What with all the bad news about vaccine failure, the UT crew needs a laugh...

And your intrepid correspondent delivers.

For your amusement, I give you the single most cringeworthy piece ever written about the ro.

But before we get there, let’s look at some top candidates:

Here’s Jennifer Rubin in April 2020 (I know, I know we could have a whole Stack just on JR), calling for Ron DeSantis to be tarred and feathered. Added bonus: she wrote this as Saint Andrew Cuomo was stuffing every Covid patient he could find into nursing homes.

Here’s Molly Jong-Fast (I know, I know, we could have TWO whole Stacks on Molly) bragging about not going outside for months.

Outside is scareeee! (Though inside is where you catch the ro. I won’t tell her if you don’t.)

And here’s a teacher heroically refusing to teach!

Added bonus: SHE’S A NURSING TEACHER. Hands-on training - or bravery, or a basic understanding of statistics and science - definitely not requirements there. You do you!

We could do this all day, team!

And maybe one day, when vaccine mandates are viewed with the same disdain that school closures are now, we will.

But business calls.

So let’s get to the creme de la creme, the capo di tutti capi, the GOAT… you get the idea.

I speak, of course, of this week’s piece in The Atlantic (of course The Atlantic! it could only be The Atlantic!) from Alexis Madrigal.

And as men have since time immemorial, Alexis faced his fears and tested himself in battle.

Yes, Alexis, poor fully vaccinated Alexis, GOT ON A PLANE.

He didn’t want to, see, but his friend was getting remarried in New Orleans. And New Orleans - naturally - is Alexis’s favorite American city, a “miraculous place” (except for the 90 percent that isn’t Disneyfied and regularly has the highest murder rate in the United States).

So Alexis bound up his N95. And off he went.


I don’t want to spoil what happens next. You’ll laugh, you’ll laugh some more, you’ll cry (tears of laughter). I will say this, though: you won’t be more afraid of Covid when you’re done. But you might be more afraid for our future as a species.

Make sure you read to the end so you don’t miss the ultimate woke signifier.

Thank me later.

LINK: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/11/the-worlds-only-normal-until-you-test-positive/620653/