Covid vaccines have failed

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the MD with a mask in his profile picture:

And from the government of British Columbia, which says that in the last month 85 percent of Covid hospitalizations and 91 percent of deaths occurred in vaccinated people - nearly all of whom were boosted.

It’s over, friends. The mRNA shots don’t work against Omicron for more than a few weeks, and boosting doesn’t work either. Not against infection, not against transmission, and increasingly obviously not against severe disease or death.

What happens next?

The sane answer is: nothing, except a deep and rigorous scientific dive on a cellular level into why the jabs have failed, so we NEVER allow a mess like this again. Though the hard-core nutters on Team Apocalypse may well point to the failure of the vaccines as reason to go back to all the non-pharmaceutical interventions that failed before the vaccines did:

Or, maybe you’re going to get Covid sooner or later (in the unlikely event you haven’t already, or maybe even if you have), and that being in decent shape is your best defense against dying from it - or almost anything else.

Because it looks more and more like the wave is going to last forever - at least for the vaccinated.