My list of 10 items is here:


1. Repeal the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act that lets government officials and academics patent (and thus profit from) federally-funded research. So much of the corruption in our current system stems from this.

2. Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the 2005 PREP Act (and subsequent amendments). No liability protection for pharmaceutical companies.

3. Permanently end the entire notion of a “vaccine schedule”. Forcing one-size-fits-all medicine on an entire population is savage and barbaric. Anything other than personalized (“N-of-1”) medicine is malpractice.

4. Provide Constitutional protections at both the state and federal level for medical autonomy so that this never happens again.

5. Prohibit the executive branch from seizing emergency powers under the guise of public health. The Constitution does not have a pandemic exception.

6. The First Amendment must apply to social media. Ban Pharma TV ads.

7. Withdraw from the WHO, disassociate from the WEF, and dismantle the FDA, CDC, NIH, DARPA, BARDA, and ARPA-H. Make all scientific knowledge and data open source.

8. Negotiate an international treaty to ban gain-of-function research.

9. Prosecute those who participated in the iatrogenocide and covered up its harms.

10. Force Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Merck, and GSK to pay reparations to the vaccine-injured.

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Mandating any type of medical intervention to keep your job or enter school has to be considered illegal and a punishable offense. I was fired for refusing the jab in September of 2021. My religious exemption was denied, I showed proof I had Covid and recovered. I am suing my former employer and I tell my story repeatedly on this Substack and others to let everyone who will listen, know how immoral, unethical, and last but not least unconstitutional it is. We have to fight back hard on all the points Alex and others have brought forward.

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Alex, my favorite: End pharmaceutical advertising. This would include direct to consumer advertising as well as funding medical organizations and med schools in any way. Serious serious crack down on it. If the AAP ever wants us to take their advice seriously again, they’ll have to forsake that sweet sweet pharma money.

Thank you!

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Sunsetting the Patriot Act is a good start. I think there should be a Constitutional Amendment that ALL laws sunset in ten years. They can always be passed again--give the Legislature something constructive to do. No "voice vote" passage.

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Concerning "1. End requirement/recommendation for any vaccine with less than 50% efficacy."

This must be "1. End requirement/recommendation for any vaccine." because they lied about the efficacy and will do so again.

- Rich

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Not sure if this was already mentioned, but it is of utmost importance that people be prevented from calling the current experimental shots “vaccines” going forward. They vaccinate against absolutely nothing. The definition of “vaccine” should be reverted back to its pre-cov*d meaning. We call flu shots “flu shots,” and on years when I skipped my flu shot I was never called “unvaxxed.” So why in h*ll are people being labeled as “unvaxxed” for turning down these shots that are not nearly as effective (or safe) as yearly flu shots????? This has to change. I, for one, will from now on answer “Yes” when asked if I am vaccinated. It should be obvious to everyone by now that the current c*vid shots have nothing to do with vaccination status.

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I'd say "HELLNO" to 60 days for Em. Powers, in fact, I'd go as far to say NO EMERGENCY POWERS EVER!!! Bottom line, govt ain't the boss of me, and I'll advocate keeping it that way.

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You are all assuming the Covid debacle was an honest response to a real pandemic. In my humble opinion I lean towards those who believe this was part of a larger plan to damage the western countries and move forward with the WEF depopulation agenda. The evidence I see:

Death of seniors by Covid, intubation, Remdesivir, dispair, etc.

Death of those with and without health issues by Covid vaccine

Death of the poor by skyrocketing cost of living, food, heat, rent.

Legalizing of Euthanasia in the western countries.

Still births due to the Covid vaccine.

Multilation by transgender surgeries lowers birth rate.

etc, etc

Then there is the WHO proposal to be the sole world authority for pandemic response after they failed

to properly handle the last pandemic.

So many other clues exist so keep this in mind when you are looking at the Covid Pandemic. There may be a bigger plan.

