Gee, I wonder what’s wrong with Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton

Claxton had Covid last spring. He’s vaccinated.

And he’s now mysteriously sick with an undisclosed illness that has caused him severe fatigue. After starting the season’s first game, he hardly played the next three, then missed the next three entirely. On Sunday, Nets coach Steve Nash said he would miss several more.

No big deal, Nash said: just an illness - not an injury, an illness - that will cost an incredibly fit 22-year-old (Claxton is 6’11, 220 pounds) several weeks of playing time.

As increasingly is the case, Nash offered no details.

You know who else may be wondering?

Kyrie Irving.

By the way, Barcelona said Monday that its fully vaccinated striker Sergio Aguero - who left a match Sunday with chest pain - will be out at least three months following a (wait for it) undisclosed “diagnostic and therapeutic” cardiac procedure. Which sure sounds like a stent for a clotted artery to me, but what do I know?