UPDATE: Dr. Monica Gandhi says, "I'm not done with mRNA vaccines."

Notes from a (short) interview with Dr. Gandhi:

Dr. Gandhi repeatedly said the story and especially the headline did not reflect her views (I will change it and add this post to the bottom of the original post).

Dr. Gandhi declined to participate in a Q&A or explain why she had not mentioned the possibility of boosting with the mRNA vaccines or any other specifics in her newsletter post. She also declined to say if she thought more mRNA boosters were appropriate for the general population. She said she had received many emails about the original post.

Her direct quotes:

“I’m not done with mRNA vaccines.”

“I think Dr. Graham [Barney Graham, who helped developed the vaccines at the National Institutes of Health] should win the Nobel Prize.”

“I think they’re fantastic vaccines.”

“It’s silly to write that.”

“I think they are really safe and effective vaccines.”