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Oh! And end ALL subsidies to WHO! Today!!

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Most of these wonderful ideas require state and federal legislative action. How are we going to express the need for numerous changes to our elected "rulers" -- since they do not appear to think anything is wrong with the cockeyed systems currently in place?

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

This may already be covered in the five next steps, but we can’t allow big tech to constantly add a “check the cdc for vaccine resources, blah blah blah” when someone posts something on facebook or instagram, etc. they don’t like. They are not God and do not have all the facts. And I don’t care about their opinion.

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All trial records/results of drugs mandated paid for by the govt should be made public. We should not have to FOIA!!

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"Codify a physicians right to prescribe "off label" in a more robust fashion...(pharmacy can't refuse, government can't abrogate)": -- ADD that an insurance company cannot deny payment for any medication prescribed by a doctor.

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

Thank you for letting me share a comment. I strongly disagree with your number 1. “End requirement” with a period after it is better. If you demand 50% efficacy, they’ll come up with ways to satisfy that requirement. Then what?! Since when is it acceptable to “require” anything against one’s wishes for bodily autonomy just because it satisfies an arbitrary criterion?

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Dissolve the Union.

We don't follow the Constitution, why continue to live the charade?

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All ingredients should be easily found, evidence that those ingredients are not harmful should be provided and drugs that are not vaccines should not be called vaccines. FDA should brush up on what foods, anti-virals and supplements can keep us healthier so we are not as susceptible to viruses.

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End the Fed/fix the money. Seriously. The government's ability to create money out of thin air means endless incentives for lobbyists to get cozy with lawmakers. It was an experiment, and at 110 years in, it's clear that it's been a disaster. We've now have institutional corruption in every area that's touched by government policy (education, medicine, housing, food, agriculture, drug enforcement...).

Otherwise we're just playing whack-a-mole.

Of course no one who's benefitting from the Fed - and politicians are very high on that list - is going to vote for ending it, so what we can do as citizens is withdraw our support for the system. Use Bitcoin, trade with neighbors, get as self-reliant as possible. Stop feeding the beast.

I know that most folks will probably think this is nuts, but for those who don't and want to go deeper, check out the recent Bitcoin Standard podcast with Calley Means to learn more about pure corruption that underlies our food guidelines. You'll hear yet one more reason to hate Pfizer!

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Moderna just fast tracked a so called skin cancer vaccine. You might want to look into that BS.

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An oversized, overpowerful federal executive is ultimately behind the COVID response. Agencies have to do something to show they are necessary. The real battle is getting back to the constitution's assignment of power - the states have most of it - and drastically reducing the size of the federal government.

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Repeal the act that allows pharmaceutical companies to distribute their drugs more widely which caused the oxycodone epidemic.

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-Ending the law and any possibility of similar laws as the one in California that punishes doctors who disagree with Newsom.

-Demand data when making recommendations—if a disease doesn’t harm kids, no childhood schedule for the vaccine for it. Ban giving it to them.

-No minor can consent to a vaccine without their parent(s) or guardian’s agreement. However, minor can refuse a vaccine a parent or guardian wants them to get.

-Outlaw discrimination against the unvaccinated. Make such hate speech and discrimination an impeachable, sue-able, amd fireable offense.

-No coercion for EUA or any vaccine.

-Hold govt. authorities accountable for the misinformation they spew.

-Side effects must be disclosed for EUA as well as non-EUA.

-No EUAs on childhood schedule.

-Take away immunity for EUA vaccines.

-No to the WHO treaty.

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Alex talks alot about the mRNA but what seems to be the verdict on the Johnson and Johnson shot?

