This is hella good piece about why the Trucker Convoy resonated so strongly

It helps offer a wider theoretical underpinning for my Covid/courage hit from last night. Probably no coincidence the Teamsters were a TRUCKING union.

And it helps explain why the public health elite stubbornly continues to insist the mRNA vaccines work in the face of enormous evidence they don’t: the failings of the physical world cannot be allowed to touch the success of the narrative - the triumph of a diverse and multinational team of scientists in creating a biotechnology product that has repeatedly and explicitly been compared to software.

The Upheaval
Reality Honks Back
Like many, I have spent the last couple of weeks a bit entranced by the trucker protests happening in Canada (and now around the world, from Paris to Wellington). I initially tried to document here every twist and turn of the Freedom Convoy drama, but found it nearly impossible. Events continue to unfold very quickly. As I write this, Canadian Prime Min…
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