This is one of the most important articles Alex has written. The truth is non-vaxxed are being attacked under the false belief that C19 vaccines significantly curb infection. In their eyes, this is the smallpox vaccine part 2...and "smallpox" is surviving because of "unvaxxed".

We know this is not the case based on many recent studies (eg https://news.wisc.edu/study-shows-virus-abundant-in-covid-19-cases-in-wisconsin-even-among-fully-vaccinated/) that shows the same viral load in vaxed. Same viral load means same amount of shedding. We also know that C19 (unlike say smallpox) has massive animal reservoirs (recent deer study showed 40% have it - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/wild-us-deer-found-with-coronavirus-antibodies). Wait until they C19 test mice which are far dirtier and more numerous!

If the truth gets out that C19 vaccines do not stop the spread nor can it eradicate C19 like smallpox, then the vaxxed will be less fearful of the unvaxxed and less likely to irrationally attack them.

The truth is EVERYBODY will get C19 or already got it (and didn't realize this). Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc... aren't the solution. This is the most important truth that will let us get back to normal.

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Thank you Alex. Just became a paid subscriber after trying it out for free for a few weeks. The truth needs to be said so I support you. Also, I gotta say, as someone who is a scientist (forensic biologist) and spent years studying biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular/cell biology, genetics etc AND utilizes those scientific principles on a daily basis, the weirdest thing has been this psudeo-religious angle “the science” has taken. I see lawn signs saying “we believe in science”. Bitch, science is not something you “believe in”

The last 18-19 months has been frustrating because it is very apparent (to me) that there is no transparency. Professional ethics is such a major point of emphasis in my line of work, it is so infuriating when I see a CLEAR violation of professional ethics, especially in the sciences AND when people's lives are on the line. Hell, as I write this, I'm looking at my Guiding Principles of Professional Responsibility for Forensic Service Providers and Forensic Personnel document and the SECOND bullet point states "Conduct full and fair examinations. Conclusions are based on the evidence and reference material relevant to the evidence, not extraneous information, POLITICAL PRESSURE, or other outside influences."

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What is the end goal? Is this just a massive CYA operation by people whose little science experiments got out of hand, and then they dug themselves into a hole, and now they have no way of getting out? Is it sheer profit motive on the part of the drug companies? I’m trying very hard to avoid the most conspiracy-ist of the conspiracy theories, but I feel like I’m slowly going insane because I just can’t wrap my mind around it all. What is actually going on here?

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Alex, why does everyone continue to ignore the safe alternative that is highly effective in treating and preventing Covid-19, namely Ivermectin. Here are "cases" & "deaths" on August 5, 2021 for Utter Pradesh, an Indian state which is 2/3 the size of the United States vs. the United States. This data is from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE database:

Uttar Pradesh on Ivermectin: Population 240 Million [4.9% fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 26

COVID Daily Deaths: 3

The United States off Ivermectin: Population 331 Million [50.5% fully vaccinated]

COVID Daily Cases: 127,108

COVID Daily Deaths: 574

Why are we allowing people to needlessly die while our governments become increasingly more authoritarian and the pharma companies become richer? This is a crime.

When will a US State (FLORIDA - are you listening) empower their medical establishment to prescribe Ivermectin to everyone who wants it?

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Canada is around 80% fully vaccinated and should be in herd immunity by all measures. Yet the gov just yesterday mandated vaccine passes for boarding all domestic interprovincial planes and trains, to kick in at the end of October by which time 90% will likely have had 2 shots! And this after news last week that the vaxxed transmit the same as the unvaxxed. It was telling because this was announced on the same day that the Biden administration said they were considering the same measure for all interstate air and train travel. It shows these governments are getting their directions from an international non-gov organization, which seems to be driving the whole official narrative - it being "vaccines are incredibly safe and effective" no matter what news, science, study etc comes to light.

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I think this is the best phrase of your very well written piece, “it’s ok to be wrong , not to lie about being wrong “. Our government and healthcare leadership has proven to be unwilling to accept any credit for the way the public mistrust is rampant, it’s on them

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We're being led to believe the virus responses are binary - do as they say, you'll be fine; if you don't, you and granny will die. Immunity is widely variable, as evidenced by the wide range of reactions to the virus. Most are mostly unaffected. Many get mild flu symptoms. A tiny minority get very sick. Competent doctors can heal most of them, but doctors are being restrained from effective treatment. Most doctors are weak enough to ignore their oath and comply with the prescribed orthodoxies.

We should be more interested in why most don't get sick, rather than try to treat the whole population as equally vulnerable. We're not. Immune health is strong in the young, but we degrade it with a lifetime of bad decisions. Which is why this routine virus mostly attacks the old. They're not vulnerable because of age, but because they've actively damaged their immune systems. The degree of sickness from this or any other respiratory virus depends on the degree of immune dysfunction we've produced. Those dysfunctions can usually be reversed, improving our immune responses to this and other pathogens.

A competent medical industry would be actively coaching us to improve our immune health. Ours doesn't because it's not their business model -- not profitable. Those who hope to survive such a corrupt system need to learn to protect themselves.

21 Day Immunity Plan is a good primer for those who want to learn more.

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Looks like we will get that long, dark, winter these people have been pining for, thanks to the vaccine madness. This summer wave is blowing the doors off last summer. I hope the fools start setting up winter hospital space and prepare for outpatient treatments like Ivermectin now. On the bright side, the democrats will be swept from power and more than a few elderly CEOs, professors, and university presidents who champion the mandates are unlikely to see another year of vax mandated life in this world either due to ADE or to adverse events of the 3rd or 4th injections.

