What if China had an Olympics and nobody watched?

The Winter Olympics starts today. In Beijing.

Try not to throw up in your mouth.

During the Cold War, the Olympics was problematic, but at least the competition stood for something bigger - a way for Russia and the United States to show their prowess without getting anyone killed.

In the generation since, the Games has metastasized into something far worse: an overproduced, synthetic, corrupt, crazily expensive celebration of an entirely hollow globalism, paid for by corporate sponsors shilling their brands.

No wonder China loves it. Ahh, China. I am going to have more to write about China in the coming weeks and months, but let’s just say for now that SARS-Cov-2 has both exposed and amplified certain… unpleasant… facts about it.

Of course, the American media frosts this (bat) guano Olympic cake with a layer of woke falseness.(True story: the preferred new phrase in Hollywood is “black joy,” which apparently means that if the story includes African-Americans - and it better! - it should be positive, redemptive, or positively redemptive. Guess The Wire is out.)

These Xi-lympix are to actual sports as an honest investigation of the lab leak theory is to actual science. But with more diaper ads.

And so no one should be surprised that the ratings are likely to be low. How low? Brian Stelter low? Okay, that’s impossible. But at this point NBC would probably be happy if the ratings got close to an average WWE episode.

You can lie to people forever, but eventually they’re just going to turn you off. That’s still allowed. For now.