True story: had my mask off nearly the entire flight back to NYC

I wasn’t even trying not to wear it - I follow the rules on planes, arguing with flight attendants is never a winning strategy - but I took it off for food about 30 minutes in and realized about 10 minutes before landing I still wasn’t wearing it. Just forgot.

It was on the seat next to me. I hardly ever wear them so I didn’t notice. (It’s one of the free cloth ones the TSA gives away, so it’s probably worse than nothing, but the rules are the rules.)

Nobody said a word. Which is… interesting. Lotta under the nose masks at the airport (the ro doesn’t come through your nose, only your mouth! Ask Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, 1993 IBC light-heavyweight champion.)

Rogan interview should be up later in the week. 3 hours and 45 minutes, I kid you not. Thinking about doing a 24 hours of Covid podcast for charity.