I haven’t trusted them since day one. That includes the FDA and the NIH.

Those EAU’s should NEVER have been approved.

I’ve been researching these vaccines for over a year, I watched closely as they were rolled out in December .

Without fail, every single place (worldwide) they were rolled out had huge spikes in Covid within 2 days to two weeks. This was especially apparent in nursing/care homes, worldwide. Those unvaccinated in close proximity also contracted Covid. It also appeared in most cases that the ones who were vaccinated fared WORSE than the unvaccinated.

I have firmly believed since January that these vaccines are not stopping Covid, they’re fueling it . I also believe that the cdc , fda, fauci, the manufacturers and others know this. They’re either, blind, corrupt or both, in my opinion.

By the manufacturers own admission these vaccines were not designed to prevent illness or transmission, and they CLEARLY DON’T.

The animal trials years ago were disastrous, and the new ones they did were BS , run CONCURRENTLY with Human trials and the animals were sacrificed after just 14 weeks . Probably afraid they’d all die just like they did in prior trials. In prior animal trials ferrets were used , and some lived for 3 years before they ALL eventually died. Next time around they used MICE and non human primates. WHY ?

I was not in the least bit surprised when reports of deaths after vaccination started pouring in , nor was I surprised about reports of all the blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, neurological symptoms, etc -

The spike proteins in all these vaccines are what’s doing the damage to people’s bodies. They do NOT stay in the arm muscle, they travel in the blood stream and to other organs, and cross the blood brain barrier. THEY KNOW THAT.

Myself, family and friends will not go near anyone we know has been vaccinated for at least a month following the last vaccine dose .

There’s not a chance in hell I’d ever give any of these vaccines to my children, not even if by some act of sheer lunacy the fda approves them. I’ve given my children all vaccines on the recommended schedule, but not these !

These vaccines should have been shelved months ago, for the same reasons the animal trials failed. If not for Covid, they’d still be sitting on a shelf.

Many of the deaths and injuries are not being reported.

They were hoping that the myocarditis in young people hadn’t revealed itself so soon. Hopefully soon enough for parents to reject these dangerous vaccines.

The cognitive dissonance is very strong, not just in the general public, but many in the medical profession. Quite disturbing how so many were effectively brainwashed , and just plain scared to death by the 24/7 fear mongering pushed out , and manipulated data.

Don’t get me started on the inflated numbers because the pcr cycles were set higher than they should have been for tests , or the other lies , and half truths . The suppression of treatments has been unconscionable. A lot of people didn’t have to die.

To this day, doctors are STILL sending people home with NO TREATMENT and told to come back if they have trouble breathing! Over a year later and we still don’t have a set protocol for treatment! Shame on them all , a lot of people have blood on their hands.

I think much of what has happened over the last year is criminal, and people need to start being held accountable.

And the lab ? We always knew it came from that lab. Now we’re hearing that the NIH was funding it . We paid for this! I question if it was an accident or intentional. The fact that so many are trying to hide what happened makes me wonder even more.

And take those ridiculous masks off, they do NOT prevent Covid. The damage they’ve done psychologically and physically to our children is insurmountable . Many children will be scarred for life because of this.

Bring on 2022 & 2024 , I want to see anyone who went along with this lunacy sent packing.

I could write so much more, but I’ll stop here.

Everything I’ve written is my personal observation, and my opinion.

Keep revealing the truth, Alex !

Thank you.

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I’m struggling to come up with a non-sinister explanation for the CDC’s position on covid vaccine safety.

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Way ahead of you there. I’ve never trusted the CDC’s vaccine recommendations. When I saw they recommended a Hep B vaccine for an hours old newborn that was my “holy shit”moment

My children are completely unvaccinated and perfectly healthy


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We cannot trust CDC.

I used to think their labyrinthian wordy rat maze website was a consequence of egg head data specialists who don't know how to present data and information. Now I wonder if they are intentionally trying to drive people away.

They've shown their cards. We know the what. Now do the why and the who.

They are still pushing to inject this crap into infants.

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They are not getting near my 16, almost 17 year old! If school requires it then I'm homeschooling!

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An unholy relationship between medical academia, politicians, and big pharma based on research grants and political contributions. Add a highly politicized CDC and the influence of teachers' unions and scenario becomes apparent.

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The CDC has lost all its credibility. It arguably believes that another admission of not just another failure but a failure that has entails incredible health risks, will only worsen their position. This is a classic Faucian double-down on the fantastically stupid and unethical performance of the organization over the last year-plus. And let’s be sure we understand why they can get away with this - all the Karens that are fully vaccinated and remain wearing two masks outside acquire all COVID related news from corporate media and Social Media. Karens are also intellectually lazy pearl clutchers. That means they’ll never know truth. As long as corporate media ignores CDCs egregious behavior and SM continues to block the discussion, an entire block of society - ironically highly educated - will continue to feel safe that their decisions rest upon science.

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Alex. Don't forget the CDC stopped the use of hydroxy based on a bogus report in the Lancet about heart issues. Why does the vax get a pass.

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This is exactly why my 14 year old son and me will not be getting the vaccine.

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Can't trust the CDC or the mainstream media. Thanks Alex for being reporting the truth that msm tries to cover up

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One thing is clear—regardless of how you feel about vaccines in general—this ain’t no MMR, and I’m tired of people who know better trying to convince me otherwise.

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Alex - Have been following you on Twitter since last spring and happy to be a member of your substack. I'd love it if you would consider the following subject that no one has yet asked (that I've seen): WHY are these MRNA vaccines causing myocarditis and other blood issues? The vaccine makers told FDA/CDC that the spike protein would remain localized - in the shoulder - and would not travel into the blood stream to other organs. It seems clear that this is NOT the case. Shouldn't that be cause - on it's own - to have the emergency authorization pulled on these vaccines??? Clearly, what the manufacturers claimed is not correct. Why isn't anyone asking about this?

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An afterthought... because these spike proteins don’t stay in the arm but DO travel through the blood stream, I also have huge concerns about our blood supply being tainted.

Please investigate that.

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The CDC also blindly backed Fauchi with his wild claims of mask wearing knowing the entire time they dont work at all.

I dont trust anything the CDC says and you shouldnt either. They are now political and end to a means of controlling us, with the Vaccine passports requirement to the cruise lines which is clearly and overreach so determined by the judge that ruled in Florida's favor. It is amazing to me just how many businesses are jumping onboard with their REQUIREMENT of employment that you must be Vaccinated in order to work.

People we must fight for our rights do not let them rule us like slaves because that is what they are doing.

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Biden's July 4th mass-vaccination date is too close for any govt agency to undermine it with the truth now. The prospect of injuring and killing young Americans will not stop his whole-of -government surge to jab as many arms as possible.

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I believe this is called "limited hangout" in the so-called intelligence community. You admit to the the smaller, more forgivable offense "heart inflammation, who'd have thunk it?" in order to distract and prevent exposure of the far larger issue of coercing children to take an experimental biological agent that provides them with no protection whatsoever, all while you flog the "Delta" variant in the media to keep the drive to jab kids intact.

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