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END the MANDATES. This B.S. continues. Mainstream media still asleep on this. NYC & San Diego & Seattle ending their mandates in Feb. 2023 is progress. But CA seems to think it's special... City of L..A. Employee VAX Mandate still the LAW. City of San Francisco actually MANDATED BOOSTERS. Anyone here can contact the "Leadership" and put pressure, threaten to boycott these cities, etc. ---------------END THE FRIKKING MANDATES.--------------------

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Government collusion with media needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Can you shed light on the “pandemic treaty plans” meetings that are on going with the WHO and what it would mean for US citizens as our pandemic responses would be stripped from our elected officials. The WHO would dictate things such as mandatory/compulsory vaccination even though the Supreme Court struck it down. The Biden administration is subverting our constitution and no one is saying a word.

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In addition: Remove the revolving door between regulators and Big Pharma by limiting government employee hiring by drug companies for 5, maybe 10 years. And vice versa, as well.

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Some great Ideas, but....

Nothing will change until we stop the elections from being stolen. I have watched this going on for nearly three decades, and it certainly was happening (not to the degree it is today) before that.

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I have one demand...Military Tribunals modeled after the Nuremberg Trials that investigate everything from :

- the use of taxpayer money to create the original virus;

- the deliberate murder of elderly sent into nursing homes to infect the other residents;

- school officials that made children wear masks even after it was found that children had no risk of dying from Covid and that masks could not stop transmission;

- the content of the contracts to purchase the Covid drugs;

- bribery of public and private officials in government and the medical community so as to refuse to make known the human trial data of the Covid drugs;

- the continued use of remdesivir in hospitals long after the hospitals knew the drug was doing more harm than good for patients, often leading to their death;

- lies told by members of the government, pharmaceutical and medical communities regarding the actual safety, risks, and effectiveness of the Covid drugs;

- government collusion with social media sites to censor information that was written by legitimate medical professionals and journalists but did not agree with government narrative about either Covid or the Covid drugs;

- the Covid drug mandates, especially as imposed upon the military and health care workers;

- the refusal of the FDA and State Medical Licensure Boards to allow practicing physicians to prescribe Hydroxy-Chloroquine and Ivermectin in off-label use;

- all government data from all adverse event databases on the injuries and death that are attributable from the Covid shots, and why the government agencies that maintain that data did not make it publicly available.

And I am sure there are other topics that need to be investigated.

Anyone convicted of fraud in restricting the truth being made public about any of these topics receives a 25 year prison sentence without parole. Anyone shown to have caused the death of another person through overt or covert fraud or policies that were diametrically opposed to standard practice in the medical community prior to 2020 should be subjected to life in prison and even the death penalty by public hanging.

The only way to stop this tyranny from occurring again is to institute exhaustive criminal proceedings with the harshest of punishments.

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Not only are they not going to end vax mandates but NYS for instance is about to pass a new law (per CDC recommendation) demanding all children to receive two C19 shots per year to attend public school. They will be forced to follow this schedule for their entire Pre-K-12 lives. Imagine the vast harm these demons are about to do. Only about 5% of all US adults have poisoned they babies thus far. Hopefully this one act will decimate the public school system and create mass unemployment to the teachers unions.

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Many excellent ideas. I sincerely hope that we can accomplish most of these ideas.

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- lots and lots of jail time for the people who perpetrated this monstrous fraud on the public (after a fair trial of course)

Fair trial and expedited execution.

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Thanks for all that, Alex. I dare to suggest that these things are on the whole lawyerly and technical, and are from a very US perspective. They may or may not work. Where I live, there were safeguards in the form of laws (e.g. human rights legislation). They were simply ignored or trampled underfoot by judges and elected politicians.

I think the best way to stop the rot is rather more basic - we need many more citizens to become actively involved in politics at all levels of society.

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I am still having issue with the personal involvement of politicians in the sensoring and manipulation of news and social media. Simply unimaginable that someone like Adam Schiff would exercise right of sensorship over any other citizen.

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

I don’t know what to say further about Covid issues. It is beyond obvious and despicable the Left is about tyranny sadism and destruction. This is just one nail in their coffin to bury us alive.