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The vax shills stopped bleating “#VaccinesWork” and started parroting “you don’t know how vaccines work” and “no vaccine is 100% effective”

The last one is true at least, getting no vaccine is 100% effective at preventing a completely avoidable death by vaccine

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I think this mass “vaccination” program is likely to cause a disaster. These “vaccines” should really be called “palliatives” as unlike many traditional vaccines or naturally acquired immunity they are non-sterilizing (i.e., they do not prevent people from getting or transmitting the virus, only reduce the symptoms) and as I understand it, the latest data shows that the viral load in the throats and nasal passages of vaccinated people is basically indistinguishable from unvaccinated people.

What this means is that mass vaccination will actually delay herd immunity, because these vaccines do little if anything to reduce transmission — instead, vaccinated individuals are walking around transmitting it and increasing the R0 rather than lessening it as would occur with traditional sterilizing vaccines and naturally acquired immunity. I suppose lessened symptoms in the vaccinated probably help some as asymptomatic people are less likely to spread it, and one silver lining could be if vaccinated individuals who get Covid then also develop the antibodies generated by naturally acquired immunity, but the jury appears to be out on that as there appears to be some competition between the two (not enough of a biologist to completely follow the science but this is my understanding).

The more dangerous part however, is that vaccinated individuals walking around with the virus are breeding grounds for mutant strains that will evolve to beat the current palliatives, which could be potentially disastrous depending on the nature of the mutation. I’ve seen speculation we are already seeing it with the Delta and Lambda variants, as apparently naturally acquired immunity targets a protein that is more robustly conserved across mutations than the spike protein targeted by the mRNA palliatives.

I think mass non-sterilizing vaccinations (and in particular vaccinating children) for a disease that is known to be of minimal risk to anyone under 55 without comorbidities is a foolish and potentially disastrous strategy (even leaving out any unknown long term effects of experimental vaccines). The correct strategy would have been to vaccinate the over 55/otherwise at risk crowd while everyone else goes about their business. This would (a) minimize the risk for people who are actually at meaningful risk of dying from Covid, (b) minimize spread by vaccinated individuals who are unknowing carriers, (c) minimize the risk of non-sterilizing vaccinations generating a mutant strain that doesn’t respond to the vaccines and (d) allow for the development of herd immunity, which I believe these vaccines actively work against (unless infected vaccinated individuals also develop the antibodies generated by natural immunity, but again I haven’t seen any data to indicate that, and this guy at least (Dutch PhD) says that the antibodies generated by the vaccine “outcompete” naturally occurring antibodies due to the specificity of their binding (again, not a biologist, just regurgitating the article): https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/

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Hey ALEX!! In Florida whole family got Covid this past month. My son was considerably ill, was told to keep him hydrated and "his immune system is our only hope" (that and Obi - Wan Kenobe)

Luckily, I'd heard of Ivermectin, went out and followed the FLCCC alliance protocol. As luck would have it there was a local ARNP group who was listed as a contact on the FLCCC website. My son had a somewhat normal course of Covid for a 17 year old (not all that sick) felt better then boom high fever bad coughing. The ARNP group did a televisit, said he was likely getting pneumonia. Within hours I had Doxycycline, Dexamethasone, and nebulized Budesonide. I had to drive to their office to pick up the Ivermectin. The RN's said even if they prescribed it, the pharmacies would not fill it.(HUH) The next morning he could breathe easily, fever was gone for good and was on the mend. The rest of us took Ivermectin, husband and daughter and a few bad coughing days, gave them a couple of Budesonide treatments which helped and everyone is fine now.

I really don't know why these are not being used en mass? I mean I do know, but I can't believe my fellow countrymen have stooped this low. At worse it seems to be greed, but with the entire Western world going full totalitarian, I do fear it is something more nefarious.

Please spread the word about the FLCCC alliance, if you go to the hospital in some places they literally do NOTHING FOR YOU except hook you up to oxygen. No family checking on you, no visitors it is JAIL.

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This is the reason why no one wants to get the jab. No one trusts the government -- let alone our public health figures. Even people without science backgrounds can figure out that there is no reason to give children vaccines. None. Yet Fauci and the CDC pushing experimental therapy on them. George Orwell would be proud. As a younger man I trusted our leaders - both corporate and nationally. I learned over time that most are just self serving and it is the rare leader that has courage....

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I'm glad Alex is addressing ADE. I realize it's hard to prove that people are getting sicker from the virus after being vaccinated, but it's a known risk. Here's a video of Fauci talking about it roughly 16 months ago. Skip to the 3:03 mark and he talks about the risk of enhancement (you can also search YouTube for "Fauci enhancement" if you're uncomfortable with clicking links): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrWAqpPGAxQ .

To my knowledge Fauci never discussed this again, but I wish someone would ask him a follow-up question about it.

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The covid virus being able to fully bypass vaccines (as opposed to the previous scenario of "breakthrough infection") is a development that is only 3-5 weeks old. As deaths lag infections by about three weeks, we are only starting the effect of deaths among the infected vaccinated persons.

The latest studies find the same (or slightly HIGHER) viral loads in vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.

My question is: If the vaccine does not prevent replication, how can it prevent severe illness and death? Illness and deaths are ultimately caused by the effects of viral replication, right?

Looking at some data available, we are seeing death rates among the vaccinated, that are quite comparable to death rates among the unvaccinated, if you look at the data closely.

I have a spreadsheet with data and links I have been collecting, and death rates among the vaccinated are roughly 1.3-1.5% of all infected.

The poor reporting makes it extremely difficult to figure it out, not sure why exactly there is little reporting of cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated.

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Thanks, Alex. I cannot imagine the pressure you get. Thanks for being true to truth!

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Fauci and Walensky are the keystone cops of medicine. Totally incompetent.

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