Those in the MSM can't admit they were WRONG. They went along with every talking point about the covid response as if it were written in stone. Masks were necessary, lockdowns were good, vaccines don't prevent transmission they just make symptoms less severe, and most importantly, Fauci IS Science. All of this has been debunked, there is no science behind any of it. Dr. Birx admitted in her book that she made up the 6 foot distancing requirement. Conservatives were RIGHT. Those stupid leaders of red states were right and the "science" experts were wrong. This can't happen in the liberal, woke world of journalism because they are so much "smarter". Their egos won't let them admit they were wrong, it's too embarrassing.

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Can we all agree that the concept of "public health" is seriously flawed and that all governmental entities have been captured by for-profit entities that would happily kill millions, as long as their stock prices goes up? The notion that a benevolent bureaucracy will protect you & your family is plain lunacy. The sooner we get to the day where we, as individuals, acknowledge that WE are responsible for our own health, this madness will end. All of the "recommendations" by a captured bureaucracy become meaningless with an informed, educated & wily citizenry. This, of course, in no way obfuscates the criminal liability that is due to all of those who have pushed the phony gene therapies. Their day will come, no matter how hard they try to pretend it's business as usual.

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Somehow all the wankers who are afraid of Trump need a real wake up call. Trump is scary because he called people out and then others, like reporters, had to deal with the rottenness of the benevolent state. It’s simply proven to be too much. Trump is NOT the problem. He’s loud, bombastic, emotional and annoying. He’s also usually right. Especially about the big stuff. The corruption between go and business must be broken. Soon.

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Oct 22, 2022·edited Oct 22, 2022


Oh. Pfizer would never ever bribe journalists. Nor would Gates. Nope.


› 2009 › 09 › 03 › business › 03health.html

September 3, 2009 - Under the agreement with the Justice Department, Pfizer will pay a $1.3 billion criminal penalty related to Bextra and $1 billion in civil fines


Journalism’s Gates keepers

By Tim Schwab AUGUST 21, 2020

I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism. Recipients included news operations like the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde....[etc etc etc]

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I would like to welcome you to what conservatives have been dealing with for a long time. It has now gotten so bad (which we warned would happen) that you have finally noticed. Thanks for getting us to this point - hopefully you can talk to some of your old cohorts and convince them to change.

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Gottlieb the hack has been obvious since about March 2020.

It used to especially gall me that CNBC would have him on (and still does, I guess, I quit watching) and took everything he said credulously, with no pushback at all. He pushed fear and panic ("Looks like ______ (state) is about to get hit hard... this isn't over") instead of, you know, data and reason.

I do wonder why a Pfizer board member was so visible for so long, well before the "vaccines" were ever released or publicized. And he was never introduced that way, it was always, "Former FDA commissioner".

It's crooked and corrupt all the way down.

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Oct 22, 2022·edited Oct 22, 2022

As Alex knows, I have a journalism background.

I am also a devout Christian.

I know that God detests liars, evildoers and “the rich who oppress you”

I know that God hates child sacrifice.

I know that judgement day will come — no matter how bad things look at the moment.

I know in this instance that AB is the “voice of one crying in the wilderness.”

Thanks for upholding the truth this morning on my birthday.

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I personally quit watching the news years ago. The "big stuff" trickles through. And where journalism is a failed institution, "alternative" media is nicely filling the void.

Which is why I'm a paid subscriber.

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A billion dollars (that we know about) from the gubbamit will get you to do pretty much whatever they want.

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Not too long ago POTUS fantastically said the gun manufacturers were the only industry with “liability protection.” 🙄

We have a major problem with the vaccine manufacturers and it started in the late 80s.

It’s something parents of vaccine injured kids have known for a couple decades at least.

When you go against this industry it’s spitballs off a battleship. It will not change until liability indemnification is removed.

Glad you see it Alex; hope you have more compassion for people who saw it a long time ago.

