Just saw your notorious Fox interview. I don't think you could have killed your credibility any quicker even if you immersed it in gasoline and set it on fire.

Regarding Ivermectin, here is Dr. Kory - one of the world's most widely published and accomplished doctors - telling the senate early on in near frustrated tears that if you take it early on "you will not get sick":


Heed these words: "Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something."


"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

The virus is just a virus. Fear is the disease.

Alex, is what clear to me now with what you did on Fox the other night is that we only ever had a super slim chance to win this fight, and that the lion's share of our morality, decency, bravery, shrewdness, and civility have only ever been skin deep... We were never more than one obvious-lying-media-scaremongering-blitz away from throwing all of those window dressing virtues right through the nearest window.

Here is the truth about the flim-flam-demic:


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All in - Dr Malone got a lot many more subscribers, Alex continues to show that he is undeterred by public noise (a good thing I will say), and his readers continue to remain critical thinkers.

Look nobody owes anyone anything here. You pay because you find value. Don’t find value? Don’t pay. Go elsewhere. If you REALLY are a critical thinker you will take points from Alex (not everything he says is right), from Malone (not everything HE says is right) Rogan etc…and form your own opinions. Why do we need this one Demi-God?

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How many paid subscribers do you have, Alex? After all the money we've given you via subscriptions and the pamphlets and books we purchased, responding to our questions about your out-of-nowhere interview comments seems appropriate, no? (WHY did you choose that moment on national television to blindside all involved with those remarks about Dr. Malone?) After all, we are your customers and we’re simply asking you for the truth. That's what we're paying you for. Will you honor our simple request and provide it?

If not, we are left to come to our own conclusions. I would much rather you actually explain yourself, since that is (hopefully) the best way for us to arrive at the truth of the matter.

The longer you wait, the worse this becomes.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt at first (we all have our moments), but the more time that goes by, the more you have me rethinking things.

I used to have a lot of respect for you. Unfortunately I am now wondering if we were had by you this whole time.

Tell me I am wrong.

Like the cool kid who, when kicked out of the in crowd, uses the outsiders, only to refuse to be seen in public with them and quickly cast them aside when let back in…. That's how this appears. Again, correct us if we're wrong on this.

We get it that you're not a “conspiracy theorist.” We get it that you don't like Trump. We get it that you don't think the election was rigged. We get it that you're not a Dr. Malone fan. We get it that you DO NOT want to be considered one of THOSE people who identifies with any of these things.

But no one ever asked you, so why the constant need to remind us? People from all viewpoints and political ideologies came to you to dig into COVID truths that they didn't have the time to discover on their own. That was it. The fact that you continuously made sure we knew you weren't “one of those people” is odd. It has to be noted and not forgotten because it doesn't fit.

When asked about the Fox interview from The Daily Beast and by thousands of us, you chose to answer them and ignore us. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.

And you assumed we don't read The Daily Beast. That's another clue, no? You think we're very, very different from you and your actual friends, is that it?

Again, if I have it wrong, correct me.

Have you been using us all along? When you came to us, pleading with us to buy your pamphlets to teach Elizabeth Warren a lesson…were you just laughing in the background as you raked in the dough?

Tell me I am wrong.

Now that your book is out and has sold well, are you anxious for COVID to be over, to remind the world “I'm not one of THEM,” to move on and disassociate from everyone here? After all, you didn't ask for this arrangement in which you have a community of followers who think so differently from you in many areas. Twitter kicked you here. And left you with no choice but to hang with the out-crowd.

Who made you pretty rich in the meantime.

I hope I'm wrong in all this, Alex, but your refusal at all to acknowledge our questions leaves us no choice but to come to our own conclusions about your opinion of us and about the man who gladly takes our money and then ignores us.

If nothing else, your deafening silence to our legit questions shows a lack of respect for us, your paying customers. Again, if I'm wrong and there is something else going on, TELL US. Otherwise, what are we to think?

Like the husband who comes home at 1 a.m. smelling of another woman's perfume and won't answer to where he's been, with no explanation given in the face of such damning evidence, what other conclusion can be drawn?

You're clearly not stupid and your wife is a psychiatrist. So odds are you know exactly what you're doing, whatever that happens to be.

I hope we all learn what it is.

(If this unfortunate read on Alex is correct, anyone who would like to continue to comment with this great community without having to pay Alex, I was thinking we could have a parallel Substack where we just use the comment section of it. I know many of us have benefited a lot from other subscribers’ comments. I'll give Alex a chance to respond first, and if it's crickets or a slap in the face, I'll reply to this post with the parallel Substack details. Free of course.)

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The elephant only gets bigger the longer you ignore it, Alex.

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I was about half as excited as normal to see this in my inbox today.

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"The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don't, then the country is safe." -- Monika Wiśniewska.

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Still waiting for you to apologize for your disgusting display on Fox with Dr Malone last week.

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Alex, you know all about the issues with PCR testing, so why do you (of all people) persist in propagating a narrative about "cases" which you know to be false? They are not cases! They are positive tests results - most of them false, nearly all of them meaningless. You know these things!!

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I live in alternative universe where bodily autonomy is a human right. This is the strangest time of my lifetime.

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I’m unvaccinated and my wife has been jabbed 3 times (because of where she works) she tested positive and was sick for 10 days and is still recovering…me I’m just fine

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Fuck the Australian government. This is what you get when you have a government that has adopted a radical approach to a problem that has been proven to be wildly counterproductive. When their Nazi like tactics are exposed as ineffective, they can't admit that they were Nazi's for nothing. So they double down.

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Alex, your "drive-by" hit pn Malone and IVM seemed out of context and gratuitous. Are you going to elaborate on those comments? Don't your paid subscribers deserve an explanation?

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I was advised, long ago, to "pick your battles." I have found it to be very good advice. So my question is - why did Alex pick that battle with Dr Malone? Alex is a really smart guy. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I’m not happy about this comment thread. I don’t see the relevance of hating on someone just because you disagree with them. That’s what the left does. All this cancel talk because of one remark Alex made is ridiculous. If people want to live in an echo chamber then read the New York Times and the Washington Post, et al. Don’t subscribe to substack if you want just one point of view. There’s room for many voices without canceling people.

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Cut the shit people, this is a post about Australia! Don't you idiots see what you are doing? Post this shit someplace else... you're ruining substack. Keep the commentary relevant PLEASE!!!!! Alex already has another post about the Malone thing... go post your opinions there, that's what it's for. Keep going Alex, don't get derailed by this bullshit, we still love you man.

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As the meme says, Novak Djokovic became the first athlete in history to be deported and banned for *not* taking drugs.

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