Per Matt Walsh’s last couple of podcasts, being nice and respectful is beyond hopeless. So, good luck with your endeavors hanging out with evil. What else can be said to instill genuine hope and faith? Ask the folks in East Palestine how the Left truly sees Americans who aren’t subservient…

It is foolish for me to end with this, but, be as safe and well as possible.

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The above suggestions, while well intended, are much too nice and without consequences for those who perpetrated this fraud on the American public for the sake of monetary gain and career advancement. Until the perpetrators experience the pain of severe consequences nothing will change and the above suggested efforts will be wasted. These type of weak solutions are what got us into this mess in the first place. Go bold or go home!

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No pharma ads, no mandates, ever. A full investigation into endemic medical industrial corruption.

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How about we get the government & all captured regulatory agencies completely out of health care? I don't want the government involved in any way, shape or form in how I choose to maintain my health or handle my medical issues. The only reason the government and the lazy, rent-seeking health care companies and pharmaceutical companies seek to control health care is the spigot of cash.

While we are at it, let's get rid of the health insurance industry and we can all go back to paying for our medical care on a fee for service basis, which will result in a 90% price drop? UHC sent me an email the other day letting me know that they were going to begin reporting the prescription information for everyone in our group health plan to HHS. Why?

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I thought you said you were a liberal, Alex!!!??

Doesn’t sound like it

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I would add an over-arching rule that any and all data funded by the public, be public. Available to anyone.

Some very limited, and sun-setted exceptions, for national security purposes will have to be protected. (How to do this? Smarter people than me will have to figure that out)

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Critical Thinking needs to be taught in all schools - at all levels! Kids need to learn to second guess and use their brain to decide what is best. Teachers, doctors, lawyers and ESPECIALLY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS are not always right. Kids and adults should know how to think.

And, at the same time, all of the above suggestions - outlaw pharma advertising, outlaw mandated drugs of any kind, reverse the Patriot Act. De-fund the NIH, CDC, etc. No emergency powers. NO Federal Employee/Official is allowed to take any money from anyone except his/her own paycheck from the government. Government departments that collect any fee for anything, turns it over to the National Debt - not allowed to keep it in their own department, EVER!

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

Thank you Alex! These are all wonderful points. I especially appreciate the part about allowing doctors to prescribe off-label since I know you disagree with me about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. (I pay no attention to studies, I just experiment on myself within reason).

The point is that we should be able to discuss and disagree, and doctors should be able to practice medicine.

By the way, I am in NYC and was informed last week that I’m ineligible for a position I applied for because of my vaccination status.

Originally, I declined to get the shot for medical reasons but this quickly began to shift as I observed what was going on around me throughout 2021. I never cared why people chose not to get it because in early 2021 I went to Pfizer’s site and saw the .84% ARR. Clearly, there has never been a need to discriminate in this situation and the companies openly declared this on their own corporate websites.

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Feb 23·edited Feb 23

Great list! Regarding the reform of emergency powers acts - something I've talked with my state rep about since mid-2020 - I'll add that a basic start is to define what is and is not an emergency. A true emergency must be immediate and not predicted. It must be physically evident to all effected by it and must be so overwhelming in nature that it cannot be handled by individuals or local governments.

I'll be looking into whether my state of North Carolina is considering reforms but unfortunately our Democrat governor vetoes anything that curbs his power and, despite his opposition making gains in both chambers of the state legislature, they are one seat short of an easy veto override.

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Open-ended emergency rights powers that can be more or less activated and continually renewed on a whim are the most evil aspect of the entire last 3 years.

Emergency powers should have a high threshold to enact, be of a very short duration and have an even higher bar to renew, including something like a 2/3 vote of the respective legislative body. And following their use, there should be a non-partisan legislative and judicial review after each use.

Our freedom is the foundation of western liberal democracy and it should fucking hard as hell to abrogate it.

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Great lists. But none of this will happen. The totalitarian regime will not allow it. There will never be a consensus. When we stop complying, this shite will end.