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I kept waiting for all the anti establishment hippies to raise the hue & cry over the evils of big pharma and gov coercion & collusion for $$$. Crickets. Sellouts. Not sure how they can look in their mirrors or their children’s eyes.

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You would get the same reaction objecting to Google or daring to suggest that out involvement in the Ukraine is wrong. mSM is bought and sold on all major issues.

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The state of American journalism can be precisely described from the old joke...

A man on an airplane asks the young lady sitting next to him if she would sleep with him for one million dollars. She is taken aback by the question but starts to think it over. He's not so bad looking. Why not?

"Yes, sure."

The man smiles engagingly and then asks "Would you sleep with me for one dollar?"

She is shocked and enraged by the question. "What do you think I am?"

He smoothly answers... "We've already established what you are, now we are just negotiating the price."

So too with American journalists. Despite all their protestation of high moral certainty and ethics, they are a bunch of street corner whores available to the highest bidder. This is why they are less popular than rectal cancer.

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It is astonishing how this huge blanket of willful ignorance and greed have overtaken almost all people of influence. Thanks Alex for keeping up this fight. And, thanks for letting me know about Substack-I had never heard of it before you said you had your own Substack.

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It’s not just cowardice, it’s literal brain washing for so many who no longer possess the ability to question or think critically. The accepted premise of any discussion on the topic, is “only crazy people question vaccines”. That’s it.

They believe that. Full stop.

So they are not cowards, or foolish, in their minds, but righteous warriors defending the faith.

The Apple TV series “See”, starring Jason Momoa, that just wrapped up the second season a week ago, demonstrates this phenomena perfectly: the setting is a future where human beings have lost the sense of sight, everybody is blind. Seriously, that’s the setting. Other senses supposedly are heightened for some, to keep it interesting, but literally everyone walks with a stick they tap a few paces out in front of them to make sure they don’t trip on a chicken, or something, because as a consequence many things sight related - driving, air travel, electricity - have long been lost to humanity - so the cities were abandoned and people moved back out to the wilderness and formed small tribes where they cooperate to hunt and provide shelter for themselves. Okay, some interesting dynamics going on there, but wait! All of sudden we learn of a mysterious character who claims he can “see”! And not only that, apparently he is going around impregnating women so they’ll give birth to seeing babies and bring sight back to the world! *GASP!!* The immediate response is that this “witch” must be stopped! Vision is an evil that evolution removed so the species would survive, after all, the results of a sighted human race almost wrought it’s own extinction! And so the powers that be set off on a course to hunt down the sighted “witch” and his progeny....which of course grow to adulthood over the course of the series and mount a resistance and proclaim their innocence and usefulness to society...and are almost immediately undermined in doing so by an evil, power hungry blind guy who harnesses the sighted and their children to make bombs with the information they discover in old books from the sighted age. End result: sighted folks have to flee sufficiently far away to create their own society where they won’t be flogged and hung, and the last heroic sighted guy who decides to remain with his blind family, chooses to gouge his eyes out so he can remain among them, as clearly sighted and blind people cannot live peaceably together, since suspicion of each other is greater than their ability to reason and cooperate. That is literally the entire story arch. Makes for an interesting discussion in light of our current cultural environment. If you wanted to watch it, I apologize in advance if I ruined the ending for you; it’s worth watching for the parallels we can draw for the situation we find ourselves in, and I left out enough interesting stuff so in case you decide to watch it, it will still be enjoyable, I hope. The point being, having the ability to see things differently is almost never accepted when the entirety of the population is convinced of their own correctness and what you are saying contradicts them. Maybe if we start looking at strategies for turning the perceptions from that standpoint, we can start to make some inroads and change people’s thinking - because clearly “evidence” alone is not enough. They need “convincing”, not evidence. Evidence can be dismissed and questioned - but once you’re convinced of something, even the impossible, things start to change.

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No integrity. Only cowardice in the face of overwhelming reasons to investigate.

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