Farmers need diesel and they are the ones who grow our crops dairy and meat. Boats that catch fish seafood all need diesel as well. Right now heating oil in my area is $5.60 a gallon times 275 gallons to fill it. This provides heat and hot water.

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Ukraine is but one problem we face. Holodomor 2.0 is being engineered. Here is how:

The Davos crowd is working overtime to destroy civilization. They must get paid by the hour:

Food factories and warehouses are exploding left and right

Fertilizer is inflating astronomically or outright evaporating from the market

Gas and diesel shortages are going critical

The global supply chain is being obliterated

US trains are cutting their car allocation for fertilizers right at the start of the planting season

Same with feed grain for livestock

Shanghai, one of the largest hubs for trade in the world has been shuttered

The abortion hornets’ nest has just been deliberately kicked field goal style with a steel toed boot

The promises of Klaus Schwab of the havoc that Cyber Polygon will bring grow ever nearer

Governments are recklessly and deliberately printing and destroying their currencies across the globe. The petro-dollar has just been dethroned and trillions will come rushing home as a result. Hyper-inflation is in the wind

Meanwhile, WWIII looms ominously on the horizon as NATO keeps deliberately escalating the war in Ukraine

Prepare accordingly.

Evidence on the top, solutions on the bottom, send me yours: https://tritorch.com/fractured

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Wow, couldn’t make it through the first paragraph, you’d think a covid skeptic would think a little harder about the fact that all Russian media is banned… why do you think?

They are bombing civilians for fun? You see what they did to that steel plant once they evacuated civilians? The convoys of humanitarian aid?

Russia has the means to destroy Ukraine without setting foot in it, like how we the west flattened most of Baghdad before entering the country, but they didn’t. They DONT WANT to kill civilians. How dumb do you have to be to take cnn at its word after 2 years of Covid.

Stay in your lane Alex

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There is So much wrong with this analysis I would need many pages. I’ll just point out one thing you missed.

While the US govt spends 50 billion they don’t have to become involved in a border skirmish in the killing fields of Russian speaking Eastern Ukraine, Chairman Xi watches with gleeful anticipation of his upcoming attack on Taiwan. Russia’s forcing action of getting the to US commit money, waste massive amounts of weaponry, and enrich a bunch of oligarchs (and members of Congress) will make the PLA conquest of Taiwan that much easier.

Our govt is made up of stupid and evil criminals. And no, Ukraine is not winning.

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Russia is "winning". It is going to permanently occupy parts of the Ukraine. If NATO could stop Russia, it would have already sent troops. Once again, I would focus on "Covid-1984".

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Stay in your lane, Alex. This ain't it.

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Can somebody please list for me the wars won in three months?

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May 11, 2022·edited May 11, 2022

This was was a provocation by the West violating the standard of diplomacy/detente in place for decades

This war was predictable and preventable and other motives are at play

Ukraine is irredeemably corrupt with said corruption involving the current POTUS directly

You should watch 2000 Mules btw

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Russia even managed to lose the guided missile cruiser that is the flagship of its Black Sea fleet, impressive considering that this conflict has been conducted essentially entirely on land.


Didn't you see us bragging about being behind that? Remember when Russian soldiers getting paid to kill American troops was the scandal of the year? Biden and his clown car aren't going to be happy until we're actually at war with Russia.

Edit: this is moderately high up the thread so here's an article:


When Ukraine successfully targeted Russia's prized warship last month with anti-ship cruise missiles, it had some help from the United States.

Ukrainian forces, having spotted the Russian warship in the Black Sea, called their American contacts for confirmation that it was in fact the Moskva, sources familiar with the events told CNN. The US responded that it was, and provided intelligence about its location.

Then the next day:


The US has firmly denied that it provided information to help sink Ukraine’s flagship, the Moska, to aid the besieged country in its fight against Russia

The Pentagon has dismissed claims that it was secretly behind the sinking of the Russian flagship by Ukraine and denies any involvement.

It comes after US officials previously claimed the Pentagon provided information that helped Ukraine identify and attack the Moska over the past month.

But Pentagon press secretary John Kirby dismissed the claims, saying yesterday (Thursday, May 6): “The United States is providing intelligence on the battlefield to help Ukraine defend its country.

“We do not provide information about the whereabouts of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in targeting decisions by the Ukrainian military.

“Ukraine combines information that we and other partners provide with the information that they collect themselves, and then they make their own decisions and take their own actions.”


See? We weren't INVOLVED, we just confirmed the target. I'm sure the Russians understand and care about the difference.

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Possibly the worst analysis on Ukraine i have seen. Ukraine is a dead country walking. Russia has not only not lost but will not be denied their goals in the Donbas and Eastern provinces esp Mariupol. Western propaganda has sullied your normally excellent discernments.

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Pure nonsensical scribble Alex.

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I thought you had realized you were embarrassing yourself and quit this subject. lol. By far the worst one yet. Just keep saying realpolitik

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Alex proves once again that outside of covid, he knows nothing.

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Yeah, I don't need Alex's midwit takes on the war. Cancelling my paid subscription.

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Alex, you’re great on the pandemic (except for your thing with Malone.) On this, you’re a fool. Read Mark Wauck and learn.

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This analysis is so wrong-headed it reads like a talking point straight from the Biden administration. I would suggest listening to Colonel McGregor’s analysis. It is the complete opposite of this.

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