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I live in California. I think we have something like 20 "Emergencies" currently declared.

I am with RetiredCWO. I see nothing in the Constitution that says the Constitution can be suspended.

The sainted Abraham Lincoln established otherwise.

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Here is an excellent short (15-minute) talk of these - and other issues - that everyone needs to be aware of!


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Well written Alex.

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1) State and Territorial Executive Authorities that are authorized by their respective Constitutions and Statutes to declare States of Emergency/Martial Law must immediately upon doing so, recall their Legislatures, if not in session, and once the Legislature is convened, report their reasons for doing declaring such emergencies. The Legislature must authorize any Emergency Actions that last longer than 15 days, and remain in session throughout the duration of the emergency.

2) The Constitutional guarantee under the 1st Amendment to peaceably assemble shall be expressly and affirmatively embodied in statutes prohibiting any level of government from prohibiting or requiring assemblies or associations of citizens and permanent residents absent the emergency provisions that may be made in point 1 above. Such statutes shall provide citizens immediate redress in the Federal courts to suspend any State or local lockdown attempt, with the burden placed on said lockdown attempters to prove that their actions do not conflict with point 1 above and point 3 below, and to prove they are necessary to carry out government interests (SCOTUS strict scrutiny test).

3) Quarantine Statutes must be understood to exclusively apply to those individuals showing symptoms of an epidemic disease, or sharing a domicile, or close quarters, with individuals showing such symptoms, or must be returning to the State/Territory from an area where disease is epidemic. No lock downs. Random people in the community showing no symptoms of disease and not sharing housing with those who do may not be quarantined. And all quarantines of individuals must have a fixed time period for their expiration. No more indefinite suspensions until you to test negative on these tests that have ridiculously high false positive rates--if the disease is known to have a contagious period of 10 days and you get caught in public showing symptoms, you can be quarantined for a maximum of 10 days, and should the government require you quarantine at some place other than your domicile, they must cover the full food and lodging expenses tax free.

4) The people shall have a Constitutionally recognized right to resist any government official or employee who attempts to violate points 2 or 3 above, to the extent of being lawfully permitted to utilize deadly force in the same manner they would have the right under their respective State penal law to resist being assaulted, kidnapped, or unlawfully imprisoned.

5) No government agency or corporation may mandate the consumption of Emergency Use Authorization pharmaceutical products, to include vaccines. No government agency may mandate non-government employees (or civilians generally) to consume any pharmaceutical product, vaccines included, regardless if it is permanently or EUA approved.

6) All government and private entities excepting medical providers shall be prohibited from enquiring about any individuals past or ongoing medical treatments, including vaccinations, or from maintaining databases containing the personally identifiable information of individuals who have had such treatments. Consider this the Medical 5th Amendment--a bar bouncer cannot ask if you've been jabbed, and your failure to volunteer the information when they offer the opportunity to volunteer it cannot be construed as a yes or a no.

7) Any non-government organization that mandates wearing of any novel personal protective equipment (like the masks) or the consumption of any pharmaceutical product shall be civilly liable for any damages that accrue as a result of said consumption--governments may indemnify private organizations for all or some of their losses from successful suits at law, but cannot in any way limit the damages that civil juries may award.

8) The intellectual property for any vaccine or other pharmaceutical product ordered by the government, in any of the ways "Warp Speed" functioned, ie reduced regulatory requirements, pre-orders, or cash infusions, shall be signed over the government, which will share the full research and all other information provided on a government website as soon as such information is furnished. Similarly, just as any active duty US military personnel must sign over the intellectual property rights for any inventions they develop while in the service, all US career government officials, civil or military, including the MD's like Fauci, must sign over to the USG any patents they develop while employed by the government, and shall be prohibited from being employed by government contractors or lobbyists in their area of expertise for at least 7 years after leaving government service. No more FDA-big pharma revolving door; great to also apply this to military officers and defense contractors. Better still, prohibit paid commentary to media, PR, and social media corporations for at least 7 years after leaving government service. Boost retirement pay significantly to make up for opportunities thus lost, and reduce the financial incentive to look for work arounds.

