel's self-defense but such commentary is not going to endear them to the average American!

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"In 2015, as the Islamic State reached the peak of its power and controlled vast swaths of Syria and Iran . . ."

It was Iraq, not Iran, such as the City of Mosul, occupied by Daesh.

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"In the 22 years since Sept. 11, Western nations have faced a grand total of two major Muslim terror attacks - in London in 2005 and Paris in 2015."

Those of us in Spain would like to add a couple of items to this short list, Alex. Madrid 2004, 193 dead on commuter trains. Barcelona 2017, 13 dead and 130 wounded - but would have been much, much more if the terrorists hadn't accidentally blown themselves and their house up. (They were planning huge explosions at tourist-filled monuments, perhaps the Sagrada Familia cathedral and the Camp Nou football stadium).

The good people of Nice might like a word also ...

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What if the answer is much simpler than some complex hypothesis that a people dedicated to the eradication of an entire gene pool somehow found the violence too much. What if the answer is that these countries refuse to formally go to war with Israel because they will lose and non-state actors don’t have the means? Everything in life is opportunity and incentives. What is the incentive for war?

What if I told you no one would be fighting in Ukraine and Russia is they weren’t forced too?

The thing we always forget is people will do anything to defend their home, but VERY few people will leave their home, without being physically, metaphorically and financially forced to do so to fight someone else’s war.

And no matter how Muslims feel the data says they view freeing Palestine as the Palestinians problem.

Isn’t that a much simpler, and more likely, hypothesis?

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As I wrote earlier this week, the overwhelming rhetorical support for the Palestinian cause

(i.e., probably more than half is Israel and Jew hatred)

has not yet translated into action among either Muslim countries or their leaders - perhaps in part because Hamas overreached in its brutality on Oct. 7.

(perhaps in part because Israel has proven to whip the Arabs and the US is at least tacitly still behind Israel even with that tottering old fool in the White House.)

Beating back the fury of the entire Muslim world is another matter.

(and apparently beating back the repeating furry of Jew hating in advance western countries too)

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I would say Israel is winning in the Middle East and losing here

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news Alex, but 911 was an inside job. We were not attacked by Muslims that day, we were conditioned to BELIEVE that we were attacked by Islam, just as Germans were conditioned to believe the government story about who started the Reichstag fire. More bad news, analysis of all available facts and evidence shows extensive fingerprints of Israeli influence. The Muslim folk were blamed for something they didn’t do.

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Same global story Muslims dislike Christians or others for not being or not believing in Muslim tenets When migrating elsewhere tend to demand host country bend to their traditions & religion to concur with their ideas of life creating difficulties for both parties Migrants entering another country should behave as the guests they are respecting hosts and host's laws without complaint However their early brainwashing teachings are embedded in their minds unable to accept any alternative form of belief Trouble occurred in Australia when Muslim incomers verbally ridiculed Australian bikini clad beach girls as whores /sluts and a disturbance ensured from local boys resenting our freedom of choice & their lack of our laws Court cases ensued to sort out both sides and things simmered down but not entirely forgotten as shown later when ISIS made its presence here

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