9) Abolish the NIH and its subordinate agencies, along with the FDA and CDC. The US Government will still have a Surgeon General and Uniformed Health Service under the Pentagon, but wider medical and pharmaceutical regulation of the civilian sector shall take place on a State by State basis, utilizing some combination of State level CDC/FDA's and tort law.

10) No funding shall be provided by any State or the United States to the UN's health or information bodies, the WHO, or any international health authority. And any non-US citizen officials or employees of such international agencies shall be declared persona non grata by the US State Department and deported. The US State Department shall declare the World Economic Forum to be a terrorist organization.

11) All personnel subject to Sections 10 and 32 of the US Code--personnel of the US Military and non-federalized National Guard respectively--shall be required to undergo 2 weeks of training per annum regarding the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act, Insurrection Act, and other Statutes and Constitutional provisions governing the use of the US Armed Forces, and mobilized National Guard forces in domestic operations.

12) All personnel in the 9th point above, as well as all federal officials and employees, whether military or civil, shall undergo 2 weeks of training per annum on the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights, with particular attention paid to the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments.

13) Currently existing federal statues dating to Reconstruction shall be rejuvenated to ensure the current provision of criminal penalties, including terms of imprisonment for any federal employee that, under color of law, attempts to abridge any Constitutionally protected right by either the government or a private entity--ie the FBI or DHHS convincing Twitter to censor constitutionally protected speech on the pretext of "foreign misinformation" will be a federal felony carrying prison time. Such criminal statutes shall be supplemented with civil statutes permitting either the government or private persons to sue federal employees in federal court, with said employees unable to claim sovereign immunity of any kind, or legal privilege other than their own civil rights, and unable to recoup their legal expenses from the government unless they win.

14) No member of the Federal Civil Service, Foreign Service, nor Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Armed Forces, Public Health Service, or National Guard, nor their State or Territorial equivalents, shall be permitted to comment publicly or privately about disinformation/misinformation/malinformation/propaganda, etc. The Federal Government shall remind the citizenry via a declaration by a Joint Session of Congress that government officials and employees are the people with the greatest incentive and ability to lie to the citizenry, and that claims of domestic disinformation and foreign propaganda by said officials and employees are more often than not pretexts used to suppress and censor criticisms and derogatory reports about themselves. If the elected government, or their politically accountable appointees want to make such claims, fine, but they shall not enjoy the assistance of so called "career public servants." These latter shall be subjected to prosecution or civil suits referenced in point 11 above should they attempt to pull the "muh misinformation," card.

15) A sense of the Congress resolution shall be passed reminding the American people that the United States established long term alliances and fought the Cold War in order to stop the global expansion of revolutionary communism that threatened the US system of government and the American way of life, and that the present government of China remains under control of said communist movement. No research funds, or any other funds, provided by the United States government shall be permitted to be directed to organizations controlled by the Communist Party, nor any organization affiliated with it. No more NSAID funding of CCP bioweapons labs or US military contractors outsourcing business or carrying out joint ventures with CCP controlled entities. It shall be a capital crime for any current or former President or Vice President of the United States, Cabinet or sub-Cabinet Officer, or any Flag Officer in the Armed Forces or National Guard to knowingly pursue or accept employment by any organization that lobbies for the Communist Party--too bad the Constitution's provision banning ex post facto laws prevents us from immediately executing Mattis, but one has to start somewhere.

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"Enact a law that all drug (vaccine) mandates are illegal."

As the U.S. is a signatory to both the Nuremburg Code and the Helsinki accords, am I incorrect in assuming that such a law is already illegal?

I trust we simply need a clarification and an acknowledgement from SCOTUS.

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